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14 Jan. 2014
The Conan Affair
Bob has a hot date planned, but first he must get rid of the unwanted guests in his house.
21 Jan. 2014
The Pork Pie Affair
Julie has baked a prize pork pie, which she leaves in the care of Vic and Bob.
28 Jan. 2014
The Probation Affair
Vic and Bob help Bosh show his probation officer that he is a decent member of society.
4 Feb. 2014
The Wig Affair
Bob's toupee is stolen as he prepares to enter toupee wearer of the year.
11 Feb. 2014
The Birthday Affair
It's Bob's birthday and Vic has organized a party though he has invited Bob's ex-wife, Norwegian trawler woman Erika, who hates Bob and wants to kill him. To keep him safe Vic persuades Bob to pretend to be dead and the group have a wake, in which Erika happily joins. However she sees through Bob's deception and plans to kill him after she has been upstairs. Unfortunately she has rather a nasty accident and Bob ends up having the best birthday ever.
18 Feb. 2014
The Ghost Affair
'Ghost Hunter' magazine is offering the prize of a chimpanzee to anybody who can prove their house is haunted by submitting a photograph of a ghost. Vic decides to enter and holds a séance but Bob discovers a man called Martin, who claims to a spirit only visible to those close to death - which worries Bob as only he and not Vic can see him. However Julie says she knows Martin and takes the snap for the contest. Eventually they learn that they have won third prize - a day with Andy Barker, a man who takes his bicycle to the toilet.
28 Dec. 2014
The Bobble Hat Affair
Vic and Bob celebrate Christmas with a tree decorated with sponges and jump leads from the filling station but disaster strikes when the bobble hat Bob has bought as a present for his aggressive son Erik catches fire. With all the shops shut Vic and Bob, along with Julie, Beef and Bosh, plan to steal an identical hat from singer Phil Collins, which he is seen wearing on the Internet. They infiltrate his house through the sewers, where they meet Santa Claus, who tells them about his marital problems. Having stolen the hat they lose it though fortunately it is retrieved...

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