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Boss Redemption
dalydj-918-25517512 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Kane seems to be hated by so many people and now things are starting to boil up to the top as his wife and daughter are fed up about how much they know but must keep quiet about. Kitty is no working again and not just keeping the secret of Kane. The reporters on this show are really annoying how they keep going after Kane for the next story, I'm just sure that's what the press will do. I don't have this much to say about the episode as this whole season I have felt a bad feeling as the way the show is going out it's just really bad. I only watch for Grammar but I have feeling I will stop watching the show soon enough which is sad because last season I thought it had an amazing season unlike this year that is hard to watch for me.

EPISODE GRADE: C (MVP: Kelsey Grammar)
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