The Glass Castle (2017) Poster

Woody Harrelson: Rex



  • Rex : Rich city folks live in fancy apartments but their air's so polluted they can't even see the stars. We'd have to be out of our minds to trade places with any of them.

  • Rex : I never built the glass castle.

    Jeannette : No. But it was fun to plan it.

  • Rex : [Rex exposes Jeanette's burned stomach]  There, how's that feel?

    Young Jeannette : It's so ugly, Dad, I look like a demon.

    Rex : There's nothing ugly about you. You hear me? One day I promise you you're gonna look at this as just another side of how strong you are. You're a Walls, Mountain Goat. And we ain't like other people. We got a fire burning in our bellies. And that there is goddamn proof of it. Now... this knife is especially designed to hunt demons. It's very sharp. Don't take it out unless you see him. You can borrow it for the night. You know, all monsters are the same. They like to frighten people, but the minute you stare them down, they turn tail and run. I love you, Mountain Goat.

  • Rex : What does an investment banker use as birth control? His personality.

  • Jeannette : You did all this for me?

    Rex : Since when is it wrong for a father to take care of his little girl?

  • Jeannette : Do you think... Erma ever did something to Dad?

    Rose Mary : Like what?

    Jeannette : Like what she did to Brian.

    Rose Mary : You can't think about things like that. It'll make you crazy.

    Jeannette : ...

    [Meets Rex in a bar] 

    Jeannette : Dad... I'm sorry about Erma.

    Rex : Whenever it's time to go, you go.

    Jeannette : I'm not talking about that... "it's impossible to breathe when you're drowning in shit."

    Rex : ...You still believe in your old man?

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