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Insightfyl (and entertaining, if tense) look at today's Christian Dior Fashion house
paul-allaer5 May 2015
"Dior and I" (2014 release from France; 90 min.) brings a close-up look at the fashion house of Christian Dior as it exists today. As the documentary opens (in 2012), the CEO of Christian Dior introduces a new creative director to the staff, a Belgian guy named Raf Simons. Raf is new to the "haute couture" as his background really is in "pret-a-porter" (ready to wear) and mostly for men on top of that. So this is a daring choice, and not one without risks. On top of that, Raf only has 8 weeks to come up with a new collection. And as if that isn't enough, Raf's use of French is okay but not fluent (he hails from Dutch-speaking Antwerp, Belgium, home of many other notable fashion designers). How will Raf do? Will his first collection be a success? To tell you more would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: first, this is the latest documentary from writer-director Frédéric Tcheng, who most recently brought us the delightful "Diane Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel". Second, the challenges that Raf Simons is facing are significant from the get-go. Not only because of the ridiculous time constraints (normally a new collection gets started on 4 to 6 months out, not 8 weeks), but also because of Simons' personality, which isn't the easiest, and his transition to designing haute couture for women, rather than pret-a-porter for men. Along the way, we get to know many other characters, including Pieter Mulier, another Dutch-speaking Belgian who came with Raf and is his trusted right-hand man, and of course the French atelier workers. The tension builds up as we get closer to the deadline for presenting the new collection. Watching how Raf deals with the pressure on the day of the collection's premiere, that alone is worth seeing this documentary for.

I recently saw this at the Landmark E Street Cinema in Washington DC. The matinée screening where I saw this at was very well attended, somewhat to my surprise to be honest. But I guess it just shows there really is an audience for a top-notch documentary on fashion. If this is your kind of thing, I'd readily suggest you check this out, be it in the theater or eventually on DVD/Blu-ray.
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They let you listen to their heartbeat
msforest8 May 2015
Dior and I didn't show you the glam, the gossips and the celebrity list, they just showed you their heartbeat taking an event as an example.

The sound track was brilliantly incorporated the mood and the pulse, now I'm looking at Ha-Yang Kim , and it was surprisingly mesmerizing that I cried when seeing the slow motion walk where the models walking down in sterling dress in the ocean of flowers, I can only imagine the heavenly smell of it, which is very clever as it resonated the memory of their fragrance.

If all a legend has is just stories then museum should be a better home for it, HEART is what people want to see being ripped open before they do the same with their wallets. Not sure how realistic the portrait is of the Dior House in the movie, but bravo producer Guillaume de Roquemaurel and writer / director Frédéric Tcheng, every angle and line mattered, and they brought such a big impact. It is not for everyone, but it is a good downside of it.
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Enlightening look at the world of haute couture
beantime6 June 2015
Like most people, my exposure to haute couture comes mostly from Vogue magazine and the "what are you wearing" interviews done on the red carpet. I expected this documentary to be a red carpet parade of elegant Dior couture, but instead saw a film that spends the majority of its time in the atelier (workroom) of the House of Dior to chronicle the less elegant process of creating a couture collection. The creative process takes us from Raf Simon's vision as the new artistic director for the House of Dior, to a complete couture collection, and it is a thrill ride. There is a necessary tension in Simon's need to be true to his own vision whilst being true to Dior and the film does a wonderful job of finding those synergies between Simon and Dior, both in their collections and as people. Layer that with a wonderful study in creative collaboration as the craftspeople who work at the atelier (some for 20 or 30+ years) meet and learn how to support Raf and his first ever couture collection. I have a new appreciation for the art of haute couture after seeing this film. If I only had the budget!
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Dior and I
krutikarao23 October 2015
Dior and I was nothing short of a mesmerizing glimpse into the working of the worlds most celebrated fashion house. This documentary captured eloquently the working of an artists mind. It shows Raf Simmons take a plunge into the couture work.Simmons, a ready-to -wear designer struggles with the art of mastering a couture line; that to, in a short span of 8 weeks. It also shows the language barriers between him (Belgian) and the workers. The behind the scenes gives you a beautiful glimpse into the creation of couture. These are not just garments, but the evolution of thought, love and effort. It portrays the love a creator has for his creation. The last bit was definitely the most enticing of all- the final moments where everyone waited for the models to walk the ramp- with tense faces and bated breaths. If you have a heart for fashion, this is definitely a must watch!
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Interesting Behind-The-Scenes Look
larrys313 September 2015
This interesting documentary, directed by Frederic Tcheng (Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel), gives us a behind-the-scenes look inside the House of Dior, in Paris. It centers on the newly hired Creative Director Raf Simons, along with his right-hand man Pieter Mulier, as they prepare for Simons' first haute couture show, to be held in just 8 weeks.

Normally, a show such as this would take 4 to 6 months to prepare, so we'll see first hand the stress and uncertainties Simons will face as he gets to know the staff and the operations of the company. As he faces this extreme deadline, we will even be privy to his own personal concerns, including references to what certainly seemed like possible anxiety attacks.

The film is cleverly interspersed with old film clips of the founder of the company, the renowned designer Christian Dior, who died in 1957. Dior will also narrate these clips in a most haunting way, also exposing his personal doubts as he prepared for his first haute couture show many decades before.

Overall, although I admittedly know nothing about haute couture, I still found this documentary to be most interesting, as we see how what seems to be chaos, deadlines , and frenzied work lead in the end to a most amazing finished product.
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Rock and roll in the rafters of the House of Dior
jakob133 January 2016
Quite honestly, I am not a clothes person. My wife thinks that I live in the world of my peasant ancestors. The last thing I thought was, since I am a maven for the written word and the visual, that I'd give a turn looking at Frederic Chang's 'Dior and I'. If I didn't like it, fine, I'd stop the machine, and that would be the end of that. What I didn't expect: I was totally absolved by the arrival of Raf Simons as creative director 0f the House of Dior. An unlikely choice, it first appeared since he came from the ready to wear men's line of clothing to a culture that dressed women since 1947. But wiser heads prevailed, since Simons was a breath of fresh wind that swept away the dark clouds that Dior was under and with the departure of John Galliano for his anti-Semitic remarks. Had the brand fallen on hard times? Simons, in his brief three years at Dior, brought a vision of the 21 century to Dior that as Cheng's camera shows wasn't out of step with Christian Dior, as Cheng cuts in and out with clips and the words and at times the words of Dior on the feminine and dressing women to reflect her essence after seven years of war. And odd as it may sound, Simons' notions of beauty mirrored strangely and broadly with that of Dior's. What makes the arrival of Simons at Dior is how he and the team of Dior workers engaged in a felicitous dance of making Dior what it was a foremost house of haute couture. Cheng brings us closer to the heart of the House of Dior through the very people that sew, cut, fashion the ideas of Simons to the public as well as upholding the high standards of Dior and what that name means to the world. Under the rafters of the House of Dior on the Avenue Montaigne, we 'work' with the team Dior, some new others at the House since 42 years, as they labor right up to the last minute to bring the world of fashion Simons' first collection. As for him, he is more or less easy in working with people and encourages harmony to achieve his goals. He reads much, he goes to museums, and we even seen Dior's house painted in rose among gardens of flowers and emanating the feeling of spring. Although he is out of the world of the male, he grasps the ideal of making women beautiful, and finds colors and a freshness say in the paintings of Jeff Koons, the American painter who finds the beautiful in the most banal, as Simons' conceit to lift up a new palette in a Dior classicism but with a very modern twist. Simons has a temper for sure, but he is honest, the honesty of the Dutch burgher, which surfaces through the layers of haute couture. Cheng has done his best to show the choice of Simons wasn't something out of left field. In fact it was spot on and his choice by Dior's 32 percent share holder Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey and Sydney Toldeano who presided over Dior's expansion was not only right but a stroke of good luck. 'Dior and I' is a work of love, it seems, and ought to be seen for fashion and the team that makes Dior, and has made Dior, a world class standard of high fashion.
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Slow, pretentious and somewhat tedious
uslogin11 October 2015
I find that if you have to make a "behind the scenes" style documentary, you really need to have a good story.

For fashion nerds, Dior might be an icon, for the rest of us, these are just people, trying very hard to look like they are doing something meaningful.

Also, it doesn't help the Raf is repeatedly accused of being a racist, for his refusal to use non white models. It killed the fun for me, as I'm sure it will for others.

I think in our day and age, something like this could not exist out of cultural and historical context, including the unpleasant sides of the world of fashion, especially considering they also had on their patrol John Galliano.
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Watching half way
att_cda13 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I am alright with the way it was filmed. Not very exciting because they want to show how Raf went into the company without the real "female clothing" design experience, cant speak French fluently, cant extend what Dior was doing, but wanted him to make the name bigger. He came in with no clue but wanted to do it his way. His modern translation to Dior's dress will not be viewed as his legacy but his own (not in a good way because he was under his shadow) and that is not a good thing for Dior. I wonder how these people hire the head of tailor/creative directors when they cant speak French fluently. Wouldnt it be the first thing the HR would look at? Design is really imitate, personal and subjective. When one cant explain and express fully, you might as well just talk to a cow. A translator could only help to figure the meaning but not the exact. There were people in that company who are able to do far better than Raf but they chose him to be the creative director..that was unfortunate.
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Fashion Doc
yvette-edery15 March 2017
One of 2 docs available. Very inspiring. Fashion needs more. I'd like to do one. Director was great. I liked seeing Anna Wintour in a new light. His sensibility is fantastic. They come together beautifully. The synopsis is very true and well written. It is a very courageous work. The architecture in it is fascinating. It is well shot. It is,well lit. The sound is great. The behind the scenes abroad is awesome. They clearly got a lot of footage. The special events highlighted were fantastic. I got a deep view in.
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Where would we be without such people?
anches-725-97630631 March 2015
This is a very entertaining film in its own right, but that which I enjoyed about it most, as a common working guy, with no artistic pretensions worth speaking of, is the way in which the various key characters featured have all managed to convince themselves that what they do is essential to some great endeavour! Well, mes amis, you are only fancy-dan dressmakers, and if you gave up and went on to a different job, you would soon be replaced! The school jumpers my Ma used to knit for me were as valuable as what you do- pity no-one ever had a 350,000 euro account with her! But, as I said, a very entertaining film, and these are not the only people who think highly of themselves - film critics fall into the same trap (not that I am one). General Yen
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Jennifer Lawrence only briefly appears!
Hellmant17 September 2015
'DIOR AND I': Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

A documentary film about acclaimed fashion designer Raf Simons; and his work as the creative director, for Christian Dior S.A. (better known simply as Dior). It was written and directed by Frederic Tcheng and stars Simons (as himself). The movie also features cameos by Marion Cotillard, Isabelle Huppert, Sharon Stone and Jennifer Lawrence (which is the main reason I saw the film); as themselves as well. Although the movie is consistently beautiful to look at, it's also extremely boring.

The film focuses on Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons. It begins in 2012, when he first replaced Bill Gaytten, as the creative director for Dior, and it follows him around as he passionately directs the French fashion house's employees. The filmmakers interview Simons, as well as several other Dior fashion artists. It all leads up to the debut of Simons' first 'haute couture' collection.

The movie is somewhat interesting, but really slow-paced, and mostly a bore (at least in my opinion). I do like watching beautiful women, in beautiful and glamorous clothes, but I'm not that interested in the 'behind the scenes' of how the fashion industry functions. This should be an interesting movie, for those that are though. Jennifer Lawrence only briefly appears, in a nonspeaking part, as an audience member at the big final show.

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