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  • A desperate Bill tries to ferry Warlow away from the faerie plain, but Sookie is having none of it. Meanwhile, Eric arrives at vamp camp, looking to inflict serious human damage. In Bon Temps, friends and family take emotional turns remembering a fallen neighbor. Bill feels the pull of Lilith's sirens.



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  • Open with Sookie holding the nearly bloodless Warlow in her arms. Sookie tells Bill that Eric has ruined their deal and tells him to handle the problem. Sookie lets Warlow feed off her. Bill grabs Warlow and Sookie is forced to use her light to banish Bill from the faerie realm. Bill takes off after Eric.

    Arlene arrives at Terry's funeral.

    Warlow asks Sookie if she's still going to be his and she says she always keeps her promises. She leaves him to attend the funeral.

    Alcide says hello to Sookie just before the funeral begins. Sookie tells him she doesn't know why Jason isn't there.

    Bill arrives at the vampire camp and finds human body parts everywhere.

    Inside Eric finds Dr. Overlark alone in a room. He reaches down and rips off Overlark's genitals and tells him he'll be back to make sure he's bled to death. Eric then goes to the male gen pop and tells the vampires they're free to go and kill their captors.

    The funeral begins and Reverend Daniels talks about Terry's love and devotion to his family.

    Bill finds Overlark on the floor. He tells him Eric is responsible. Bill kills him after learning he harmed Jessica during some experiments.

    Andy takes to the podium at the funeral. He tells the story of when Terry first returned from war and was basically hiding at Fort Bellefleur. Andy helped start the process of bringing Terry back to the real world. Terry thinks there's nothing left for him there. Andy offers to find him a job.

    Bill walks through the vampire camp and sees vampire after vampire taking revenge on the staff.

    Eric frees the female gen pop and encounters a weakened Jason. Eric finds out Jason knows the camp well and heals him.

    We see that Sarah has managed to avoid vampire detection by hiding under a few dead bodies.

    Sam is next to speak at Terry's funeral. He talks about Andy asking him to give Terry a job. He flashes back to joining Andy out at Fort Bellefleur. Sam has brought Terry a special beer and they ask Terry to go fishing. Terry catches a catfish. He tells Andy to throw it back, saying that every life has value. Terry starts crying, concerned that his working in the restaurant business might not be a good fit.

    Eric finds the therapist and tells him he's going to die. When the man tells Eric he slept with his progeny, Eric says he's going to take him to Pam and let her take care of him.

    Lafayette speaks at the funeral. He talks about working with Terry at Merlotte's and tells the story of helping him work the fryer.

    Eric releases Ginger and some of the vampire-friendly humans being held.

    Portia speaks at the funeral and tells a sweet childhood story about her cousin. Daniels asks if anyone else would like to speak before Arlene takes the podium. Sookie listens to Arlene's thoughts and hears that she's not quite ready, so she tells Daniels she has something to say. Sookie tells the story of when Terry first laid eyes on Arlene. From the very first moment Terry thought she was the greatest thing he'd ever seen. Seeing Arlene made Terry think coming out of the woods might not be so scary. An emotional Sookie tells Arlene that few women ever get to be loved the way Terry loved her. She returns to her seat and Alcide gives her a shoulder to cry on.

    Bill has a guard tell him where the white room is located. At the same time Sarah climbs to the top of the building and begins to open the roof manually. But when the sun is let in we see that Bill is letting the vampires in the room drink his blood so that they are protected from the sun. Steve Newlin is the only one not being allowed to feed. Eric walks in and forces Newlin to face the sun. Eric tells Pam he's saved the therapist for her.

    Arlene tells a story about the day their baby was born. She was struggling with having a third child and Terry was a stabilizing influence that helped get her through.

    The vampires enjoy their brief ability to walk in the sunlight. Jason leaves to get Sarah. Having let so many feed from him Bill is incredibly weak. Lilith's three servants arrive.

    Jason finds Sarah before she can escape. He grabs her gun before she can use it.

    Before the Marines salute Terry's life Big John Dixon asks to address the gathering. He says he loved Terry and sings a song called "Life Matters" for his friend.

    Jason tells Sarah that killing her would be doing Jesus' work. He puts the gun to Sarah's head but is unable to pull the trigger. He says he doesn't want more blood on his hands.

    Big John finishes and Arlene gives him a huge hug.

    Eric and the rest of the vampires walk outside and find the cases of Tru Blood. They begin destroying the poisoned product. We see a Tru Blood delivery truck highjacked by vampires.

    Lilith's minions tell Bill his time on Earth is over. Bill responds: "I'm not going anywhere."

    Jessica rushes back inside to help Bill. She and James watch through the window as he appears to be talking to himself. Jessica goes to his side and he says Lilith is coming for him. James suggests they give back the blood they drank from him and asks Bill to feed from him.

    Terry is given a 21-gun salute. Taps is played as he is lowered into the grave and Arlene is given the flag that covered his coffin. Sookie hears Arlene think that she feels Terry would have enjoyed the service.

    Jessica walks outside, followed by Bill. The vampires clap and thank him for saving their lives. Violet and Jason are still together. Pam and Eric stare at each other. She says "don't you dare leave me" as Eric flies into the air.

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