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Surprised Me!
Bronco4618 September 2014
This show caught me off guard. I recorded it just in case. i almost deleted it in the first couple minutes; but i let it go. And I'm very happy I did. I'm and old critical care and than ER RN; and I never liked working with kids. Mostly because of the parents. I was leery of it because I thought they were going to turn it into just a sob fest. But I was pleasantly surprised. It has an interesting way of telling the story; namely using the voice of a young boy in a coma who shares a room with another pt.. The medical story line not very well done; but hopefully they'll get better at that. For the most part it remains fun. It's just hard for me to watch them have a surgeon pushing a patients cart that's taking him to surgery. This never happens. I'm a big fan of Octavia Spencer but they have her giving orders for things that a doctors orders are necessary for. And she even runs a code that no doctor even showed up for. But these are relatively minor; the facts are this is a well written and acted show. I'll be watching more.
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ruthshaw0817 September 2014
Wasn't sure what to expect and was extremely surprised. I found this show amazing. I never thought about people living in hospitals, it gave me a whole new perspective. Anyway I loved it. It's fresh and original. Characters are entertaining. Octavia Spencer is someone I aspire to be. It's going to be nice to see how the show evolves. Think this may become or at least hope it becomes a new favorite. Time for something different. It's not depressing, at least not to be. It's an eye opener. Hope it's around long enough to mature. Now in just going to ramble because review has to be at least 10 lines. Not sure why that's the minimum when you can write a review in less.
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Really charming...
myopnionis17 September 2014
I wasn't sure what to expect so I had no opinions going in. I was pleasantly surprised by the show overall. The cast (with exception of cheerleader actress) all seem good and a few are really great! Love the nurse & the doctor & the eccentric rich guy! The kids do a good job of being real and sweet, while also being kids (and all that entails). I like the angle with the coma guy - its an interesting way they approach it. I think this is one of those shows that will only get better and better as the series runs along and the actors get to know each other and develop their characters more. I found it to be really charming! I like that it isn't too fast paced with stupid extras like weird camera tricks and things that so many other shows rely heavily on these days. The script and the acting/directing, etc. carry the show fine on their own. I cant wait to see next weeks - I will be adding this one to my TV lineup. Recommended to people who like shows with heart and substance, over those with action & scary junk.
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Uplifting, Enjoyable and Worthy!
kingritch929 September 2014
I absolutely LOVE this show! I especially enjoyed it as the topic of the show is unlike anything else on TV at the moment. Each of the patients are just ordinary people and gives you perspective of things. It was completely enjoyable and uplifting but with moments of reflection and teary-eyedness, and is definitely 100% worthy of been given a chance. I pray they don't cancel this. New favourite show!!!

I honestly think it was one of the best light-hearted and decent shows i've seen. The topic of patients in a hospital hints at the seriousness of their problems but shows it in a fun way. I love the way they portrayed the child in the coma too. Hope it succeeds!!!!!
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Wonderful surprise!
steve-121-3873701 October 2014
My wife recorded this show, much like she always does for any new show appearing in the fall lineup. I'll admit to being a little dubious about it, but decided to give it a shot. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The premise is certainly different from most other TV series. The writing is outstanding and the characters are endearing. I always enjoy seeing people from diverse backgrounds bonding with each other. If I were to liken this show to anything else I've seen I'd have to call it "Breakfast Club in a Hospital." I will certainly continue watching Red Band Society and hope it remains as good, if not better, than it started out. Congratulations Fox, you've got a winner here!
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Pretty Good But Needs Work
adriantorrance9017 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The Red Band Society pilot was pretty good but its clear that this show has quite a fair way to go.

The pilot did a lot right:

  • The pace (quiet and slow) was appropriate for this type of series

  • An adequate amount of humor injected throughout

  • Competent performances by the cast

but it needs to improve on this:

  • The coma narration needs to be less cheesy

  • The characters need to stop trying so hard to be "hip" or "anti- establishment"

  • The show can be pretty cheesy at its attempts at drama (but this is forgivable as a show of this nature will more often than not lend itself to cheesiness)

Overall, it's clear that, with the right amount of time and the adequate honing of acting and scripts, Red Band Society could well be one of the best dramedies on TV. It's definitely not there yet, but you can feel that it's not too far away.

Rating = 7.5/10 (rounded to 8 - although that 8 may be a smidge overgenerous)
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so good
ymcmbovo718 September 2014
I love this show already, the characters are making me care for them the story line is great. Many of my favorite shows that watch I didn't love the pilot episode. This one is just so good. I have no complainants at all. It's funny and serious at the same time. It is a show that that just kind of makes you feel good or happy when your watching. I hope that the rest of the episodes will be just as good! I look forward to the rest of the season!!! OK so you to put in 10 lines to write this review I;m not sure what else to say but I want people to know about this show and give it a shot so I'm coming up with my ten lines!!! Ahh this is line ten! Enjoy !!!!!!!
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Maudlin, not realistic
jakryk-120 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
OK, maybe it's because I'm a nurse, but I HATE it when a medical show can't bother to get the simple things right. A child in a coma is not just laying in bed like he's taking a nap. There are side rails, there are IVs, there is equipment, there are monitors. He would have a feeding tube of some kind. He would be propped up and positioned and have splints to prevent him from getting contractures. He's probably on a ventilator. So, major turn-off in the first five minutes. I will admit that I do not specialize in pediatrics so I don't know if the 'school' setting was authentic, but I'm guessing no. And the whole thing about the kid with cancer answering the question as to why King Henry didn't have friends is because the friends would die in the war and it's too hard to say good bye....LIKE IF YOU HAVE CANCER AND YOU'RE GOING TO DIE!!!!! Could they have smacked us across the face with that one any harder? Oh, you know the kid has cancer because he's bald. So, that's about how far into the show I got before I changed the channel. Maybe it will get better, but if this is the show before the first commercial break, I doubt it.

I did not watch it long enough to find out what the 'Red Band' thing was about. I have both worked in a hospital and have been a patient. A red band means you have an allergy. You have a regular hospital band with your name and information and then a red band saying what you are allergic to. So unless these kids are bound together because penicillin gives them hives that's another thing the writers totally blew.
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less on the cheese please
kebi_md2 October 2014
Instinctively not a big fan of "hospital-based" drama series because I work in the hospital myself, as a doctor. My whole idea of relaxing at home is certainly not watching another hospital environment. That being said, I still get curious about these medical drama series, so I tune in once in a while to see if it's worth recommending or not. I do not expect fictional plots and characters to portray real-life scenarios. People should be warned that whatever happens in a TV show is not necessarily true, or remotely close to reality. With a tiny speck of hope, I still wished that hospital dramas did justice to real life scenarios.

I tried watching one episode of the red band society while putting my "doctor-spectacles" aside, pretending to be a non-medical person. I failed after 10 minutes. While the plot tried to convince the audience that life in the hospital can be really cool, I couldn't help but notice something terribly missing and shallow about the story. (again, while keeping that "I-dont- work-in-a-children's-hospital" state of mind). I found it difficult to connect with the characters in the story. Even with the doctor. Im impressed with portrayal of the nurse's character Octavia. Great acting. Overall, everyone seemed kind of 2-dimensional and lonely. They come into the hospital to form new bonds, as if they all came in empty handed without existing family support. They probably do, just not emphasized yet-which hopefully they will soon). When patients do come to the hospital, either for long or short periods, it is usually the time when families and loved ones converge and form stronger bonds to support each other in this vulnerable moment. Wish they had emphasized on individual stories, strengths and moral support before they all jump right in to newly-found belongingness and brotherhood. I hope they try to de-romanticize the plot a little bit more in order to attract more sympathizing viewers.

Now doctor-spectacles back on. I have never seen chronically-comatosed patient not intubated; a cancer patient on chemotherapy with no hair on the scalp, yet with bushy eyebrows; a lonely surgeon who rarely hangs out with his own colleagues.. The show could probably do better.
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Great show
mikepicano25 September 2014
I was hooked after the first episode. Great story line, fantastic mix of comedy and drama. The characters are fun and well defined. Keep up the great work and don't listen to the person who gave you a poor rating. People like that fall asleep in anything with depth. Octavia kills it. The rich guy is a riot. The Doctor brings empathy and levity to the hospital. The kids are all doing very well and educate young people at the same time. The banter between the two girls is quite realistic to young girls in their position. Love how supportive they are with each other. If you've had the unfortunate experience of spending time in a children's hospital... you really root for them.
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A show with heart and showing the patients lives
monstermayhem3217 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
One of the aspects that I enjoy very much is that it shows that the patients are human beings who are flawed and secured up but still try their best to be good people while going their eon problems, the narrator of the show Charlie who is in a coma leading from a car accident talks bout the events at the hospital. Kara is a bitchy cheerleader who is the most despised person until her enlarged heart causes her to faint, Emma deals with bulimia and anorexia, Leo suffers the lose of his leg. Jordi is a new patient who also has cancer and admits himself on his own accord, dash deals with cystic fibrosis which fills his lungs with water. Octavia Spencer plays the no nonsense nurse Jackson And does a splendid job with the role, overall I would say the show is something worth watching,
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So much more than a new coming of age show.
Shopaholic3513 November 2015
Why oh why did they have to cancel this show after only one season. The characters are so engaging and I can't help but feel invested in their journey. The format of the show is so well done with Charlie's voice-over from his coma. He's extremely insightful and upbeat. All the kids are very "The Breakfast Club" with their individuality and eccentricities yet they all have something in common...their illnesses. Even though they're sick it doesn't rule their lives. The kid cast are very good.

This show may only go for one season but I would recommend everybody watch it. It's that special mixture of funny and emotional all the while making you reflect on your own life, in a good way. Seriously watch it. It's super good.
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Out of touch with reality
jmarcotte26 September 2014
The only way I can describe this show is laughable. Let me get this straight, you have teenagers living in a hospital. Oh that's right, they are all very sick. Yet they can go to school, roam the halls, even leave the Hospital and go for joy rides and pick up beer and other goodies. If they can do all of that, then why on earth are they still in a hospital? Either these kids all come from very wealthy parents or the producers are just out of touch with reality. Our lead character, Nurse Jackson, played by Octavia Spencer is more like a den mother then a nurse. I like her character, but she is the only redeeming character of the cast. Then we have the standard very attractive Dr. Jack McAndrew who we know is going to spur an episode where one of the teens is going to throw herself at him. Wait for it, it's coming, they always do.

It is a good thing this takes place in a hospital because Spencer will need all the staff available to try and save this lack luster, doesn't make any sense program. Oh but wait you say, these kids are very sick. To that I say bull----! This is not the way any hospital works. Except for maybe LA. I know, because I spent time in some. I have stage 4 Carcinoid Syndrome. It is a form of Cancer that effects your intestines and other organs. It is very rare and there is no cure in its late stages.

This show makes a mockery of those of us that are really sick and the hospitals we get treated in.
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Episode Pilot, Good Potential but tasteless characters
sam-sawhney18 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This show has a lot of potential, especially since being based on a foreign show with similar themes. Unfortunately, with the combination of acting, poor scene choices and cliché characters this show ends up as a hodgepodge of tasteless situations.

The show starts with a boy (Charlie) narrating to the viewers in a coma. He begins to introduce the main characters in the show, each with a medical condition that forces them to live within a fictional hospital set in California. It starts like an episode of House where a character living their regular, every-day life is suddenly interrupted by an acute attack of a new onset medical condition. In this case, a spoiled teenage cheer leading captain, Kara, who treats the remaining team as scum beneath her shoe, collapses to the ground in the middle of an attempted pyramid. She is rushed to the hospital where we are then shown that she becomes temporary roommates with our narrator.

The show continues with introduction of the remaining characters including two troubled youths (Astro and Leo) who are first introduced as they are caught smoking marijuana in a hospital closet showing their rebellious attitude towards their caregivers and hospital policy. They are caught by Octavia Spencer (Nurse Jackson), who is shown to be the authority character with an edge, but who has a soft side for her inpatients. She takes them to their classroom, from which they were playing hooky, and we are introduced to an additional cast member, Emma- a young girl suffering from anorexia. They give insight to a possible love situation that may have existed between her and Leo, who has been in the hospital the longest, and is therefore the most experienced, knowledgeable and coolest.

We are then introduced to character Jordi, a boy who was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma from a foreign hospital and is here to become a new patient of Dr. Jack McAndrew, the hip, young, understanding pediatrician who cares for the unit of which all our characters stay. Jordi explains his situation to Dr. McAndrew, explaining that his mother died, and hasn't a clue of his fathers whereabouts, but would like the kind doctor to treat his disease (God bless Healthcare?). Dr. McAndrew reluctantly agrees and Jordi becomes our new inpatient, and new Red Band Society member. He is taken up to the unit where he is introduced to his new room mate Leo. After an initial face off, they become instant friends and decide to throw a party for Jordi's supremely fast surgery scheduled the next day.

Astro is supposed to be the suave character of the show, which he does rather well, but is placed in many poorly written situations where he is to exemplify his sexuality by succumbing to raging hormones. He seems to be the one with all the great ideas, including stealing an attending's car to go buy beer with Leo and Jordi. I will not comment on how easy it was to steal an attending's car from hospital valet, but they are caught, and not reprimanded for their actions after Astro fakes shortness of breath and collapses.

The party is finally thrown thanks to a pot-head philanthropist, and our characters magically make their way up to the roof to sing song and drink all under Dr. McAndrew's watch. This unrealistic feel good approach to hospital care is highly inappropriate, and I can only imagine is used to the viewers some sympathy to their characters life in a medical ward. Leo gives each character a red band which represents a significant event that happened to him during his stay in the hospital. It becomes a flavorless exchange of emotions, a scene which had much potential but becomes an afterthought.

But wait, the show hasn't forgot about Charlie! Charlie continues to narrate for us and even communicate with those who enter his "In limbo" space, like Emma during a medical episode where she becomes unconscious. His side of the story is rather tame and consists of a young gentleman who visits him on a regular basis to play him guitar songs. This man is revealed to be his father under the pretense of a hospital performer. During Emma's time in limbo Charlie explains his need for pizza to bring him out of his coma, and to explain to his father that his state is not his father's fault. The show ends with some brief scenes of intimacy between our new characters and seems unnecessarily rushed for substance in future episodes.

Overall, the show is highly cliché with overused motifs and would have greater potential if the writers placed a bit more emphasis on realism and more believable emotional connections.
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Red Band Society is a show about children with different health problems, living together in a pediatric unit of a hospital.
opply1113 November 2014
I found this show terrible. Maybe it's just because I have lived in a few hospitals for months myself, so I found this show COMPLETELY unrealistic. I know, I know, shows do not have to be realistic, but I guess noticing how everything was nothing near what would actually happen, I found it hard to enjoy the show. I guess if you have had any experience with staying or working in a pediatric unit, you'll probably be as frustrated as I was. Honestly, the show probably could be interesting without all the nonsense. But, I guess more of a documentary? Anyway, you can give this show a try.. but Don't TRY TO BASE IT ON REALITY. Most of it makes no sense. At all.
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drpeel26 September 2014
Boring! I didn't even finish watching the Pilot. If I wished to throw away my time then this would be my choice, but the bad thing is I already blew away 30 minutes before turning it off.

The jokes are old with a new environment and it involves the same inane, slanderous, stereotyping that all other sitcoms have, hoping to appease the audience of morons.

Unfortunately that is where they will succeed, but I don't think this show will last past one season.

When will writers be original instead of re-inventing the wheel?

Good luck to the writers when they are looking for another job after this show bombs.
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Eating Disorder Awareness
ashnicolec216 November 2014
I really enjoy this new TV series and would love to see it continue! I do have one concern, however. As a 21 year old girl who has suffered from anorexia for 9 years and been in and out of hospitals for 3 years, I greatly hope that as the show continues, there is light shown on the seriousness of this disease. The show does not portray even slightly the extent of this disease. It is the number one cause of death in girls ages 18-24. It is deadly and it is serious. Just as much as cancer. So I ask that you please begin to better portray what it's really like to be in a hospital for an eating disorder, including the weight restoration, the constant monitoring, bed rest, feeding tubes, labs, dangerously low or high vitals, passing out, bathroom checks, the list goes on... Never in a hospital for an eating disorder would the patient be allowed to simply roam the hospital without monitoring and do as he or she pleases. The way it is portrayed in this show is far from reality. So please, do your research and help educate the public on the prevalence and mortality of this disease. Thank you.
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Only made it 10 minutes
lynninla-118 September 2014
The people were so hateful and mean on this show. They spoke in nothing but a barrage of snide, snarky comments, that it made me just detest what is considered entertainment on TV. Gong! It began with the nurse screaming at someone in a car like she's got some mental problem. This is what we are showing kids is normal behavior? I'm trying so hard to teach my daughter to be polite an respectful and empathetic, but TV shows like this just undo all the hard work I've put into teaching her to be a kind human being. I really see a difference in her behavior before and after watching this sort of thing. When will people get sick of watching kids (and adults) just speak to each other in vicious ways? I mean a lot of people who don't have kids will just think I'm being a prudish pain in the butt. But when you have a kid mouthing it back at you you take a stop and think about it a bit. It is abusive to act like that in real life.
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Irreparable damage?
innerpilot1132 October 2014
I was very excited about this show for the first two episodes but when "Liar..liar" aired with the doctor's love interest being his young patient's "dead" mother, everything was ruined. The coincidence of that reeks of the poorest writing and directing this season of any new show. Such a shame because the potential for greatness was there. I will watch a couple of more weeks, hoping there will be improvement, but irreparable damage may have been done. The young cast while often "flat" with what seems to be inexperienced acting is appealing enough to elicit powerful emotional audience responses. The theme is not only worthy of one's viewing time, but may be one of the most poignant this season, if the writers get to work. It may not be too late. I would suggest killing off the boy's mother sending him into depression that would cause him to open up to the others a much deeper emotional side of him and likewise, eliciting more touching responses from the other characters. The doctor would also become very distraught and he and the boy would bond in a more meaningful way and they could develop a very powerful relationship integral to the original theme.
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Pushes the bounds of credibility quite a bit
Okonh0wp13 December 2014
The show has a couple decent enough characters to keep me invested and it's different enough to keep me watching but it's got a lot of grating qualities too.

The show's set up, as a breakfast club of sorts, is problematic for the TV show format as hospitals are very temporary places. In fact, I'll go far enough on a limb to say, that this is the worst idea for a TV show when a movie would be so much better with this premise.

In the pilot, Leo gives a speech to the group about how they're all united by their illnesses (and obviously being in the hospital on the same date) and must wear red bands in solidarity. So as a result, we're actively rooting for people to stay sick and hospital bills to go through the roof. This is probably a health care reform opponent's nightmare scenario: That as soon as we start being generous with free health care, kids will start living in the hospital.

The band leader of the group is the soft, sensitive Leo, who is as close to the manic pixie dream guy I've ever seen. It seems like everyone from Emma (a broadly drawn stereotype of an arty kid with her trademark fedora), to Dash who man-crushes on him pretty heavily, to the nurses, is inexplicably drawn to him.

The show also heightens the romance angle a little too much and it's moderately disappointing that their choosing to make romances happen with the adults. The British quack doctor is naturally attracted to the only other black woman on the show as if it's simply not OK to have unattached characters. Likewise, the handsome doctor claims to be bad with women even though but has bedded every character he's set his eyes on.

For some reason, the show (because of the novelty factor and a few strong performances) is still watchable and there might be a range of opinions on how people respond to these characters.
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unrealistic, but still great! best for teens
rhiannon-marr27 May 2018
Many bad reviews of red band society are based upon the fact that the show isn't similar to real life, but does it really have to be? the show deals with many different things in parallel, and doesn't manage to mess it up. it doesn't present itself as being realistic at all, it's entertainment that's why. this show is fantastic, and you get so so attached to the characters (so much so that there may be a few cries). red band society is definitely more of a teens show, as that's the target audience, so don't expect too much from something that isn't meant to be complex and factual.
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Two Weeks In The Life
neppie28 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I knew this series was a gem reading it was canceled before my knowing of its existence. "Red Band Society" joins the list of short lived, too good for television dramas with "A Year in the Life" and "My So-Called Life". One episode even contains a subtle tribute to the later, with Wilson Cruz reprising an aspect of his "Ricky" character, proffering advice in a women's restroom.

Perhaps its initial audience tuned in expecting a more traditional adult medical drama. None stuck around long enough to catch that the dialog and jokes were far from juvenile. Any families expecting a cute and corny feel good pick-me up would be turned off the by its seriousness and mature dialog: "More like 68. You do me and I'll owe you one".

The drama might have been designed to be short lived. The patients had life threatening illnesses and not all can be survivors. Had there been another season it would be a different cast of sick kids each year, with only doctors and nurses roles recurring. That's not the formula at all. Would another character enter a coma to be the wise and sarcastic narrator watching events play out?

The series went so far as to treat mental disease seriously and shun pity. A scene where a cancer patient crashes a homecoming dance turned pity party for an undeserving cheerleader queen (also a terminally ill patient), dissing her on stage (much to her delight), should have become a classic. Once I might have been upset that a clever, original show not fitting the mold was too unpopular to continue, while Kardashians and formula procedural dramas reign on for years. Now only count myself privileged for having seen it.
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So amazing and wonderfull and inspiring
basbieke5 November 2018
Okay it is kinda unrealistic sometimes but it doesn't matter I think. I have a few times tears, there are so many things in such as friendship, romance, emotional moments of course etc. But I think it is inspiring and really nice the story how they show it. Really a good series, not much to say negative about the show. I really enjoyed the show. I wanted and still want a second season...
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One word... Amazing.
bringonthewonder-112-9944020 September 2014
I didn't know what to expect going into this pilot. I read the description several days prior and actually passed it by several times. I am sorry I did. This show is great. It has the potential to be one of my favorites of the new year. The characters are really interesting and I can't wait to see how they develop. Its true that some parts of the pilot were a little corny, but it just added to the shows charm. This show really forced me to go through a bunch of different emotions. I laughed, I cried, I truly enjoyed myself. I cant wait for more episodes. I just hope that the rest of the season is this touching and thought provoking.
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icebutter6001 February 2015
This was awful show, it tried to combined the sappy crap from glee with the hackyness of the fault of our stars.

It was bad like really bad, the precious 15yr old fans with their tumblrs and taylor swift posters were doing everything to keep this piece of fecal matter above water but they failed. haha

First it's a bunch of teens living in a hospital/5 star resort. they Dr. Mcdreamy Jack McAndrew where you KNOW they will have an episode where some fat ugly girl throws herself at him.

Then octiva just yells at people like some she is on crazy pills.

The teens are so one dimensional and terrible at acting, they just throw side comments and wear try and "act nerdy/cool/deep" the show is just painfully written, this some of the worst writing I have ever seen on television, thumbed me down all you want it's not going to bring back this steaming pile of fecal matter.

didn't like my review? does it matter? Did you read it? you did read it, so I wasted your time.

Me: 1 Red band society fans: 0

Eat it.
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