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Season 8

30 Sep. 2017
The Haunted Edison Hotel
In their Season 8 opener the Detectives visit Sunbury PA and the Historic Hotel Edison. Here they look to discover the source of the claims of activity in this hotel in the heart of the coal regions of PA.
21 Oct. 2017
The Haunted Scott's Family Resort Part 1
Our 100th Episode has the Detectives investigating Scott's Family Resort in Deposit NY.
27 Oct. 2017
Scott's Family Resort Part 2"The Conclusion"
The Conclusion to the Detectives 100th Episode investigating the Paranormal Activity at Scott's Family Resort in Deposit PA.
11 Nov. 2017
The Haunted Sorrento's Winery and Cherry Valley Vinyards
The detectives investigate Sorrento's Winery Saylorsburg PA (Air date 11-11-2017) The detectives stay local and travel to the Poconos where they investigate the reports of haunting from the fire that destroyed the barn to the Indian settlement in the area.
2 Dec. 2017
The Haunted Bolton Mansion, Levittown PA
The Haunted Bolton Mansion Levittown PA (Air Date 12/2/2017) The Detectives investigate the reports of activity in the historic mansion...What activity well...according to their website: Examples: " flying off walls, heavy "boot" footsteps on the main floor even when motion detector alarm was on, a garland floating in air for several seconds before being thrown at individuals and from a mantle, several heavy, old windows going up and down on their own, "sleep paralysis" situations where the same individual was actually dragged off of the bed by his ankles, ...
9 Dec. 2017
The Haunted Hanover Green Cemetery
The Detectives return to the location of a Season 1 investigation of The Hanover Green Cemetery and once again this location provided plenty in the way of activity and experience for the Team.
17 Dec. 2017
The Haunted Iron Island Museum
The Detectives travel to Buffalo New York to investigate the famous Iron Island Museum with reports of Mary in the basement the kids in the upstairs room...the spirits of the veterans whom the museum insured would have a proper burial...This was a fantastic historical experience and provided much activity and shocking experiences for both Frank and Rich.

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