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A buoyant romantic flood-themed film, grab & enjoy this.
Supposedly the flood disaster comes to a city, the people usually face many problems and can't do the regular activities because all limits and troubles caused by floodwater. This film instead shows that even in a harsh condition, people still can always endure the despair, help each other and even find love.

This romantic comedy film involves young adults who meet by a chance in the flooding situation and experience love at first sight. The film-makers distinctly utilize a national catastrophe into a beautiful film work. The plot's mainly a simple love story in young, cheerful, optimistic, light-hearted style but with some various things and problems that're suffered and needed to overcome by the flood victims because the devastating impacts. The cinematography managed to capture the flooded city area during Thailand flood crisis as the themed location setting. So it's refreshingly a new and interesting concept, especially for the viewers who have never experienced a flood disaster. The comedy elements are also quite funny. The casts are also filmogenic on screen, which's crucial to give first impressions of the roles/characters to the viewers so they'd be interested to watch. The music and songs in it also support the film well with easy-listening and befitting nuances. A couple of little surprising twists towards the end add more plus points to this excellent romantic film.

Somehow i expected a bit more hardships (serious conflicts) not only in terms of the relationship but also while overcoming the problems regarding the flood and perhaps show a difference in the setup during pre-post flooding impacts (although since the disaster's real, so it must be difficult to predict and unlikely to be done).

Overall it's a good quality love flick which won't disappoint the genre-liking viewers.

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