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  • A retired assassin lives alone after the death of his wife, but he finds a puppy that she left for him. The two grow very close, but one day a group of punks break in and kill the dog after a tense moment at a gas station the day before. The assassin unleashes a firestorm of vengeance against his attackers, but runs into much more than he bargained for when one of the punks' gangster father gets involved. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The gold coins are currency among the Assassins. It's not made clear how exactly one earns them or why they don't just use real money. But it can be speculated that you earn a certain amount of coins for certain missions. These coins can be exchanged for services within the assassin industry, such as removing bodies and cleaning up any forensic evidence, purchasing weapons and armor, information, and so on. It can also be assumed they use this form of "in-house" currency to avoid any real money being marked or traced to anyone in the organization. Having a private form of currency also makes it more secure against forgery or anyone outside the organization using it themselves. Edit (Coming Soon)


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  • The characters' discussions about John Wick's history suggest he is the most feared, and also respected assassin in the criminal underworld, which suggests that few assassins would have the courage to try to take him down. There are some assassins, like Harry, who demonstrate too much admiration and respect for John Wick to want to kill him. Other assassins may have found the $2 million bounty too low for someone like John Wick. Others, like Perkins, while really talented, may also be reckless or arrogant or willing to break the rules (like trying to take John down in the hotel). Edit (Coming Soon)

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