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Season 1

22 Sep. 2013
Episode #1.1
Having seen crooked businessman Nicholas Mason acquitted of a factory robbery and murder of employee Anthony Cummings, due to a legal loop-hole, enigmatic Helen Barlow calls in Jack Quinn, leader of a trio of maverick crime-busters along with locks expert Jessica Jones and computer wizard Thomas Tomkins to bring Mason down. Raymond Nash, who testified against Mason, is in a safe house and Helen believes one of two policemen is on Mason's payroll. Jack targets ex-cop Charlie O'Brien who apparently contacted armed robber Michael Craig to work on Mason's next hit whilst ...
29 Sep. 2013
Episode #1.2
With Charlie now part of the team Helen calls Jack in when the body of legal secretary Kimberley Brooks is found in the boot of judge Peter Hopkins' car. Helen is convinced the judge has been set up by Joe Tyrus, a private eye and former policeman whom Hopkins, then a barrister, prosecuted for corruption. Tyrus went to jail, and lost his job and his family and Helen believes he is out for revenge. Jessica poses as a solicitor hiring Tyrus whilst Jack impersonates another private eye. They reel him in by leading him to believe that there is a witness who will prove ...
6 Oct. 2013
Episode #1.3
Eighteen people die when ruthless property developer Phillip Grayson pays arsonists to torch a flat block he wants clearing to make way for his new project. Hearing that he is wanted by the police he takes refuge in the Colombian embassy, blackmailing ambassador Velasquez with a past indiscretion to shelter him. Charlie obtains work at the embassy in the kitchen whilst the others, posing as pest control operatives, set up a stake-up in a near-by house. They decide to use an embassy party to infiltrate the building, inject Grayson and get him back onto British soil ...
13 Oct. 2013
Episode #1.4
Former MP Lawrence Walker and his wife Sally, both financiers, are cleared of embezzling three million pounds from a Syrian children's charity and two police officers sacked for pursuing them. Convinced of the couple's guilt Helen calls in Jack's team and Thomas bugs the Walkers' house to record a confession, though none is forthcoming and the pair do not appear to have made any expensive purchases. Matters are complicated by journalist Hollie Goodridge, also out to prove the Walkers' duplicity, who almost ruins the operation. The gang kidnaps Lawrence and demands a ...
20 Oct. 2013
Episode #1.5
Dog walker Arthur Rose is shot in the back after witnessing Turkish gangster Ahmed Demir effect a drug deal in Epping Forest but MI5 boss Charles Napier grants Demir exemption from a murder charge if he will inform on his terrorist associates. Napier installs Demir in the Centenary Plaza building but Jessica, aided by a resourceful little girl, finds out the address from Demir's solicitor Tanya Rhodes. Learning that Demir is in fear of a former friend, Mehmet Aybar, whom he betrayed, the unit springs Mehmet from prison, replacing him with a ringer. They then invite ...
27 Oct. 2013
Episode #1.6
Outwardly a respectable businessman Jamie Caine is a murderous, large-scale drugs dealer who kills a boy but is released after the key witness is intimidated into withdrawing his statement. Against orders from her boss Helen calls in Jack and his colleagues to bring Caine down and they discover that Bates, Caine's henchman, has organized a major drug deal whilst Caine was in custody - the receipt of 2C9,an hallucinogen aimed at young kids. Jack and his team raid Caine's factory but find no evidence and see that they must catch him red-handed doing the deal. Charlie ...

 Season 1 

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