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  • A long-lost relative reveals himself to Jason and Sookie. After Tara is victimized by a new government weapon, Eric takes matters into his own hands in an effort to thwart Burrell's anti-vampire initiatives. On the road to work, Sookie is drawn to a handsome stranger who shares her faerie abilities. Sam is unnerved by supernatural-rights zealot Nicole, and is confronted by Alcide and Martha about Emma's future. Bill contemplates the scope of his heightened powers.



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  • We open with what appears to be Warlow arriving from another some kind of portal.

    The out of control car Jason was riding in is stopped by the older man who had been driving. He is clearly a supernatural being. Jason thinks he's Warlow, but the man says he's actually Niall, his fairy grandfather. He's disappointed with how forthcoming Jason was with a complete stranger and is concerned he's not ready for what is on the way.

    Tara has been shot with some new type of bullet the police are using. It's a silver bullet able to emit UV light. Eric arrives and removes the bullet. Tara feels much better. Nora is worried the humans are fighting back is a much more serious way. Eric is more than ready for a war with the humans.

    Bill tells Jessica he is "feeling" the pain of all vampires. In his mind he sees vampire burned and dragged behind a truck by laughing humans. Bill then becomes comatose. We see into Bill's mind: He is led by the three bloody naked women to Lilith, who tells him "events have been set in motion."

    Sookie is still sleeping when Arlene calls her and reminds her, not too gently, that she is supposed to be at Merlotte's. Sookie says she'll be right there.

    Patrick's wife arrives at Merlotte's and Arlene tells Terry he needs to speak with her. She is pregnant and thinks Patrick ran off with another woman. Arlene walks up and tells her that Patrick has indeed left her and she needs to be strong. She hugs Patrick's wife and Terry is visibly upset to have to hurt the pregnant lady so.

    While walking to her job Sookie comes across a male Half-fairy who has been attacked by a vampire. Or so he says. He refuses to see a doctor so she brings him to her home. He's not sure who attacked him.

    Three people get a table at Merlotte's. One of the women walks to the bar and tells Sam she knows he's a shifter. She's interested in starting a dialogue between humans and supernaturals and knows about Luna and Emma. Sam brings her to his office and she says she wants him to come out as a shifter. Her name is Nicole and she's the founder of the US Vampire Unity Society. She thinks the government will eventually come after his kind and wants him to inspire others. He turns her down.

    Back to Bill's conversation with Lillith, who tells him he needs to complete her work. She says that God created her along with Adam and Eve and that she is not a god and neither is Bill. At this point Jessica brings him a paid human snack hoping it will revive him. Bill doesn't react, but when she tries to leave he stops her with his mind, twists her body into a pretzel and manages to pull the blood from her body and send it directly into his mouth. Jessica collapses in shock.

    Sookie's new fairy friend Ben wakes up from his nap. She touches his wrist and his skin lights up. She confesses she's tired of being different. He says she seems like a good person and gets up to leave. His name is Ben. Before leaving Ben mentions to Sookie that she is the first person in a very long time to treat him kindly and how he is so down on his luck and hopes his fortunes will change and he doesn't want to impose on her any longer. He delivers his speech like an abandoned orphan hoping against hope to be adopted by kind strangers. Having thus successfully pushed all the buttons to elicit Sookie's compassion, he is leaving. Sookie, of course, stops him and tells him about a safe place for faeries. She offers to accompany him there too, evidently having forgotten her promise to Arlene to come to Merlotte's to WORK.

    Andy brings his rapidly growing fairy children to the site of the clubhouse entrance and asks for help.

    Niall has Jason bring him to the place where Warlow appeared to Sookie, her upstairs bathroom. He goes through the portal. When he pops back out he tells Jason "It's worse than I thought."

    Ben tells Sookie he'd like to take her out at some point. She says she's not in a good place for romance. He reads her mind and hears the name Bill. She directs him to the field and leaves.

    Nora reads up on Lilith in the Vampire Bible, looking for more info on Bill. She thinks she's found something. Nora tells Pam that Eric loves her and the reason he didn't tell her about his sister is because the information would have put her in danger.

    Eric finds a way into Burrell's mansion, pretending to be someone who had an appointment. Eric attempts to glamour Burrell into changing his tune on vampires. It doesn't work, as Burrell is wearing special contact lenses that block vampires from using the power. Eric is placed into custody and Burrell tells him he's been waiting years for the proper political climate to go after vampires.

    Sookie returns home and Jason introduces her to Niall. Niall is very hungry and they sit down to eat. Over pasta Niall tells them Warlow has already arrived. It is obvious that no one has yet managed to teach Jason any table manners. Nial tells Sookie that Warlow has been obsessed with their family for thousands of years. This is because the Stackhouse is the original fairy royal family. Niall's been tracking him for centuries. Warlow had been in a dark realm since the day he killed their parents. He then shows Sookie a secret power fairies possess. She can destroy any creatures nearby, but it is a power she can only use once and will result in her becoming mortal. She starts to play around with the power.

    Eric is able to escape police custody by flying into the sky.

    Alcide and a bunch of wolves show up at Sam's place looking for Emma. They want to take her to be with other wolves, but Sam wants to honor the promise he made to a dying Luna. The wolves take Emma and in the process both Sam and Lafayette (who had been watching Emma) take a beating. Nicole and her friends watch and record this from the bushes.

    We see Burrell's daughter Willa preparing for bed. She takes out her special contact lenses just as Eric arrives at her window. He orders he to invite him in and she obliges.

    Jessica tells Bill she's worried and doesn't know what is going on with him. She asks if he's Lilith and begins confessing her sins and asks God to watch over her friends, including Bill. Inside Bill's head we see Lilith tells Bill to "trust what you see." Bill then snaps out of it. The TV automatically turns on and we see a news report of the vampire being tortured in exactly the way Bill had envisioned earlier. "I can see the future," Bill says, just before seeing dozens of vampires being burned.

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