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Sex & Nudity

  • In "Rise and Shine," Clarence says that savings is better than a hot body.
  • In the pilot, Clarence hands his teacher an invitation card consisting of a photograph of her and her boyfriend about to make out and a photograph of Clarence looking at them with a smirk.
  • In the final episode, the school is torn down by a bulldozer and we see Ms. Baker making out with her boyfriend just like how it looked on the invitation card in the pilot. Clarence chuckles a little bit.
  • In "A Pretty Day with a Girl," Clarence sings a song about how him and Amy found a boulder and the closing lyrics were: "...and I go pee!" Obviously, he said that in order to have something rhyme with "Amy."
  • In an episode when Clarence is home alone hes wearing a box that covers his private area and sumo then asks " Woah! Clarence are you naked?" he then looks down at his genitalia and awkwardly walks away
  • Clarence in underwear can be seen sometimes. Sometimes we partially see his butt crack.
  • In the episode "Bird Boy Man" we see Sumo's butt.
  • Sometimes we see kisses, including one kissing another one from the same sex but in a non-sexual way.
  • In "Clarence Gets a Girlfriend", when Clarence and Sumo go shopping for clothes, Clarence wears a woman's bathing suit in one shot.
  • A few episodes show some men trying to hit on Ms. Baker, Clarence's teacher.
  • Some kissing is shown in "Man of the House".
  • A homosexual male couple is seen kissing each other on the cheek in "Neighborhood Grill".
  • Clarence cross dresses in "Belson's Sleepover".
  • In "Too Gross for Comfort", Chelsea and Sumo kiss in the mouth. The kids around them react negatively, but Clarence says: "Guys... you're in love! And... and you're gonna get married, and you're gonna have babies, and one's gonna look like you, and one's gonna look like you, and... and I'm gonna live in your garage!".

Violence & Gore

  • In "Fun Dungeon Face Off", Clarence and Jeff fight on top of a fast food playground during the climax which parodies Star Wars Episode III with foam sticks but it's non-brutal.
  • In "A Pretty Great Day With a Girl", Clarence and some other kids have a fight throwing moss, mud, and other stuff found around them but it's non-brutal.
  • Many episodes so far have Clarence and the other kids causing havoc and property damage but its played comically.
  • In "Man of the House", Clarence, Jeff, and Sumo create burglar traps in the house. When Chad enters in, they try to stop him getting caught in there traps which hit the kids instead. Chad later gets hit in the legs with the last trap shown and is sent to the hospital.
  • Three episodes have a character named Joshua getting physically injured in some way. He gets scars on his right cheek after being attacked by Sumo in a flashback in "Lost in the Supermarket", gets his ear partially bitten off from a goat (offscreen by the way) in "Nature Clarence", and gets his right eye jabbed with a fork (offscreen again) after slipping in "Neighborhood Grill".
  • Scatological humor is present, and vomit is implied but not on-screen.
  • In "Bedside Manners" an alive heart is seen but it's very unrealistic.


  • Dumb, stupid and jerk are infrequently used. Some instances like dang and heck are used.
  • Mild name calling and words like "heck" or "shut up".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some characters have allucinations but in a childlish way. In "Patients", Clarence imagine inside his mind after he's banned from eating candy.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In one episode, Jeff is seen with an extra toe and is rather disturbing. Clarence yells "TOE!!!" 3 times. Jeff's parents state that he's a special boy.
  • There's an episode called "Straight Illin", which is infamous for being banned for its grotesque nature and extremely gross content. The episode has Clarence eat 500 deviled eggs and he gets incredibly sick as a result. This is then followed by showing Clarence with a frightening zombie-like appearance, showing nauseating close-ups of him and even an extreme close-up of his face in very graphic detail. This is very disgusting and may frighten kids.
  • Some of the close ups or expressions of the faces of the characters might cause a fright.
  • Some scenes (specially allucinations) like Clarence's eyes getting covered with skin in "Puddle Eyes" or both Jeff's allucinations involing the tapir in "Average Jeff" can be disturbing.
  • Clarence's nightmare in "Clarence Millions" can be scary.
  • At the end of "Belson's Sleepover", Belson chases Clarence and his friends with a chainsaw. It can be scary for younger kids.
  • The episode "Rough Riders Elementary" is overall bizarely frightening, especially during the climax.
  • The episodes "Lil' Buddy" and "Tuckered Boys" are very disturbing and may frighten small children.
  • Some episodes (like "The Forgotten") include mild themes that can't be understood by younger children.

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