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18 Jan. 2014
Second Chances
Two members of the team experience first-hand the intransigent code of conduct by which SAF3 operates. Meanwhile, closure on a horrific experience that left him scarred for life, brings Alfonso a new sense of purpose.
25 Jan. 2014
The SAF3 team are in a race against time to rescue refugees in a shipping container tossed overboard by human traffickers. The strong bond among the group is further strengthened beyond their work relationship by several acts of selflessness.
1 Feb. 2014
The SAF3 helicopter crashes leaving three of the team seriously injured and adrift in the ocean. The rest of the team rallies to provide as much support as they can in the hopes of finding their friends alive.
15 Feb. 2014
Two of the SAF3 team become trapped in a collapsed bomb shelter whilst saving injured victims.
22 Feb. 2014
Let It Burn
When the SAF3 team arrives at a dangerous chemical fire to find six fire fighters trapped inside, they make the difficult decision to let it burn.
1 Mar. 2014
Finding Home
Eriksson goes to Cape Town to help Kacie find her father, and finds himself fighting a fire in the local township.
24 Feb. 2014
Father's Day
One of the Saf3 team members is haunted by the memory of her father's death in a tragic fire.
26 Apr. 2014
Who I Am
After the coast guard find the wreckage of the SAF3 Helo, Texas, Graciela and Jared decide to return to the scene of their near fatal crash.
28 Apr. 2014
Triumph Over Tragedy
On the five-year anniversary of the catastrophic fire that formed SAF3, each member is forced to relieve the tragic event that changed their lives.
5 May 2014
Smoke Pipe
When a diver is trapped in an underwater intake pipe, members of SAF3 must risk their own lives to set him free.
17 May 2014
Independence Day
The 4th of July is the busiest day of the year for the SAF3 team, their skills and courage are pushed to the limit when they respond to an offshore explosion.

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