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  • Yes. The show is based on the novel "The Leftovers" by Tom Perrotta. Edit

  • The people in white are the Guilty Remnant, one of a number of cults which have sprung up in the wake of the Sudden Departure. They want to serve as "living reminders" to those who wish to forget the importance of that day. As Patti explains to Kevin, their behaviors, such as dressing in all white and not speaking, are meant to strip away anything which might distract them from the importance of what happened. Their smoking helps demonstrate the unimportance of their individual lives. While they understand the health risks of smoking they do not care.

    From a practical standpoint, these behaviors also help reinforce the cult's control over its members. Cults often use behavorial regimens which are designed to isolate members from the outside world and reinforce identification with the cult. Several of the Guilty Remnant's habits fall into this category, such as the communal living, the refusal to speak, and the distinctive dress. Edit

  • Many dogs who saw their owners disappear during the "Sudden Departure" have returned to a feral state of mind and are vicious to humans. Dean states that they are impossible to be re-domesticated and must all be killed as they pose a threat to humans and other animals. Edit

  • The deer is a strong, majestic animal that continually finds itself trapped in unfortunate situations. It's a metaphor for Kevin - he feels confined and lost, only finding purpose when attempting to save others.

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  • A The Leftovers soundtrack, including scene descriptions, can be found on Tunefind.

    You can find the complete list of songs, with scene descriptions, here. Edit



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