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Really Liked It (No Spoilers)
pgace-060654 April 2017
I am a movie buff that watches all genres, especially horror and thrillers.

This movie has an excellent and deep story about alternate realities with great monsters/ characters. It combines horror, adventure, and compassion and has an incredible ending. In addition, the acting and cinematography were very well done.

I used to work with the writer, director and actor, Andrew Cymek, in a retail store called Canadian Tire (sports department). Although I did not know him well, I remember he was just starting to direct and would always talk about directing. I solely watched this movie because I saw his name listed as director and am glad I did. Andrew, keep up the incredible work. Nicely done! I felt like this movie had it all. From the awesome looking ghouls, to the nudity, to the android looking girl, to the compassionate ending.
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Take the message from this movie to heart, it's one you'll never forget.
ulrichburke3 November 2018
Of course it's not TOTALLY original, nothing can be, everything's been done before, but the meanings change.

So it's basically Clint Eastwood in Pilgrim's Progress. It's a great, dark, metaphysical journey through a vision of the Afterlife that really shook me, I've never cried so much over the last 20 minutes of a damn movie in my life. And the very ending's superb - I won't spoil it for you but for sure you'll not see the twist coming but you'll love it when it does, it's absolutely perfect. And there's one character who proves her love in a way that had me reaching for the screen trying to tell her not to do it.

Sod the other reviewers, dumbed out on action thrillers. This isn't in its heart an action flick. It's a thought flick. It's full of ideas for you to savour afterwards, dressed up in action's clothes. I've never seen anything like it before and it would have been a far bigger hit than it was if only the audience had brain enough to understand what it was saying.

8 stars only for a couple of SLIGHT logic flaws which I won't go into cos I don't want to spoil the whole thing - this isn't a movie about utter logic, it's a movie about a Message. From a new director who I hope doesn't vanish after this one.

I hope you see it and understand.

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Beautifully Shot, Exciting and Thought Provoking
jay-126-7802314 March 2017
Night Cries is an amazing, beautifully shot film that combines great action sequences with a thought provoking story-line. The journey and struggle of our hero Joseph Morgan in a dark and gritty world allows the story to flow easily while still maintaining the mystery of what happens next. An amazing cast, exciting action sequences and breath taking cinematography all combine to make this a must see.
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Don't Be Fooled - This Movie Is Awful!
jostannie24 August 2017
Well I've watched some sh*t movies in my time be this has to be one of the worst. One reviewer said it was beautifully shot, well as most of it was set either inside or in the woods, there wasn't much cinematography to talk about that I could see. As for it being some kind of psychological thriller, well Hitchcock it ain't. Whoever put this pile of crap together must have been on some pretty good 'stuff' as none of it makes any sense at all. Be warned, don't waste your life watching this.
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What do you dream?
nogodnomasters23 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This review contains a plot spoiler you learn at 20-30 minutes into the film. Joseph (Andrew Cymek) searches for his wife in what appears to be some post apocalyptic life. However we then find out it is existential and they are dead. No wait, Joseph is not dead yet, but this is Flatliners on steroids. Joseph goes into the nether world with the aid of a drug to visit/rescue his wife. The after world is divided into sections.

Apparently unborn babies go to the valley of the dolls. There is a bad guy who is called "The Hat" Colin Mochrie because he wears a hat. The story is somewhat unique but not the best scripted. Of course the production also begs the question, "Where do you go when you die in the afterlife?" Cleveland? It is a story about love and hope with a touch of Thunderdome.

Guide: F-word, brief sex. Nudity.
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I Just Don't Know
aw19633 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I just don't know what to make of this movie,it's honestly like nothing I have seen before and I really don't know if I liked it or hated it. On the one hand I loved the story itself,on the other,at times the acting drove me insane.I don't think the acting was horrible,closer to over melodramatic to the point of annoyance,along with the overly loud dramatic music which often drowned out the dialogue.Visually the movie was beautifully done and it alone made the movie worth watching once. Colin Mochrie as 'The Hat' was a standout for me,his character portrayal was just brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable, Brigitte Kingsley,Sarah,was obviously the eye candy and as the eye candy she was and is a stunning looking woman,however in this movie her acting acting was just,meh. If I had paid to see this instead of being given a copy by a friend I would have demanded my money back.Give it a watch all means,but I'll bet you forget it easily,if not,the only thing you will remember is 'The Hat'.
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