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Sex & Nudity

  • Explicit nudity
  • Season 01:
  • Episode 1: multiple shots of nude males--including buttocks & genital hair; female toplessness and genital hair (vulva hidden by hair); a man and woman having sexual intercourse--nudity shown here as well.
  • A man and a woman share a passionate kiss in a car. A man and a woman share a kiss in a hospital.
  • A young boy is seen shirtless when getting out his bed and climbing out his window.
  • A man walks into a steam room naked, we see his chest, butt and public hair, another man leaves the steam and we see the side of his butt. A woman then walks in fully nude, we see her bare breasts and public region and then lies down. When the man leaves we see his butt again.
  • A man and a woman have sex in a garage, the man only pulls his pants and we see the side of his butt and thrusts while the woman moans and they remain clothed. This lasts for a few seconds as the camera cuts away to another scene and goes back to them briefly, this happens a few times.
  • A man walks out a bathroom fully nude, we see his chest and a quick glimpse of his genitals.
  • Episode 2: full frontal male and female nudity.
  • Episode 4: female nudity is shown
  • Episode 10: A woman is handcuffed to a bed and raped. You don't see the actual rape, but it is very clear as to what has happened and the scene is disturbing.
  • Season 02:
  • Episode 5 : Two men with full frontal male nudity fighting together is shown for a fairly prolonged period. The penis is semi-erect on the white man. The focus of the scene is on the violence.

Violence & Gore


  • Episode 1: ~10 uses of the 'f' word and one "arse."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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