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So far so good
Kookyburra4 February 2014
Three episodes in and so far this is a well written and likable sitcom. Don't be put off by the trailer which didn't really do it justice or the fact that it's screening on the home to some of the worst crimes against TV comedy in recent years, BBC3.

The basic premise is a down on his luck uncle, recently split from his girlfriend and feeling suicidal, saved at the last minute by a call from his sister asking him to look after his nephew. Cue initial hostility followed by gradually thawing / odd couple relationship and some quite moving moments for a sitcom.

It's funny but not really laugh out loud funny that often but somehow that seems to suit its gentle, at times almost Wes Andersonesque, style.

Overall, best new sitcom I've seen in a while and well worth checking out.
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Superb characterisation. Humour; but also great pathos & the realism of humanity. Plus great interludes of original music as mock pop/rock band videos !
SceneByScene9 February 2014
This is a super new comedy.

Funny, but with great pathos too. Not a situation comedy; more a character comedy.

I hadn't heard of Nick Helm before this programme. He's well worth watching.

Yes, "Uncle" has similarities to other current comedies about 'loser blokes over forty with no life' (e.g. "Man Down" with Greg Davies) - and the viewer feels for the 'loser' lead character in this programme, just as with the lead in "Man Down" - but, still, it stands its own ground. It's sadder, calmer, & less frenetic than "Man Down", with the characters more believable. "Uncle" touches on reality far more: hence the evoked sympathy with the lead character.

Nick Helm gives a depth to the character of 'Andy' the uncle, that other comedians might avoid, or indeed not be capable of eliciting from the character. We see elements of 'Andy' that are likable, as well as the predictable moments when we cringe away from him. From the very first episode there are moments of darkness to his portrayal - tinged of course with just enough of the required humour. Helm builds a solid character in 'Andy', who never veers too much towards, or away from, the 'loser' aspect of the uncle. It would have been all too easy to have become a caricature.

The other characters are also nicely played as 3-dimensional & fully human: with the flaws of the average human being, but also the plus-points and all the spectrum/grey areas in between.

Con O'Neill is hilarious as the father of 'Andy's' main love interest. His owner of a rock bar with a gay clientèle, and a cross-dressing bewigged owner at that, is so on point. He manages to convey the hilarity of such a character whilst also making us believe his ominous threats to protect his daughter from Nick's repeated advances.

Daisy Haggard is also excellent as Andy's sister: a very 'real' portrayal as a committed but isolated single mum.

'Andy's' young nephew - played by Elliot Speller-Gillott - is a budding talent. He plays a nice balance of a little bit geeky & a little bit cute; again a blend that mirrors a genuine 12 year old. In fact, the programme served to remind me that we were all that gawky, difficult age once! Not many comedies bring in that amount of scope.

There hasn't been much good new comedy on TV for years, IMHO, so 'Uncle' is happily welcomed. (Too much rubbish "reality TV" is broadcast these days, & the broadcast schedule is sadly getting even more overloaded with these gross & dross programmes. But I digress . . . !) All in all, this is a programme well worth watching.

Plus there is the appeal of the quirky musical elements: mock videos - in the style of pop/rock bands - that are performed by 'Andy' and alternating members of the rest of the cast. They are cleverly put together, and - a delightfully surprising bonus! - are a truly musical interlude. A particularly fetching aspect of each episode. The music in the 'videos' being original just adds to this appeal. Not to mention Nick Helm's pleasant voice! An original touch to a comedy programme.

In the 'drama' part that is inherent to this comedy, the viewer gets to see the reasons why 'Andy' is not so successful in life, but also we see his kindness - towards his sister, and his growing fondness for his nephew. He is truly a diamond in the rough. Plus the way he shines when he sees the teacher of his nephew, the full-bodied personality of 'Andy' - that otherwise seems to lurk in the shadows - can finally be seen. 'Melodie' already likes him, but can he see what light she is already bringing out in him?! A truly appealing & witty man is there somewhere . . . But 'Andy' does not seem to see how he naturally comes alive around her. The sparks are clearly there. The question is, will 'Andy' also eventually sense this?!

I have only seen as far as episode 4 . . . so roll on the next episode; maybe we'll find out if 'Andy' ever realises with whom he truly becomes alive!

~ by SceneByScene (UK) ~
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Fantastic Comedy Laughed from start to finish
djprice-2408113 June 2015
This is a really great comedy drama TV series. I laughed all the way. I particularly loved the music video "No Survivors"

Andy, Nick Helm is a fantastic character who is not entirely sympathetic to his young nephew Errol played by Elliot Speller- Gillott. Andy is charged with looking after Errol, and perhaps his ideas of life skills are not entirely appropriate for the nephew that has been put in his charge.

Daisy Haggard is the absolutely gorgeous and fun sister, she adds to the chaos and confusion of Andy's love life. I'd love to have her as an extra sister.

I saw the earlier channel 4 pilot to this, and the first episode was remade and polished the script to perfection. My only regret is that I can only get this on DVD not Blu Ray Boo Hoo.
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like tuning in for the first time a soap that's been running for years
ianlouisiana14 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Relatively few TV comedies even in the 21st century start with the central character about to commit suicide in the bath by cutting a string holding a portable radio above the water.Just as the eponymous Uncle tells himself he will allow his ex a few seconds to phone him and save his life the phone does actually ring,but it is his sister wanting him to pick up her son,his nephew,from school.Just the encouragement he needs to postpone the felo - de - se to a more convenient time. The boy,as weird in fact as his uncle,is pressed to accompany him on a strange odyssey to the gym where his ex's father runs a school for male pole dancers.The father is an ageing transvestite,looking like a cross between Freddy Mercury and Alice Cooper,but less feminine. A completely random musical number is inserted here and my cup runneth over. At last the BBC have realised the true meaning of "off the wall". "Uncle" makes absolutely no sense whatsoever - it's like suddenly tuning into a soap that's been running for years and having no idea what's going on.I loved it.
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Shame it ended after 3 series..!!
darrenrode-713-14681926 August 2018
Uncle is a well written comedy and Nick Helm is an underrated talent..

I started watching the first few episodes and unded up binge watching the entire 3 series..
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Moving, funny, redemptive story
robert-859238 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Uncle is surprisingly good, it is moving, funny and has a redemptive storyline. Highly recommended.

The premise isn't particularly exciting: a geeky teen being parcelled off on to his emotionally stunted uncle. But - don't let that put you off.

It can be a bit dark at times but there is a realism to the characters that makes you will them onwards. The comedy often comes from the failings of the individuals as they seek to navigate their way through life.

The three series together have a redemptive quality to them which leaves you feeling that there is hope.
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Well done!!!
krweg30 July 2019
I saw the pilot and turned it off. I thought the characters were anoying and the plot cooked up. But I gave it a second chance and the following episodes were much better than the pilot. It got Much funnier and characters became more likable.
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Beautiful, touching comedy
maxlascelles1 February 2020
Uncle is a sitcom I truly wish more people had seen. Throughout its (woefully short) 3 seasons, it deals with some very heavy themes, particularly depression and addiction, whilst still being very funny. The writing is sharp, hilarious and sincere. It's laden with pathos and there's clearly an understanding of mental health issues, yet it never strays into the realm of being patronising or sappy. I often find that sitcoms of this nature sacrifice a lot of the humour and begin to focus too much on tragedy and drama, Uncle does not, nor does it linger on the dark subjects unnecessarily. Maybe I'm alone in my love of this series, but it really resonated with me. I've experienced some very dark times (most of us have) but the one thing that kept me going was always laughter. Even at rock bottom, you can usually find something to laugh about, and that to me is what this series excels in conveying. It really struck a chord with me, and I highly recommend that everyone give it a try!
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Enjoyable,easy going comedy
hoakley-976037 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Uncle is a great comedy from its first series to its superb third one, Series three of uncle is phenomenal and tackles cancer with such a comedic effect which makes you want to cry and also laugh hysterically. If you're thinking about watching this I seriously suggest you do because its a great comedy with an amazing soundtrack with the songs sung by the main actor Nick helm.

However uncle lacks a good gripping story in the first and second series this leads to you feeling lost or even maybe bored during these episodes, this leads to some episodes being great but also with some episodes being poor.
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Freshly unfresh
baronmanipul17 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
While watching the pilot I couldn't stop thinking about how much it was reminding me of something else - right from the first scene to the last one, simply the whole thing. The story is just so similar to a short movie called Curfew (maybe watch that instead, if you're gonna watch this show), plot and details are almost the same (even the name-giving: Andrew because of his uncle, Sophia because of her uncle's flip-book), but Curfew is in my opinion so much better. In Uncle the only thing that was "missing" was the last scene with another suicidal attempt. But anyway... I'm curious how the show is going to evolve in next episodes and what the story will be like.
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Funny sitcom
DavidYZ9 July 2017
This is a BBC sitcom that is set in London. Nick Helm plays Andy - a poor, unemployed man in his thirties who lives alone and wants to become a successful rock musician. He finds a purpose in life when he becomes involved in the life of his divorced sister's son, Errol. He is 12 when the show starts and is quiet, geeky and unpopular.
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