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  • Cristina must head to Zurich soon but she is unprepared to leave behind her life in Seattle. Fear runs amok throughout the hospital as an explosion in a shopping mall results in a mass casualty situation.



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  • Cristina is annoyed with a joyful weather forecast on TV in preparation for her flight to Zurich. Hunt gives her some last kisses goodbye after they've spent the night together. She tells Hunt she'll see him at the hospital later. She realizes she needs an European cell phone charger and will have to go to the mall.

    Derek gets back from D.C. with news that he found them a townhouse.

    Alex is showing off a brochure for a sports car he's considering. He's also considering getting a boat, like all the other doctors at his private practice. He's at the hospital to do an anoplasty.

    Jackson tells Webber that Cristina's seat will be open on the board. Derek and Meredith will stay on and telecommute for board meetings. Jackson then breaks the news to Bailey that the foundation is going to have to shut down her genome research. She's outraged because she saved Braden's life with her research. She says she won't stand for it.

    Shane and Stephanie refer to Derek's sister as "Shepherdess," and she overhears it. She doesn't mind it so much, but she is less amused when Stephanie tells her they used to call her Shepherd's little sister.

    Dr. Maggie Pierce, the new head of cardio, tells Hunt she's fed up with Cristina not respecting her as a boss and she's relieved to learn that Cristina will be gone by the end of the day.

    April tracks down Hunt and tells him she's pregnant, but insists that she's going to keep working until it pops out. News on TV breaks about an explosion at a mall, with "massive fatalities."

    Hunt is running a press conference in response to the explosion, where some questions are being raised about the explosion being chemical. He's slightly distracted for a moment, probably worried about Cristina. The E.R. is chaotic. Hunt steps into the elevator and tries to call Cristina, getting her voicemail.

    April treats a woman who has burns and blisters all over her arms. Her husband shows up and says he can't find their son, Leo. He's about 10 and has braces.

    Callie, Jackson and Stephanie are wheeling a woman into surgery. She is pregnant with a baby, but she's a surrogate and wants them to make sure the baby makes it to full term.

    Webber starts helping with patients and sees Catherine, who says she's there to see Jackson.

    An FBI agent is questioning a young man about why he was at the mall when he was supposed to be at school. He's asking about what was in the man's backpack. Meredith tells the agent she needs to treat the man, who collapses onto the floor. Meredith tells the agent to move so she can get the man to an O.R.

    Alex is treating a kid who might be Leo. He's unconscious and has a bad gash on his chest that is gushing blood. In an instant, Cristina shows up and offers to help. Alex, who'd heard from Hunt that Cristina hadn't been heard from and might have been headed to the mall, is happy to see her. She says she didn't have time to get there. Cristina suddenly realizes more seriously that she was headed to the mall.

    TV reporters are speculating that the hospital itself could be the next target. Leah shows up in regular clothes and April tells her to take on whatever she thinks she can help with. Meredith hands the young man off to Bailey and tells her the agents are watching him.

    Stephanie, Callie and Jackson are operating on the pregnant woman's arm, but her water breaks in surgery and the baby is in distress.

    Meredith tells Cristina, when they catch up in the hallway, that she and Derek are going to D.C. Meredith sounds like she's trying to convince herself it's "going to be good." Cristina puts an arm around her and tells her she's happy for her.

    Leah steps in to help with a patient whose eye was bulging out and she makes a steady cut to release the pressure behind it. It settles into place and he can see out of it again. Shane is impressed, but he's calls away to an O.R. by Alex, who is wheeling a kid away. She calls out, "Hey, does that kid have braces?"

    Arizona tells Cristina that UNOS called and said a heart has become available for Lincoln, one of her long-waiting patients. Given the situation, Arizona says the heart and the patient should go to Seattle Presbyterian, but Cristina wants it to come to Sloan Grey Memorial. Hunt spots Cristina and Arizona talking from down the hall and heads toward them, but once he makes it through the crowded area, they're both gone and he seems to wonder if he hallucinated it. He sees a news reporter on TV and gets annoyed when the reporter says the blisters may have been caused by a "dirty bomb." He goes and steps into the reporter's shot, telling him not to spread lies and cutting off the camera.

    Cristina is mocking Alex for his career decision, telling him he's never going to do all the amazing things he's done at the hospital. He didn't realize that she was paying attention to him, and she tells him he's "very, very good." But she calls him an imbecile for wasting it all.

    Pierce comes in and gets upset with Cristina for scheduling her heart transplant given the situation at the hospital. Cristina blows her off and asks her which O.R. she can use. Pierce backs down and gives her one.

    The surgeons successful remove the baby from their pregnant patient via C-section and Jackson has a moment when he carries the baby across the O.R. to get examined.

    Meredith wheels her patient out of surgery and the FBI agent demands to know when he can speak with the man. She says he needs to recover first, but the agent then gets a phone call and abruptly leaves. He tells Meredith the situation has changed.

    Hunt tells April that the blisters are being caused by dry cleaning fluid from a cleaner in the mall. Some of the victims ended up laying in the fluid. The TV news suddenly reports that the explosion was caused by a gas main explosion and the fears of terrorism were unfounded. Hunt is annoyed but tells April that their situation remains unchanged.

    Hunt sees Lincoln and his mother and is surprised to see them. When Lincoln's mother tells him Cristina told them to come right over, Hunt is relieved. He starts to take her, but Ben calls him over to treat another trauma patient. Hunt asks Leah to take Mrs. McNeil to Cristina, and thanks her for coming in.

    April brings Leo's father to what she believes is his son's room, but he cries when he realizes it's not his son.

    Catherine finds April crying in a supply closet, worrying about raising a child in a world where malls blow up. Catherine tells April a story about some men telling her and her father to leave a diner in a small town in Texas. He refused to leave. "He wasn't afraid, so they didn't have any power," she tells April. She says fear is the only thing that can defeat her.

    Meredith tells Cristina to get going to Zurich, saying she's procrastinating, but Cristina insists on finishing Lincoln's transplant. She says she needs to "finish" something. Meredith tells her she doesn't feel finished "because this isn't the end for you." Cristina says she doesn't know how just leave. A nurse comes in to tell Cristina the donor heart is stuck in traffic. Meredith tells Cristina, "Let's go." They starts to walk out and Cristina sees Derek and says, "Goodbye." They hug.

    Shane finds Leah and tells her that her firing wasn't fair, but she tells him Webber was right and she needs to find what she's good at, "and I will." Shane agrees. Her patient wakes up in a panic and Leah eases her back to sleep. She looks around the E.R., takes the patient's chart to a nurse and tells her the patient is awake. Leah takes off her apron and walks out the E.R. doors.

    Bailey is making her case to Webber about keeping her lab, but he tells her she's a surgeon and "anything else would be a waste" of her time. He says he's going to recommend her for the open seat on the board. Cristina comes and says goodbye to Bailey and Webber, and Shane shows up and asks her to take him with her. She agrees to bring him along. Shane turns and tells Webber, "I quit, respectfully. And thank you for everything." He shakes Webber's hand. Cristina gives Bailey a firm hug and thanks her. Webber gives Cristina a hug and tells her he's proud of her. Before leaving, Cristina runs to say one more goodbye.

    Hunt is in surgery and there's a knock on the gallery window. He looks up and sees Cristina waving down at him. He stops for a long moment to look at her. It's a long gaze. He turns back toward the patient, then looks up again and Cristina is gone.

    Outside, a cab pulls up with Lincoln's donor heart. Cristina wants to stay and do the operation, but Meredith insists that she get into the cab and let Pierce handle the heart. She shoves Cristina into the cab and Cristina stops.

    "What do you need, an 'I love you,' or something?" Meredith impatiently asks, before saying, "I love you. Call me when you get there."

    Cristina settles into the cab, then turns to wave goodbye to Meredith as it drives away. Meredith waves back, tears in her eyes.

    Meredith finds Amy on the breezeway and they chat for a moment, with Amy telling her how good she's feeling. Suddenly, Cristina comes back and pulls Meredith into an on-call room. She says she can't leave. They have to dance it out. Meredith finds a song, but before they dance, Cristina gives Meredith all the instructions about taking care of Hunt and Alex, and not being a hero. She tells Meredith, "You're my person, I need you alive."

    After some dancing, Cristina, out of breath, tells Meredith, "I gotta go."

    Before she walks out, Cristina turns and tells Meredith, "You are a gifted surgeon, with an extraordinary mind. Don't let what you want eclipse what you need. He's very dreamy, but he's not the sun. You are."

    That night, Meredith is in bed with a pen in hand looking at the paperwork to sign for the townhouse. She tells Derek, "I think I need to stay here."

    The parents of the baby show up and Leann, the surrogate mother, is happy to see them. Arizona and Callie take it all in and seem to get an idea when they consider how amazing the surrogate experience seems to be.

    April gives Jackson a big hug and tells him their baby will be just fine because they're going to take care of it.

    Pierce comes and tells Mrs. McNeil that Lincoln's transplant went well. Hunt, standing next to her, takes in the moment and gets a little sad.

    At home, Bailey is giddy about getting onto the board and is especially pleased that Webber picked her.

    Alex finds an envelope under his bed. It's from Cristina. She left him her shares in the hospital and her seat on the board.

    Meredith and Derek argue about his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity taking pieces away from Meredith's career. She doesn't want to be "a trailing spouse." She's worried that Derek "will always be that hot-shot surgeon and I will always be that young intern who fell in love with you." She says that's the issue. He tells her she can do her surgeries and research in D.C., but she says she doesn't want to. She says she lives there, her life is there and she doesn't want to leave.

    Outside the hospital, Webber finds Pierce outside. They go over the busy day she had. She says it's been the weirdest two weeks of her life. She doesn't know anyone, no one knows her, and she hasn't had a conversation unrelated to work. He sits down and she reveals that she was adopted. She found out that her birth mom is dead now, "but she was amazing." She says her mother was a surgeon there, "her name is all over this hospital."

    Webber asks her birth mother's name.

    "Ellis Grey," says Pierce, who is black, clearly suggesting her father was, too. "Did you know her?"

    Back at their house, Derek tells Meredith she's asking him to choose between this job and his family, but she says she's simply saying, "I am not going anywhere."

    Meanwhile, in Zurich, Cristina is looking out her new office window. Shane steps in and tells her, "They're all ready for you." She steps out and says, "Let's do it."

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