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Sex & Nudity

  • There are some mild references to sex in the show.
  • In a flashback episode, three men kidnap a 9-year-old girl. They mention their plans to sell her as a sex slave on the black market. They are stopped and never get to do anything.
  • A girl tears her skirt up to bandage a boy's arm, which ends up showing off her thighs a little and makes the boy a little flustered.
  • It is revealed that one character's mother was a prostitute.
  • An older man creepily gropes a teenage boy, thinking he's a girl, and asks "her" to moan for him. The boy is very distressed and almost bursts into tears. Nothing further happens, though. It's a relatively brief but uncomfortable scene.
  • A woman is seen crawling on her hands and knees with her butt slightly up in the air, another character is startled seeing her in this position. This is played for laughs.
  • A character is seen pregnant. It is unclear who the father is.
  • Titans, the main antagonists, are giant humanoid creatures, mostly of male physiology, always shown naked but they have NO sexual or digestive organs so there's nothing truly offensive. The only nudity shown is buttocks nudity. The only female of the species is skinless, so besides not having any genitalia like all the others, she has no nipples either.

Violence & Gore

  • A chained-up main character is brutally beaten in a short scene. Tons of blood splashes and sprays after each punch.
  • A titan drags its face and stomach on the ground. The incredibly graphic aftermath is shown while other characters take on the titan. This includes the Titans face opened up exposing bones, organs, tissue, brains, and blood. The Titans entire chest and abdomen are also are ripped open exposing all kinds of bones, entrails, organs, guts, blood etc.
  • A woman tries to perform CPR on a man. It is implied that the lower half of his body is missing. Some blood is seen (not the aftermath) as another character pleads for her to stop.
  • In the first episode of Season 2, a man is cornered by Titans, who then proceed to graphically tear his limbs off and kill him as he screams in agony. The camera doesn't cut away as quickly as it does for some other deaths. It's an extremely bloody and disturbing scene.
  • Season 3 gets even more intense and disturbing than the preceding seasons. Notable incidents: in a flashback, a child is mauled to death when a cruel military officer sics his dogs on her (this is shown in a couple of freeze-frame images, not fully animated). Other sympathetic characters die in gruesome ways.
  • The seventh episode has a sudden and disturbing suicide. A man is calmly cleaning his rifle as his companions huddle in terror of the Titans. Still calm, he deliberately places the rifle in his mouth and pulls the trigger. The camera cuts away to show blood splatter on the face of a woman sitting next to him.
  • In Season 3, a teen boy shoots a human in the face at point blank range to save his comrade. He then starts throwing up and crying because it was the first time he ever killed someone.
  • In Season 3 a bloated titan gets blown up from the inside and all of its organs and intestines fall out. Very graphic and disturbing.
  • Season 3 is mainly focused on killing other humans rather than titans.
  • Lots of characters think about committing suicide, only 1 character does. He puts a rifle in his mouth and shoots himself in front of everyone. Lots of blood splatters onto a wall
  • Most of the deaths are Titans, but when a Titan eats a human, it is extremely brutal and disturbing.
  • A horde of Titans charge at another Titan and start to graphically tear the Titan apart. Tons and tons of blood is shown gushing and spraying along with several glimpses of bones and internal organs. They rip apart it's head and we see the Titans head get ripped apart and squashed into a gory mess.
  • The premiere of Season 4 instantly showcases some graphic war violence, including soldiers getting shot with lots of blood spray, corpses with missing limbs on the floor in pools of blood, and some soldiers getting eaten by Titans. Gore and blood sprays and splashes when soldiers are eaten by Titans and when Titans get shot by anti-titan cannons.
  • In episode 3 of Season 4, a young boy is brutally beaten into a bloody mess by his comrade.
  • The characters' faces are often covered in blood when they are in a fight.
  • A man is riding on a horse, when his arm is bitten of by a titan. The bloody stump is later seen.
  • The Beast Titan slaughters Commander Erwin's army by throwing large rocks at them. Their bodies are briefly shown exploding with blood along with their horses. This scene is quite emotional because every single soldier is charging to their death.
  • In Season 4, many people are crushed by flying debris, this is all shown graphically with blood and gore. One example includes a side character, who is crushed, and only their legs are visible, while the rest of their body is crushed under a rock.
  • In Season 4, a man is shot in the head in front of one of the characters, later, we see his body on the floor, with his blood and brain matter spilling out of his head.
  • In Season 4, Episode 7, many soldiers are shot by a machine gun, we see blood explode and spray when they are hit.
  • In Season 4, a character essentially nukes a giant area of land by turning into a Titan. We later see them walking through the carnage and get a good look at many innocent people either dead or crushed under debris.
  • Eren tries to bite into the Warhammer Titans crystal. He ends up breaking his whole mouth. Half of his teeth are missing. His mouth is also very bloody.
  • Season 4 Episode 8. A Titan punches another Titan in the mouth. His jaw is completely shattered. Some gore is shown in this scene.
  • Eren attacks The Warhammer Titan while it's transforming smashing its head into a gory mess
  • Eren transforms into a Titan while he's inside of another Titan. The Titan explodes and we see massive amounts of blood and gore splash all over lots of buildings. Eren stomps on the Titans corpse several times.
  • Eren and The Female Titan have two extremely brutal fight scenes. One is in a forest and another is in a city. Both deliver extremely powerful and brutal blows to one another ending with blood splashing and bones getting crushed.
  • Eren gets his head decapitated while he's in Titan form by The Female Titan.
  • Eren gets his head smashed in multiple times. His jaw is broken and his head is very mangled.
  • The Female Titan has her skull crushed by Erens Titan. Blood splashes and sprays everywhere.
  • Eren punches The Female Titan and ends up graphically snapping off one of his arms and one of his arms.
  • Numerous innocent civilians are killed throughout the series, men, women and children alike. They are often crushed by falling debris from buildings and we see lots of blood on the ground. These scenes are meant to display the casualties of war.
  • Gabi bashes a soldier over the head with a brick. The act is mostly offscreen by we see the very bloody aftermath.
  • This show is full of extremely graphic and bloody violence, both containing sword and gun action. There are several prolonged battle sequences where humans are eaten graphically and Titans getting their napes, heads, and limbs cut off with incredibly bloody results. This is easily one of the most violent anime series ever created, and it's not for the faint of heart.
  • Characters are sometimes bloodily killed by others, from being chopped with axes, stabbed with knives, or slashed with swords.
  • Occasionally bloody decapitations of Titans. We see them regenerating their bodies a few times. Several of these sequences are quite graphic.
  • When people get eaten by Titans, it is extremely graphic and gory. People are often shown screaming and begging for their lives and we briefly see their heads get squished by the Titans' jaws. No gore is shown. but there is usually a ton of blood.
  • Characters can lose limbs during the more graphic scenes.
  • The main character often bites hard into his own hand until blood is drawn to turn into a Titan. When it doesn't work he bites down on his hand aggressively with a lot of blood gushing out each time he bites.


  • Frequent language including "ass", "damn", "hell', "bastard", "son of a bitch", "piss", and infrequent uses of "shit" and "fuck." The uses of "fuck" always depend on the translator. Some may use it while others may not.
  • The English dub doesn't have any uses of "fuck", but still contains frequent language, particularly, more use of "son of a bitch" than in the Japanese version. Starting in Season 2, "goddamn" is also used. Other words like "hell", "damn", "bastard" and "ass" and "shit" are used regularly. PG-13 level language

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One character is considered an alcoholic, drinking whiskey for most of the times he's on-screen. He isn't on-screen much, and sometimes, his drinking is played off as comedic effect, so this isn't much of a problem.
  • A character is smoking a cigarette whenever he's on screen.
  • Infrequent drinking in some episodes. Not too much.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Season 2 is just as violent and intense as Season 1. With many disturbing scenes occurring
  • Certain characters act in rather disturbing manners. While these scenes don't occur as often as you'd think it's still very unsettling when they do.
  • Season 3 introduces weapons that resemble pistols. You will see people getting their heads blown off with these pistols, the biggest contender being the first episode. A majority of the deaths are offscreen, but the corpses of the victims are shown.
  • While "Attack on Titan" has many fantastical elements, it's still rather violent and bloody. However there are many other anime in the same genre that are much worse than this.
  • The fact that most of the people dying are only young teenagers (14-16) is very upsetting.
  • The whole show is the definition of being frightening and intense followed by several sequences of graphic violence.
  • Suicide is hinted and talked about a lot.
  • There are many emotionally intense scenes throughout the show.
  • Most of the battles in the series are long and drawn out and start with little to no warning.
  • When character are angry they will let out loud and long screams. This is very frightening especially when the characters Levi and Eren scream.
  • In Season 4, Eren's titan's appearance looks significantly more creepier and disturbing than what it looked like in the previous seasons. His appearance may frighten some viewers.
  • The scene where Eren rips apart the Female Titans body is extremely violent and savage.
  • The first half of season 3 is the least intense or the most lighthearted of the series in it's entirety but still has some dark moments.
  • The main villains of the series hide in plain sight among the characters for the first season and their eventual betrayal will catch viewers off guard. Their betrayal is sudden and shocking.
  • The characters that are titans will speak while in their titan form. These voices especially in the english dub are very creepy and menacing.
  • Rated TV-MA for strong bloody violence throughout, disturbing behavior, graphic gruesome and grisly images, some sexual material, nudity, brief alcohol use, language and smoking.
  • The fact that the titans eat people is disturbing in itself however it's more disturbing that for a while it's left unknown as to why they do. After finding out the real reason it is shocking and a bit sad but still disturbing nonetheless.
  • The show can be bleak at times. Moments of victory are usually undermined by subsequent defeats, and are often bittersweet with too many casualties to be considered a "win".
  • The Titans have grotesque appearances that can frighten viewers, with the most grotesque one being the Colossal Titan, as he appears as a gargantuan skinless and excessively muscular goblin-like humanoid creature with a very angry look on his face and very scary-looking teeth.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • In the first episode, the main character's mother is eaten by a Titan after getting her back snapped. Lots of blood are visible flying out everywhere as the main character watches on horror. Very shocking and disturbing.
  • At the end of Season 3, a teen boy is severely burned to death to act as a distraction to save his friend. He is burned so bad his skin turns pitch black & bloody, he lost all his hair and lips, and his clothes are burned off as well (except for his pants.) His body is seen many times throughout the next episode. More sad and shocking than disturbing.
  • In a flashback sequence in Season 3, it shows innocent people (including children) getting injected with a serum that will turn them into a titan and they get pushed off a tall wall. More sad and shocking than disturbing.
  • It is hinted at several times that the main character accidentally ate his own father while he was a titan.
  • Reiner is heavily injured to the point where even though it's cleverly hidden that his head is clearly missing. He's shown later regenerating and his skull, eyes and brain are seen for a brief but disturbing moment.
  • Eren cuts open the Colossal Titan's neck and violently pulls Bertholdt out of the titan. Bertholdt's arms and legs are missing and blood is seen flying. Bertholdt is shown in this state for an extended period of time.
  • Season 4 episode 2 and 3. Violence has been rather minimal which is expected of the series as there have been past episodes where no violence occurs.
  • Armin transforms into a Titan and eats Bertholdt. This scene is also quite graphic as we see his head get squished and tons of bloody flying.
  • Captain Levi attacks The Beast Titan in an extremely graphic and violent fashion. His eyes are cut out with copious amounts of blood spraying and gushing. His arms and legs are violently sliced off with tons and tons blood spraying and gushing. Levi then cuts into his body and slashes his nape repeatedly with fountains of blood spraying. Zekes body is then cut out, both his arms and legs are missing, bloody stumps are shown, he then has a sword jammed into his mouth. This scene is extremely intense and incredibly bloody.
  • Eren transforms into a Titan while he's under a building with hundreds of people living in it. As he transforms, the building explodes implying that he killed hundreds of innocent people. A man is cut in half with tons of blood flying through the air, and he is about to be eaten.
  • In Season 4, Episode 6, a young boy is trampled to death after trying to lift a rock to save his already dead friend. We see the aftermath of his injury and see that blood is covering his entire head, including a hole in his head.
  • In Season 4, the main character (as a Titan) is brutally impaled by a spiral made by the "Warhammer" Titan, we see lots of blood come out, and the main character is fine. (since he is in Titan form)
  • The main character's Titan is shot multiple times by cannons with lots of blood exploding and it is then decapitated after the Warhammer Titan uses a giant crystal hammer to smash his head off, though the main character is un-injured in human form, we still see a few disturbing shots of his Titan with it's head missing.
  • In Season 4, Levi slashes The Beast Titans neck, and we see a lot blood splash from The Beast Titans nape. A grenade is then dropped into the wound and an explosion of blood is visible. It is very quick but still somewhat disturbing. This entire attack happens very suddenly.
  • In Season 4, there is a very disturbing sequence when out of frustration, Gilliard (The Jaw Titan) tries to attack Eren and stop him from eating the Warhammer Titan. As the Jaw Titan leaps to attack Eren, Mikasa comes from under and slices off The Jaw Titan's legs. Eren proceeds to grab The Jaw Titan and smash him on the ground a couple times. Eren then slowly tears off The Jaw Titans Arms, resulting in a lot of gore. After he is done with that, Eren slams the Warhammer Titan's Crystal body in The Jaw Titans mouth and uses it's mouth to break open the crystal. Gilliard starts to beg Eren to stop, but eventually breaks the crystal, killing the Warhammer Titan and causing Eren to drink massive amounts of blood.
  • In Season 4, The Cart Titan gets struck with many thunder spears, killing all of it's machine gun operators, and blowing up the titan itself. We see the aftermath of the Titan with its eye falling out of the socket and in a giant pool of blood, along with it's holder having blood all over her face and body. It is also implied that she has a graphic hole in her stomach.
  • Gabi shoots Sasha in the stomach. Blood sprays and she falls. Blood pools beneath her corpse, it is later revealed that she died. Intense and sad but not too disturbing
  • Season 4 Episode 8. After killing one of their own. Several soldiers punch and kick two kids. Some blood sprays and the kids have blood on their faces.
  • A major character gets bitten in half by a Titan that killed the main characters mother, and the rest of his remains are devoured. Copious amounts of blood splash all over the Titan.
  • In Season 1 Episode 6. Eren and Mikasa violently stab two men to death. While the two acted completely in self defense it's disturbing to know that they did this.
  • Mikasa watches both of her parents get brutally massacred. Her father is stabbed in the stomach and lots of blood gushed out. Her mother is cut down with an axe. Tons and tons of blood gushes from her neck and two massive blood puddles form beneath her body.
  • Darius Zackly is killed by a bomb implanted in a chair. We see what's remaining of his body when it flys out of the building as a result of the explosion. It is implied that the entire lower part of his body is missing.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In Season 4, the main character starts to kill hundreds of innocent men, women, and children to achieve his goal. This is very dark and disturbing considering the fact that the "stereotypical" protagonist characters in anime are against killing.
  • Sasha's sudden death in Season 4 is extremely sad, and everyone tries to save her, it is a very sad scene. What's even more disturbing is that she was shot by a kid.
  • Erens character arc is quite disturbing. As the show progresses, his taste for violence and revenge increases more and more. In the final season he becomes a violent mass murderer. It is quite depressing since the protagonist of the show who is supposed to be a hero is now the ultimate villain.

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