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The girls head back to the field and we are reminded that as much as they may seem vastly different, there are a handful of ways these girls are the same.
Amari-Sali23 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The episodes of season two have been all over the place, but perhaps it was because they didn't have the grounding factor football seemed to bring the show. For, the increase of Ms. Hitchcock, as well as story lines which only last an episode, has made things very scattered. In this episode though, we've gotten back a sense of continuity, which for a 6 episode series is something deeply needed.

To start off Rocky and Viva, though off currently, perhaps maybe on again later. With this storyline we sort of see how though Viva and Rocky aren't as dysfunctional as Brandon and Amber, there is still something there which is hard to fight off. Amber even breaks it down for Viva, in a rare moment of clarity, in which she explains the basics of love and how hard it is to go from loving someone to trying to throw them away. Yes, it may seem for the best, but it is so hard to let someone bad for you go when there are good times still attached to their name.

Perhaps though the most interesting bonding moments came with Saz in center though. As I've said before, though Viva maybe the lead, often Saz finds a way to stand out and with this episode she sort of reminds you why, at least with Viva and Holly, she is part of the group. What happens in this episode is that Ms. Hitchcock is prepping for maternity leave so she leaves the girls to choose a coach among them and Saz gets it. Naturally the power goes to her head, but during the early times you see how much Saz relies on Viva's approval since Viva perhaps is one of the few which really makes an effort to accept Saz's quirky ways. Then, later on, despite butting heads for most of the episode, we see Holly and Saz team up for, as different as they may seem, both of them are highly passionate people. Saz and her are guaranteed to go too far when they want something and with their combined passion, it leads the girls to a victory.

Overall, this was quite the quality episode and it makes me sad that there is only one left. Perhaps what is worse though is we may have to wait a year for season 3, if there is one, and even then we may not know until it just airs. Still though, it is quite nice to see roles like Saz and Viva being on screen, and hopefully if this show ends the two girls' careers go on.
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