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  • Bill decides to seek out Lillith for advice on handling the escalating human-vampire crisis. Eric, Pam, Nora, Jason and Jessica get up-close-and-personal looks at the perverse perils of Vamp Camp. Sam comes to a decision he hopes will be in Emma's best interest. Andy gives his faerie daughter a name, or two or three or four. Arlene has a solution to Terry's malaise, and Eric makes a startling discovery.



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  • Open with Bill sensing that Sookie is in trouble. Cut to her being drowned by Lafayette/Corbett and Warlow arrives in the nick of time to save her. She tells Warlow to use his light to separate Corbett from Lafayette, then tells her father's spirit to leave her alone.

    Much to the dismay of Burrell, Sarah & Co., Eric and Pam team up and kill one of their guards. Eric looks through a hole in the glass and sees Newlin is involved.

    Warlow is called back by Bill. Sookie thinks she can save him and brings him to the Faerie realm. When Warlow doesn't show, Bill goes to talk to Jessica about the effects of a Billith summoning. Upon finding her room empty, he realizes Burrell has her, and his future vision of vampires meeting the sun isn't too far away.

    Jason drops by a LAVTF office looking for a job. The recruiter is impressed by what Jason's experiene killing vampires.

    Bill glamours Takahashi and tells him to remove enough blood that he is almost dead. This is in an effort to reach a comatose state and be able to communicate with Lilith.

    Nicole tells Sam that Emma is struggling. She's scared and misses her grandmother.

    Warlow asks Sookie to tie him up. Nighttime is coming and he's never been around her at night without having recently fed.

    Alcide drops by Jackson's hotel room. Jackson tells him Sam is in the same hotel.

    Lilith's female minions grab Bill and bring him to Lilith.

    Andy's remaining daughter wants her own name. He calls her Adelyn and gives her three other names to represent her dead sisters.

    Terry drops by Lafayette's place. He wants Lafayette to have the key to his safety deposit box. After the strange meeting Lafayette calls Arlene. Arlene thinks Terry may be suicidal. Holly suggests they get a vampire friend of hers to glamour Terry into forgetting his military past.

    Sookie asks Warlow about the contract to be his wife. He tells her he's more than happy to tear up the contract and says he despises what Lilith made him. Warlow says if she agrees to be his wife they would be a "closed circle," able to survive off of each other's blood.

    Burrell tells Eric he wants him to experience the pain he suffered through when Willa was made a vampire. He brings in Nora and injects her with a poison deadly to vampires called Hepatitis-V.

    Lilith doesn't have answers for Bill, who wants to know the location of the white room. She reminds him that he chose to drink her blood. She says what is happening right now is his responsibility and tells him not to visit her again.

    Sam and Nicole meet Martha at a gas station. They give Emma to her on the condition she never return to the pack. Sam and Emma have a tearful good-bye.

    Holly's vampire friend drops by and glamours Terry. He is to remember nothing of his military service, only the positive things about his family and work life.

    Sara learns that Jason is going to be hired by the LAVTF. She takes him aside and tells him to get lost. He threatens to expose her sexual indiscretions if she doesn't hire him.

    Willa tells her father she wants to be moved to the general population. She has questions about being a vampire that only Tara can answer.

    Alcide finds Sam and Nicole. Sam promises that Nicole will leave his pack alone. Alcide lets them live on the condition Sam never return to Bon Temps.

    Bill is brought back to consciousness and sees a news report that Burrell is about to start selling Tru Blood at a discounted price. He drinks Warlow's blood and walks out into the sun. He is unfazed, so he sprints off into the day.

    Sara forces Jason to watch one of their vampire sex studies. It involves Jessica being forced to have sex with another vampire against her will. The male vampire has no interest in what amounts to rape, but eventually she agrees to do it so they will stop torturing him. The experiment ends before anything actually takes place.

    Terry could not be happier. He's as content as he's ever been. While at work Terry offers to take out the trash and is shot at the dumpster. He dies in Arlene's arms.

    Bill is able to walk up to Burrell in the middle of the day. After gleefully absorbing a barrage of bullets, he telepathically makes all the guards turn their guns and murder each other. He demands information about his plans to kill vampires. Burrell won't tell him anything and Bill rips his head off.

    Eric summons Willa, who has been taught by Tara how to glamour. She gets the dick guard from a couple episodes ago to help get Nora and Eric out of their restraints. Eric steals a guard uniform and has Willa put a doctor's coat on Nora. While they search for Pam, Eric comes across a room where Tru Blood is being bottled. A small amount of Hep-V is being added to every bottle.

    Sookie talks to Warlow about her reputation as a "danger whore." She says she has feelings for him and lets him feed off her. She drinks his blood and they have sex.

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