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10 Feb. 2015
Episode #2.1
A year has passed. Ben has taken out a restraining order against Andy, whom Errol visits in secret whilst Sam is a nervous therapist. Andy works in a carpet show-room and desperately tries to get himself the sack. He also has song-writer's block. Ben discovers that he is seeing Errol though ultimately some good does come out of it whilst Andy also meets seductive customer Teresa.
17 Feb. 2015
Episode #2.2
Errol is anxious to impress haughty school-mate Willow and woos her on the Internet using a cool persona. However he comes unstuck when he is forced to reveal his identity and bad dancing - though at least he makes another friend from it. Sam meets ex-husband Ben's new girlfriend Veronica and seeks to befriend her to weaken Ben. She invites her to a party where Andy admits his shortcomings to Teresa, the former customer with whom he is having an affair. However she tells him that she is married and was only using him before saying goodbye.
24 Feb. 2015
Episode #2.3
Errol persuades a cash-strapped Andy to leave his sick bed and enter a song contest with a big money prize. Andy wants it to be a solo effort but Val, Gwen and her new boyfriend Casper are keen to join in though Gwen and Casper have rowed and Andy must reconcile them, as well as giving Sam sex advice. Errol also wants to be involved and takes drastic action when this is denied him. Fortunately there is enough studio time left to make a group recording complete with an impressive video.
3 Mar. 2015
Episode #2.4
After being told by old flame Shelley that she is pregnant Andy agrees to join Sam as a chaperone at Errol's school Halloween dance. There are revelations all round as Andy gets locked in a cupboard with shy teacher Melodie, something similar happens to Errol with the desirable Ruby - who tells him that her friend Tiffany fancies him - and Sam's secret lover is exposed as the not quite divorced Bruce.
10 Mar. 2015
Episode #2.5
Errol is not happy that Ben has moved girlfriend Veronica in and is pleased to spend the weekend with Andy. Strapped for cash Andy hopes to use Errol in his plan to persuade dying uncle Frank to leave him some money. Frank warms to Errol but makes clear his dislike of Andy, who sets out to find Frank's money, supposedly buried in the garden. After an attempt to reconcile Frank with estranged daughter Maggie Andy does succeed in getting some cash out of him - through selling him drugs.
17 Mar. 2015
Episode #2.6
Andy receives a surprise cheque in the mail. Now all he needs to do is cash it and pay his landlord in the next three hours.

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