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Season 3

17 Nov. 2014
Episode #3.1
Viva holds a girls' night for her friends but Rocky arrives, announcing that he is quitting school because he is too stupid foe learning. He proposes to Viva who, rather to her surprise, accepts. Amber is concerned that Brandon seems to have vanished, which leads to her losing her phone in his letter-box and Holli getting her arm stuck in it, being freed by a gallant road sweeper though Amber loses interest in Brandon after seeing the name Shantelle in his diary whilst Holli gets to work with her uncle on his market stall.
24 Nov. 2014
Episode #3.2
Having told Rocky their marriage must wait until she has graduated Viva joins her friends at a rock festival where they sell T-shirts from Holli's transvestite uncle Eddie's stall. They team up with three boys from the next tent but Viva is disapproving and only wants to ring Rocky. Accused of being boring by the others she gets stoned with the boys and when the others go to look for her the stall is robbed, leading to their wages being docked. She is happy to return home though surprised that Anna has engaged Rocky as her full-time baby-sitter.
1 Dec. 2014
Episode #3.3
Viva is surprise when Rob takes the news of her engagement well but less impressed when she and Saz have to tutor Holli and Amber for their Maths resit. This collapses when Amber, desperate for a baby of her own, borrows a friend's which she takes around with her. Viva is annoyed that all Rocky wants to be in life is a nanny but when Anna fires him, after a mishap caused by Amber and her borrowed baby, she speaks up for him and he gets his job back.
8 Dec. 2014
Episode #3.4
The school is being considered for featuring on a Channel 4 documentary but Viva is more concerned with reconciling Amber with Topaz, her sister whom she has rejected after Topaz slept with Brandon. Promise of free hair extensions gets Amber on side but when Topaz throws herself at Rocky Viva gets annoyed and throws her out. Topaz demands an apology but Amber places her friendship with Viva above the hair extensions and, though the school fails to make it onto the box, the head tells the pupils that they are all heroes.
15 Dec. 2014
Episode #3.5
As a piece of research Viva puts her friends' photos on a dating site to see what ratings they get and Saz is depressed by her low scores. . Holli has no such popularity problems as she is seeing three boys at once which gets complicated when they all show up at the same time so the others make her choose which is the best. However the result is a draw and she decides to dump all three but ends up keeping the insecure Connor. Meanwhile Amber has a trial for the Chelsea Ladies' football team but is rubbish and fails to make the grade.
23 Dec. 2014
Episode #3.6
Its prom night and Miss Hitchcock has left Viva in charge of prom. Meanwhile Holli has enough money to buy back her mum's jewellery.

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