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Season 4

6 Dec. 2020
The Other Side of the Ocean
Eldian soldiers, both the cannon fodder and the chosen warriors, struggle to keep forward in the warfare when Marley's army clashes with the Alliance Forces of Mid-East.
13 Dec. 2020
Midnight Train
After the battle at Fort Slava, the army prepares to come back home. With everything for him at stake, Zeke proposes a new plan in order to amend their failure four years ago in Shiganshina.
20 Dec. 2020
The Door of Hope
A flashback into Reiner's harsh and difficult life, and his own personal wish to become a Marleyan Warrior for his family honor.
27 Dec. 2020
From One Hand to Another
Magath joins hands with the Tyburs and makes preparations for the upcoming festival in Liberio.
10 Jan. 2021
Declaration of War
Eren confronts Reiner, while Willy Tybur gives a speech to the entire world in which he aims to solve the endless cycle of hate directed towards Eldians.
17 Jan. 2021
The War Hammer Titan
As the Attack Titan rampages, several people are crushed to death. While all of this is going on, the War Hammer Titan appears to confront Eren.
24 Jan. 2021
As the battle between Eren and the warriors rages on, another party makes their move on Marley's Forces that pushes the tide of the battle into a more devastating climax.
31 Jan. 2021
Assassin's Bullet
Out of strength, the Armored Titan falls. Furious to have her hometown trampled, Gabi picks up a gun and takes off.
8 Feb. 2021
Brave Volunteers
In the year 851, the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers reached Paradis; giving the Eldians much information of what they need to fight against the Marleyans. The Scouts deal with the aftermath after their successful assault on Liberio.
15 Feb. 2021
A Sound Argument
In the year 852, the arranged visit from the Azumabito clan created a turmoil within the officials of Eldian Empire. The Scouts are losing their faith in Eren and questioning his motives.
22 Feb. 2021
Gabi and Falco escape from prison. Without a clue where they should go, they receive help from none other than the devils they despise. Meanwhile, Floch's mind is shifting gears.
28 Feb. 2021
An explosion rocks the military corps. In midst of the confusion, Eren charts his escape and begins enacting his plans for Paradis. A visitor quietly observes.
8 Mar. 2021
Children of the Forest
Gabi and Falco seek assistance from the captured Marleyan soldiers. Will their faith in their countrymen be rewarded or betrayed?
15 Mar. 2021
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22 Mar. 2021
Sole Salvation
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29 Mar. 2021
Above and Below
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