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  • Dutch returns with a plan to broadcast Eph's warning about the vampiric plague. However, they face a new threat when Eichhorst launches his own attack against the pawn shop. Palmer receives a special visitor, and Gus gears up for the on-coming fight but discovers there's another mysterious factor involved.

  • Setrakian and his team return to the pawnshop regretting not destroying the Master. He sits near a vampire heart in a jar and recalls what happened many years ago in Albania with his beloved family. Dutch succeeds to broadcast Eph using a test network and he warns the population about the vampires. Out of the blue they discover that they are under siege of the vampires that are attacking the shop. Meanwhile Gus abducts Alonso to his office first and them to visit smuggled containers at the harbor. When he opens the container, he finds a horde of vampires locked inside and they need to fight to survive. The Master visits Thomas Eichorst.


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  • Stoneheart Group

    Thomas Eichhorst visits Eldritch Palmer at his sick bed. He can tell Palmer's health is failing and his heart is about to give out. Palmer is anxious for the Master to save him, but Eichhorst toys with him, suggesting he might not. Palmer says he has faith.

    Nora Martinez, Vasily Fet, Ephraim Goodweather and Abraham Setrakian return to the pawn shop from their failed mission to kill the Master. Zach doesn't tell his dad about leaving to get Mrs. Martinez cigarettes.

    Setrakian goes down to his secret room, pops a few pills and talks to the vampire heart he keeps in a jar, asking it to give him strength.

    Shkoder, Albania -- 1967

    Setrakian tries to rent a horse from a scared villager, who is nervous about Setrakian's destination to a castle on the hill. He asks about a German headed that way. After buying the horse outright, Setrakian returns to his wife Miriam, whose leg is in a brace. She worries about him going off alone. He promises her they'll settle down after his life's work is finished and they'll adopt a boy and girl like she's always wanted. He promises to be back by sundown.

    Back in Setrakian's shop, he worries there will be no next time. She sees the heart, but he angrily refuses to answer her questions.

    Long Island City, Queens

    Gus waits in the backseat of Alonso Creem's car, disarming him when he gets in.

    At the pawn shop, Fet is trying to pinpoint the vampire horde on a map. Eph is extremely disturbed by Setrakian trying to get the four on them to take on the horde alone.

    They're interrupted by Dutch Felders rattling the gate. She announces she brought them "a win."

    She says she has a way to put Eph on the Emergency Broadcast network to reach every TV and radio in the country. He wonders who would listen to him -- an escaped fugitive wanted for murder. She urges him to use his notoriety.

    Driving where Gus tells him, Alonso tries to explain he's not a good man to go up against. Gus points out the city is in the middle of a plague and no one is going to come after him.

    Albania 1967

    On his newly purchased horse, Setrakian follows tracks to a well were he finds a pile of personal artifacts laying on the ground. He secures a rope and slowly lowers himself into the deep, dark well where he's greeted by a terrible stench. He puts on a miner's helmet light and takes his sword with him, crawling through a small opening at the bottom of the well and into a dark dungeon-like area.

    With his sword out, he looks around in the darkness, heading down a tunnel. Outside, the sun is beginning to set.

    Finally, he comes upon vampires in various stages of turning, some of whom are asleep and one of whom is not. It starts talking to him, calling him "professor" and telling him that the sun is setting and he is very far from home.

    Setrakian hightails it back to the bottom of the well, but his rope is gone. The sun has set. Eichhorst leans over the top of the well, taunting him by saying he knew Setrakian could not handle such an inviting trap. "I'll leave you here to ponder your mistakes," Eichhorst says.

    Back on the roof of the pawn shop, Dutch rigs her emergency alert. Her plan is to use the scheduled weekly test for Eph's message. She explains to Fet that she's going to have to perform an NSA-level hack. She explains she learned everything from her father, who thought hackers were more curious than malicious. She admits she lost her way when she hacked the internet for Palmer.

    Fet asks about the accent and Dutch says she moved to London for a woman. Her dad died when she was 12 and she left home when she was 15

    Fet has one more question: "Men or women?" "I specialize in passionate destructive relationships," Dutch says. "The best kind," he says.

    In the pawn shop, Eph prepares his speech. Nora comes to put her mother to bed, taking her cigarettes.

    Meanwhile, Alonso drives up to shipping containers parked on the docks and enters an office. He opens his safe and hands over a pile of guns. Gus gets nervous when a car pulls up. Alonso says it's a delivery he's expecting. He says he'll handle it.

    Alonso tells the man that Gus works for him in logistics. The man drops off a bag and leaves. Gus demands to see what's inside and finds a wad of cash. Then Gus gets curious about what the man would pay so much to ship in the containers.

    In the middle of the night, Setrakian explains his history hunting vampires, and feelings of failure. "Seeing the Master in the tunnels after all that time, I lost perspective. I realize that now. I reacted with rage and impulse and emotion. I apologize. But I have rested and I am ready to press ahead with the fight," he says.

    Poland 1967 Setrakian painstakingly climbs his way out of the bottom of the well using the narrow brick ledges as toeholds. When he emerges it's daylight again and his fingers are bloody.

    His horse is disemboweled. Setrakian races home to his wife.

    He finds his house ransacked and his wife's leg brace on the floor.

    Back in the pawn shop, Dutch prepares her hack to broadcast Eph's warning. It works. He introduces himself. "I'm here to warn you of an urgent danger. There is a disease spreading through New York City and possibly beyond. This plague is responsible for the mysterious disappearances we've been seeing."

    He plays the video of his autopsy of the vampire captain and explains what happens when people turn. He gets as far as explaining that sunlight kills them when the broadcast is cut off. The group celebrates momentary, but then hears Mrs. Martinez's distressed cries.

    They race upstairs to find Gabriel Bolivar attacking her. Fet and Eph fend him off, but Eichhorst leads a team of vampires up to the shop and in the front door as the group all races downstairs.

    Back at the dock, Gus marches Alonso to the shipping container and blasts off the lock. A horde of very hungry vampires pours out and starts attacking them. Gus gives Alonso a gun, but he turns on Gus. The vampires soon follow Alonso, but Gus is out of bullets. He tracks down Alonso and takes his gun. Gus is firing again when the mysterious team of paratrooper vampires shows up and kills the entire shipping container horde and grabs Gus.

    Down in the pawn shop, Setrakian prepares everyone to go out his secret passageway. Nora sobs over her mother's body and wants to take her with them. Eph tells her to go with Zach. She sees the sword in his hand and takes it. Setrakian watches her as she lets loose a fierce primordial scream and chops her own mother's head off.

    Setrakian remembers back to Poland. Later that night, his wife Miriam came home, turned into a vampire. Holding the hands of two young children, a girl and a boy, like they always discussed. He swun his sword.

    Setrakian gently wipes the blood of Nora's sword and tells her: "It had to be done, for her."

    In Poland, Setrakian stands over the decapitated body of his wife.

    In the pawn shop, Eichhorst continues to taunt Setrakian by his prisoner number, telling him he is coming for him. Setrakian looks at the heart in the jar.

    In Poland, he says a prayer for forgiveness in the hopes that his wife won't have died in vain, then, wearing gloves, he cuts open her chest and takes out her still beating, worm-filled heart.

    In the pawn shop, he says: "Good bye Miriam, til we meet again."

    Eichhorst and his minions break through into the basement just as Setrakian escapes through his secret passageway.

    Eichhorst sees the heart in the jar and addresses Setrakian. "You have abandoned all that you love. But still it will not be enough."

    At the Stoneheart group, the Master finally comes to see Palmer, giving him a few drops of his blood. When Fitzwilliam comes to check on his boss, he finds Palmer rejuvenated and out on his balcony laughing with joy out in the rain.

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