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Sex & Nudity

  • I. There is a brief scene in which a new pirate is hazed by being put into a brothel room with ten prostitutes. The scene is quick, but topless, as well as the full-frontal, nudity of the various women in the scene are shown in glimpses. Later in the episode a female couple are shown passionately kissing, one of them is topless and places her hand beneath the other's skirt. Sexual moaning is heard.
  • II. The lesbian couple from the previous episode are seen in bed naked together the next morning. Topless nudity is featured throughout the scene, and one of them is seen fully nude at the end of the scene when she removes the sheets to entice her partner to stay in the room. The woman's vulva is never shown only her pubic hair. Later in the episode the same woman is seen topless giving a man a hand-job (the man's genitals are obscured from view by furniture).
  • III. A man and women have sex passionately, topless and rear nudity shown in the scene as well as thrusting being depicted and moaning heard. A naked woman is seen cowering in a shack with chains on her ankles, it is implied she was sexually abused. The end of the episode features an intense rape scene where it is very plain that a woman has been raped by several men, and we see one of them currently assaulting her in the scene.
  • VI. Briefly a naked prostitute is seen sitting in a window. A woman disrobes in front of a man exposing her breasts and they briefly have sex on a porch.
  • VII. Topless prostitutes are seen in a brothel. A woman ties a man to a bed frame. After they have sex, she leaves him tied up and the camera pauses on the scene, showing his penis for an extended period of time. The episode ends in which a naked man kills another man, the naked man's penis is shown twice in the scene for a total of about 5 seconds.
  • VIII. The episode opens on a prostitute riding a customer and moaning loudly. Also, in another scene, a nude woman allows another woman peep in on her in her bedroom (full-frontal and rear nudity is shown).
  • IX. Early in the episode a prostitute is seen riding a man and climaxes loudly. She is briefly shown fully nude as she exits the room.
  • X. Two women kiss passionately in bed, one of them has her top unbuttoned during the scene and her nipples can be seen throughout the scene.
  • XI. A naked woman is seen going down on another woman and moaning is heard throughout the scene until she climaxes. At the end of the episode a woman strips (her nude profile shown) and invites a man to have a threesome with herself and another woman. In another scene during the episode a man and woman kiss passionately while undressing each other and the woman is taken from behind by the man.
  • XII. A man is seen in the morning after of the threesome that ended the previous episode. As he leaves the room full-frontal male nudity is shown.
  • XIII. The episode opens on a threesome sex scene between two women and a man. Loud moaning is heard and the scene is fairly explicit. Topless female nudity as well as rear male and female nudity are shown.
  • XV. Briefly a prostitute's corset is seen pulled open and a john sucks her breast.
  • XIX. Briefly, a fully nude prostitute is seen wearing only body paint.
  • XX. A woman is seen dressing and, briefly, her breasts are glimpsed on screen as well as her backside.
  • XXIV. A topless woman is seen on a beach. Shortly afterwards a scene opens on a couple in bed, the woman is seen topless briefly as she dresses.
  • XXV. A woman kisses a man passionately while undressing him. She then disrobes herself before falling into bed with him (both their backsides are shown). The scene cuts to them in bed, afterwards, and she is briefly shown topless as they pillow-talk in bed.
  • XXVI. Two women are shown in bed together, one of them climaxes as she is fingered. They are both shown topless during the scene.

Violence & Gore

  • Numerous Intense Sword Fights And Brutal Battle Sequences Throughout Plus A Brutal Fist Fight
  • Throughout the series there are many instances of graphic pirate violence and gore Notable examples include...
  • I. The episode ends with an intense fight scene between two men that ends with one of the men being beaten to death with bare fists.
  • II. The dead man from the fight scene in the previous episode is shown several times in the opening scenes of the episode, one time being pissed on.
  • III. Sexual violence is clearly implied on two occasions in the episode. A beaten woman is seen shackled naked in a hut. The episode ends on an fairly intense rape scene that implies the same woman was raped by several men before.
  • IV. A woman prostitutes herself to a pirate crew and sexual violence is clearly happening to her, but although off-screen it is quite disturbing.
  • V. A man bites the jugular out of another man during a fight, this scene is quite graphic.
  • VII. Two men fight and one is knocked unconscious and buried in the sand. At the end of the episode the buried man wakes up, finds, and stabs the other man with a stake.
  • IX. A man leads a pirate crew on a mission that ends in massacre in the opening scene of the episode.
  • X. A man cuts another man's head off with a dagger.
  • XI. Two men fight to the death and it ends in decapitation, the severed head is placed on a spike.
  • XIII. A pirate ship opens fire on shore, lots of destruction is seen as well as victims in the rubble.
  • XIV. A woman slices a man's throat as well as stabs a prostitute to death. Also, a man cuts another man's jugular.
  • XVII. A woman is shot in the head. A pirate crew attacks a pirate ship, many are slain violently.
  • XVIII. A pirate ship opens fire on shore, lots of destruction is shown. Men fight with swords and guns, many are killed in the chaos. In another storyline, a man is tortured and has his leg badly broken and later removed.
  • XIX. A woman and man are graphically executed in their bedroom by gunshot to their heads.
  • XXI. Two men are executed by gunshots to their heads.
  • XXV. A man crushes another man's head by repeatedly impaling it with a metal peg.
  • XXVI. A caravan is attacked and capsized. in the aftermath of the attack two men fight hand-to-hand brutally with the intent to kill one another, but the fight is interrupted by British soldiers.
  • XXVII. A man is hanged until dead. The scene is disturbing and somewhat long.
  • XXVIII. Chaotic scenes of intense war violence, including bloody injury detail.


  • Strong language throughout (ie: "fuck", "shit", etc.), but some episodes feature stronger more frequent language than others. It varies greatly from episode to episode.
  • Sexual slang such as "cock" and "cunt" are used in infrequently.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Frequent drinking and cigar smoking.
  • Opium abuse is central to a first season storyline.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Rated TV-MA for intense bloody sequences of action and graphic pirate violence throughout, nudity, gore, sexuality, and for pervasive vulgar language
  • To aid realism, scenes can be incredibly brutal including fights, period weapon injuries/killing, some rape and slavery.

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