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"Asylum" - a season that completely redefines the horror TV genre
snowflakeaudrey30 September 2018
"Asylum" isn't only the best American Horror Story season, but it may also be the best season in the history of horror television. For a TV genre that usually is plagued with bad actors, unbelievable plots, lazy writing, shock value, and a lack of longevity, "Asylum" managed to avoid every single one of the potholes and reach the end of the story with just as much strength as the beginning.

The season started off as more campy horror with a good amount of gore, but slowly transitioned into a psychological thriller with supernatural elements for the second half of the season, which genuinely surprised me. But, due to the depth of the writing, each character had a personality and backstory that so much time, thought, and love had gone into by these writers.

A beautiful season with outstanding performances from Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, and Evan Peters. I highly recommend this season to anyone who loves horror TV, and even those who don't - you'll be surprised by how much love and depth you'll find in this season.
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Amazing End!
paparazzi-lg13 October 2014
The Episode was an Epic Finale for an Amazing Season I Found the Writers did a very Great job for this season finale This Season was the Best one so Far the Directing was Incredible

The Cast did an Amazing Job Especially Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange Dylan McDermott's acting was pure and good

the final Scene was so good and In My Opinion it's the Best Final scene I Have Ever Seen Like Really

I Don't know Why some People hated the End It was Great and the Season is better than the first one and Of Course the third season

overall It's a Must Watch.
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Finales never live up to the shows story lines.
abanahasky7328 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
As a fan of the show i can honestly say this season lived up to the expectation.The writing and acting was far beyond what i expected but as usual the shows end wasn't quite up to snuff.The twists and turns of the season seemed to be too wrapped up in tidy little flashbacks never leaving any guess work to make you wonder "What became of so and so?"I would of liked to come to my own conclusion or used my own imagination on some of the characters outcomes and there could have been potential for some web-i-sodes to keep you occupied until next seasons start.I can only hope that the reoccurring actors keep making appearances in future seasons and showing different ranges that make the show what it is becoming-a unique showcase to scare/disgust and creep me out!
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It's all in how you choose to believe the story
mattmillerlite2210 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is by all standards an episode whose value is determined by what the viewer is given and what they decide to creatively do to it. First of all, I have to admit that my loop holed addled version of what really happened doesn't seem to be substantiated by real interviews of producers, I stubbornly choose to believe that it is because explaining everything is lame (why inception was so awesome at first). This whole episode seemed light and fluffy and seemed to be a fairy tale ending to a dark narrative. However, that very last scene (I do think it is fair to note that it is the LAST scene) is meant to create a doubt in a viewers mind. It slams an extra dimension of depth to the whole story, in a grand implied reveal that Lana MAY HAVE MADE UP EVERYTHING FOR HER CAREER. I choose to believe this and thus rate this episode 9.5/10. Failure in my own adherence to this belief would warrant about a 2.5/10. This episode is the reason why art looks like trash to some and divine design to others.

I do have to note that my explanation of the series does tend to open up a lot of loop holes, mainly along the lines of like was the baby really a rape baby, how did the confession tape come to manifest. Was the psychologist really a killer or a poor scapegoat for a story. Was the SS nazi mad scientist, the only other person to see "aliens" real past an existing name in an old system? Was Kit a victim of false accusation and abduction by aliens or a deluded psychotic killer who's situation was utilized and manipulated by Lana? Did the cardinal kill himself in guilt over the painted reality authored by Lana or did he kill himself as a cornered rat, scape-goated for misconduct and misauthorization due to the fabricated sequence of events created for a book? Why include the last scene in this series if not? To have an elementary laugh about how the two women will see each other again? To misuse a line about staring into the face of evil and having it stare (SMILE. LANA CREEPILY SMILES) back? What is more evil, the institution being the way it was originally portrayed, or telling the lie about that institution being so bad in the first place it caused mortal casualties?
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SPOILERS Not a perfect ending, but not bad either.
xeropopular26 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This contains SPOILERS to both seasons of the show.

To start this off I want to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the acting in this show. The finale of season two did not take the show in the direction that I would have, but at the same time it was still a decent, happy ending. I'd say it's similar to season one's dead, happy family finale.

Personally I was hoping Sister Jude would end up living with Lana to save her life from BloodyFace Jr. but that didn't happen. Instead we had a chance to see Jude ending her life with Kit's family as the children's Nana having one last moment with death in an entertainingly, artistic way. Fine, I'll accept that along with Kit disappearing near death, probably with the aliens.

I liked that Lana manipulated her son the same way she manipulated BloodyFace by showing unwarranted affection. That was awesome. I also enjoyed the Cardinal's suicide after Lana pushed him for information on Briarcliff.

Overall I was pleased with the season's end. It would be cool in the third season if there was some sort of tie-in with the first two seasons. Here's to hoping.
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Awful conclusion to a decent start
chickenfartmcgee24 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, I've been lurking the forum trying to get an idea of how everyone else felt about the season finale. I know most of us felt like it was a let down for reasons that have been already listed so many times, too many unanswered questions for a season finale, too many far-fetched combinations of elements of American horror, etc. At times this season felt too much like a filler episode in a dull season of the X-Files.

The common response from most die hard fans is something along the lines of "You don't understand smart horror." or "The producers planned it to be that way because it better captured the blahblahblah of the time." The fact is, the purpose of the show is to entertain. Not to be a piece of intellectual art that captures the mystery of extra terrestrials or forcefully combine all the possible dynamics of horror that stand decently by themselves but together are as pleasing to the senses as the kitchen garbage.

Some might feel this was a decent conclusion to the season, but it is the opinion of the general audience that matters for the health of the show in the end. If the show continues down this path of insensibly incorporating zombies and aliens deeply into it's plot without a real captivating purpose, than the series will receive a well deserved death.
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American Horror Story: Asylum Madness Ends
dalydj-918-25517525 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Johnny goes to Briacliff listening to the tape version of Lana's tape while we get the explanation that he was responsible for all the future murders. Still in the future times Lana is older as she does an interview for a Kennedy Centre Award she is receiving. Lana decides to say nothing about Bloody Face but speaks about her famous TV special return to Briacliff. We get to see Lana reunited with Jude which unfortunately never happened because Lana was to late on her promise. Lana then visits Kit because he was the one took Jude out of Briacliff. He then tells the stories of Jude and how her redux was hard with only his two kids to help. Then we hear of her end while she lye's in bed speaking to his kids. Older Lana then reflects back on how she ended Timothy which ended with him committing suicide showing the weakness of his character. Lana while on camera speaks the truth for the first time about the baby she had and unlike in the book the baby lived. We also learn when Johnny was a young child Lana visited him to see what he looked like. We also get to hear from this interview how Kit's life ended by an alien disappearance after he got cancer. The interview ends with everyone from the crew leaving. Lana has not lost any of her tenacity knowing that Johnny stayed behind. She knew who he was straight away so at gunpoint the two sit down and have their final conversation. He tells her of all he has planned and everything he knows about her past. Just as Johnny pulls the gun to his head she speaks him to lower the gun and at this point of weakness and shoots him in the end because she had all the power in that moment. The season ends with longer look at Lana and Jude first meeting and everything they said was not true because of how close they became. Second season and once again this show is about women. Paulson, Lange and Rabe were not short then amazing. All three had their moments to shine and while sometimes they might have gone over the top they took it down to a performance I feel in love with. After the departure of Rabe the show went awful and this finale is OK it's not as great as previous episodes in the season. Never seeing the asylum again is sad but I cannot wait to see what horrors Ryan Murphy comes up with next.

EPISODE GRADE: B- (MVP: Sarah Paulson)
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Stinker what an Awful End
bobbybits24 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Absolutely pile of **** it was a stinker. The last episode drew to a close on what quite a visceral and good horror series, leaving a particularly bad taste afterwards.

Good doesn't win, bad guys don't commit suicide, evil grannies conveniently die, kit gets abducted his kids winning the noble prize, and news bitch lives happily ever after. What a joke neatly drawing up all the loose ends. Bloody face should have carved her a new one.

The last 3 episodes got worse and worse to end in this crap finale. I have no hope for season 3 now. Season one was great horror and a really good horror series. Season 2 had started quite intense and was not for the feint hearted or squeamish. Slowly though it became more and more repetitive on itself. Eventually degrading far too low not in a horrific but in sheer boredom upon the last episodes and ending. Its horrific and intensive traumatic winning start had dramatically changed. Season 3 will be Blair witch cameras and paranormal activity effects, with some uber cheesy storyline in which some hero probably a cow will go moo.

What Mr X fails to understand is that bloodyface 2 bought the recording on ebay. Which was gap hole inside of its self as ebay wasn't around then in his youth. This how he knew his mom wasn't coming back. It wasn't Shutter Island where you could ask that question on ending and empathise with the lead. No this was just plain crap, she didn't falaise. There was always a premise Briarcliff or we wouldn't have had the show. She made up a lot of things and was a total crone, but thats not horror or evil just boring. We weren't watching the Xfiles though they did try with aliens and zombies. I suppose you believe in fairies as well or maybe Old Macdonald had a funny farm and the cow went Moo. You didn't grasp that one either did you Mr X?

1 out of 10 this episode sucked so bad
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davisond-7038121 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Once again just like Season 1, its great all the way through and the finale is just a let down. I could see what they were going for but it doesnt work, finales are supposed to give lots of closure and are also supposed to leave the viewer wanting more, what I wanted was to turn the episode off half way through.

All we see is that Lana wrote a book about Dr Thredson being bloody face and that she shut down Briarcliff. Kit saved Jude from the asylum and took her in and shes now the nana to his kids, he also gets remarried and Lana is their godmother.

This may have been might fault for not paying attention but what was going on with her son, im not sure how he exists cos I wasnt paying attention 😂😂 but savage af when she blew his brains out.

I watched the episode minutes ago and I dont remember the ending I was that interested but it just fell flat, I may need to give it a real watch.
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