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  • Irate over Burrell's blatant aggression towards vampires, Eric takes matters into his own hands. After dangerously testing the limits of his powers, Bill enlists a TruBlood innovator to synthesize a new type of blood - but has difficulty finding the right donor. Sookie begins to learn why Warlow is after her. Sam receives unexpected help from Nicole and her Vampire Unity Society (V.U.S.) associates. Steve Newlin finds his past ideals turning into a current nightmare.



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  • Open with Eric glamouring Willa in her room. He tells her she's about to die for Burrell's sins. She tells him killing her won't stop her father, but says "I know things" and mentions experiments. Guards rush to the room but Eric and Willa have disappeared.

    Jessica asks Bill to clarify what he said about vampires burning. He doesn't have specifics but thinks he needs to find a way to stop it. Bill tells her she was one of the vampires he saw burning, along with Eric, Pam and Tara.

    Sookie continues to work on the special fairy power Niall showed her. Niall senses Warlow is close. He notices that Sookie isn't scared of Warlow and makes sure she knows not to underestimate him. Niall leaves to "take the fight to" Warlow.

    Eric arrives at Fangtasia with Willa. Pam wants to make sure he eventually kills Willa. Eric tells them to pack up their stuff and prepare to leave. Willa tells Eric she doesn't like what her father is doing and wants to help. Burrell has used money allocated for highways to build a special camp intended to study vampires.

    We see that Reverend Newlin has been taken to the camp.

    Eric wants to bring Willa with them, but Pam hates the idea. He thinks they need her for leverage.

    Sam wakes up and finds Nicole and her boyfriend in his house. They helped Same and Lafayette after the wolves beat them. Lafayette tells Sam he thinks Nicole is a problem. Lafayette demands to help Sam get back Emma.

    Eric drops by Ginger's place to hide out. He takes Willa to the coffin and instructs her to find arrangements for Pam and Tara.

    Bill is lingering on the front porch as the sun comes up. He tells a terrified Jessica he feels immortal and wants to meet the sun. Bill walks into the front yard and faces the rising sun with his arms to his sides. He bursts into flames and is barely able to get back into the house before dying.

    Niall goes to the fairy camp and finds it empty. He sees fairy blood everywhere and senses something terrible has happened. Warlow showed up and killed almost everyone. He finds one fairy near death. He is able to communicate to Niall that a very powerful vampire was there.

    Jason wakes up. Sookie is worried about how terrible her brother looks and wants to take him to the hospital. He tells her about his hallucinations. The two of them talk about the memory of their parents.

    Andy opens a package of anti-vampire weapons that have been sent to the Sherriff's Department. Holly shows up wants him to enforce the vampire curfew. He asks her to take a ride with him.

    Police arrive at Alcide's place looking for Martha and Emma. Martha goes out to speak with them while Rikki tries to get Emma to shift. The police go inside and find Rikki sitting with a young wolf. After the police leave Rikki makes it clear she thinks taking Emma was a huge mistake.

    Andy takes Holly to Fort Bellefleur and shows her how to shoot. He makes it clear he would like them to get back together when she's ready.

    While Eric tries to sleep Willa tells him her mother had an affair with a vampire. She also makes it clear that she likes vampires "very much."

    Niall runs into Ben, who is still looking for the fairy camp. When Warlow's name is mentioned Ben realizes Niall is royalty. He also finds out that Sookie is his relation. Niall is looking to form a fairy army and Ben is more than willing to join up.

    Bill leaves to run errands and Jessica demands he let her help him. He sends her to find Hido Takahashi, the college professor responsible for synthesizing True Blood.

    Jessica pretends to be a student in one of Takahashi's classes.

    Sarah walks into the room where Steve is being held. He initially hopes she's there to save him, but that is clearly not the case. She tells him the place he's being held is part of a plan to eradicate all vampires. She also says she's now in politics A doctor named Everlark enters the room and asks Steve for information about Eric.

    After class a scantily clad Jessica tells Takahashi she's recently switched her major and asks for some private tutoring.

    Bill shows up at Sookie's door wanting help to make sure her vampire friends don't die the true death. He now doesn't need an invitation to come inside. Jason comes downstairs and Bill telepathically slams him into a wall. He wants to get Takahashi to synthesize her blood in order to help vampires . She refuses to help and Bill says she's dead to him before leaving.

    Nicole and Jesse pay the wolves a visit. The wolves are less than receptive, particularly when Alcide realizes they've been recording them. They turn into wolves and attack them. Nicole is the only one able to escape alive. At the same time Sam is there to grab Emma and spots Nicole limping away. He tells Emma they need to help her.

    Ginger answers Eric's phone. It's Burrell, who wants proof his daughter is still alive. Eric assures him that he is going to kill his daughter. As Burrell traces Eric's phone he promises to reverse course on vampires. Eric goes to get Willa and finds Tara has disappeared with her.

    Ben and Niall arrive at Sookie's. He tells her about the fairy massacre. Sookie tells Ben she had an encounter with her ex and doesn't want to talk about it. Sookie asks Ben why she is able to feel him listening to her when it is not something she can do with other fairies. Niall senses something and walks outside. He fires a bolt of energy at a tree and finds a female vampire. It's Nora, who tells him she's also looking for Warlow before disappearing. Jason falls to the ground and Sookie rushes to his side.

    Andy stops Bill on the street. Bill apologizes for being out past curfew and notices a stuffed dog on Andy's passenger seat. Andy tells him about his kids and Bill says he'll go straight home. Bill walks away smiling.

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