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Idris Elba: Krall



  • Balthazar M. Edison : You can't stop it. You will die.

    Captain James T. Kirk : Better to die saving lives... than to live with taking them. That's what I was born into.

  • Krall : Your captain... why did you sacrifice yourself for him?

    Lieutenant Uhura : He would have done the same. And if he made it off that ship, he will come for us.

    Krall : I am counting on it, Lieutenant Uhura.

  • Balthazar M. Edison : Captain's Log... I don't remember the stardate. All distress calls unanswered. Of the crew... only three remain. I WON'T ALLOW IT! The indigenous race abandoned this planet long ago. They left behind sophisticated mining equipment and a drone workforce. They have some sort of... technology that prolongs... life. I will do whatever it takes for me and my crew. The Federation do not care about us... You'll probably never see me again. But if you do... be ready.

  • Captain James T. Kirk : You lost! There's no way you can make it back there. Give up!

    Balthazar M. Edison : What, like you did? I read your ship's log, Captain James T. Kirk! At least I know what I am! I am a soldier!

    Captain James T. Kirk : You won the war, Edison! You gave us peace!

    Balthazar M. Edison : Peace... is not what I was born into.

  • Krall : Lieutenant, unity is not your strength. It is your weakness.

  • Captain James T. Kirk : What happened to you out there... Edison?

    Balthazar M. Edison : I have to say, Kirk, I've missed being me. We lost ourselves but gained a purpose! A means to bring the galaxy back to the struggle that made humanity strong.

    Captain James T. Kirk : I think you underestimate humanity.

    Balthazar M. Edison : I fought for humanity! Lost millions to the Xindi and Romulan Wars! And for what? For the Federation to sit me in a Captain's chair and break bread with the enemy!

    Captain James T. Kirk : We change. We have to. Or we spend the rest of our lives fighting the same battles.

  • Krall : The Federation has pushed the frontier for centuries. But no longer. This is where it begins, Lieutenant. This is where the frontier pushes back.

  • Lieutenant Uhura : I am Lieutenant Nyota Uhura of the U.S.S. Enterprise. And *you* have committed an act of war against the Federation.

    Krall : Federation! Federation *is* an act of war.

  • Krall : The Federation has taught you that conflict should not exist. But without struggle, you would not know who you truly are... struggle made us strong.

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