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Season 5

27 Feb. 2017
Brave New World
After the pack publicly revealed themselves to expose Segolia some members find themselves victims of discrimination and Jana, feeling responsible, aims to leave the city at full moon and return to the wild. Selina and Matei decide to go with her but T.J. is beguiled by the offer of a film role given by producer Hartington and, accompanied by teacher turned Wolfblood author Tim Jeffries, goes to a proffered screen test at Hartington's mansion, However they have fallen into a trap, whilst Katrina also finds herself in danger.
6 Mar. 2017
The Once and Future Alpha
Jana summons the strength to help locate TJ.
13 Mar. 2017
The Dawnus Torc
Jana spearheads a raid on the Segola vaults for information on Hartington and finds a golden band, the Dawnus Torc, believed to have the power to lead them to a safe haven for Wolfbloods. T.J. falls ill on the journey and Jana discovers that Hartington has implanted a tracking device in his back allowing him to follow the pack. She removes it before luring Hartington into a trap. Admitting that he works for a group fearful of global take-over by Wolfbloods, he tricks the group into freeing him, after which he contacts his associates, telling them to bring forward ...
20 Mar. 2017
The Shadow in the Light
Returning to school T.J. recognizes a design associated with Hartington scrawled on Selina's locker and the group immediately suspects her Tae-Kwando rival Hannah. Investigating the gym run by Hannah's trainer Birdie they find they have walked into a trap and Selina must defeat Wolfblood hater Birdie at Tae-Kwando to free them. However she has an unexpected ally. Through Tim Jeffries Imara and Jana locate Hartington's registered office where they find Agent Jones conducting a survey with Wolfbloods though she claims to have no knowledge of Hartington himself.
27 Mar. 2017
After more anti-Wolfblood graffiti is daubed on the Kafe wall Hannah asks Birdie if he knows Hartington, which he denies, but Jana shows Hannah an email sent between the two men to prove otherwise. Birdie gathers a gang of like-minded humans to besiege the Kafe but a pack of Wolfbloods led by Emilia arrive to chase them away before fleeing themselves. Hannah now declares that she wants nothing to do with either faction whilst Katrina's granddad proves he is not to be trusted.
3 Apr. 2017
The Last Dark Moon
When a news report presents the Wolfbloods and not Birdie's bigoted group as the aggressors at the Kafe Hannah agrees to set the record straight after Selina bests her at Tae-Kwando, leading to Birdie's arrest for hate crimes. Matei tracks down Emilia but is horrified to find that she is leading a feral pack who regard all humans as the enemy. Having escaped their clutches he returns to the Kafe where Imara has some disturbing news. However Agent Jones is now convinced that Hartington is funding an anti-Wolfblood campaign and agrees to help.
10 Apr. 2017
Having been tipped off by Agent Jones that Hartington has government allies in his campaign against Wolfbloods Jana approaches Emilia and her renegades advising caution but is met only by aggression. Whilst Matei opts to stay with his sister Jana and the others meet Agent Jones who leads them to Hartington's hide-out. However the reckless actions of Emilia and her group lead to a government act sanctioning the round-up and chipping of all Wolfbloods. As Jana and her friends go on the run Emilia is too power-drunk to realist that there is a traitor in her pack who has ...
17 Apr. 2017
The One Who Sees
Hartington has rounded up a number of Wolfbloods, including Selina's parents, saying they must either be chipped or banished to the wild - forcing Jana and her friends to go into hiding, where Matei joins them. The deluded Emilia still believes there is a Wolfblood paradise where she can take her pack, unaware that Madoc has struck a deal with Hartington. Jana is now relying on Tim Jeffries to steal and break into Segolia's hard drive and learn the secret of the Genesis project.
24 Apr. 2017
The War with the Humans
Hartington has captured Imara and Selina. Matei and T.J. go to find Emilia and discover that Madoc has replaced her as her pack leader with the promise of guiding them to a safe area. The boys join the trek but find that Madoc has led them into a trap. T.J. challenges Madoc to be the new leader but Jana arrives to expose Madoc as Hartington's accomplice and to unite the pack against them.
1 May 2017
United We Stand
Madoc is exposed as a traitor out to cause division and abandoned as the pack returns to the city. Jana is declared the new leader but is captured by Hartington, who explains to her his hatred of Wolfbloods. Whilst Agent Jones orders the release of Hartington's other prisoners Jana escapes and follows Hartington to a waterworks which he intends to contaminate with a serum that will turn all Wolfbloods who drink it into humans with no wolf powers. As Dr Whitewood finally attempts to uncover the nature of Project Genesis Jana and her friends must thwart Hartington and ...

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