"Beauty and the Beast" Operation Fake Date (TV Episode 2014) Poster

Kristin Kreuk: Catherine Chandler



  • Catherine Chandler : Is it just my imagination or are more people looking at me now that I'm blonde? And doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose?

    Vincent Keller : No, what defeats the purpose is this stupid, itchy mustache, which makes me look like a serial killer.

    Catherine Chandler : No, I think you look cute.

  • Catherine Chandler : Excuse me, we're looking for the boathouse.

    Agent Henry Knox : Oh, so now you're worried about your covers.

    Vincent Keller : Look, Agent Knox, you know, what happened in suburbia...

    Catherine Chandler : It was my fault.

    Vincent Keller : Well, and we did solve a murder.

    Catherine Chandler : Which proves that we can be an asset to the FBI.

    Agent Henry Knox : You two rehearse that?

    Vincent Keller : No.

    Catherine Chandler : Sort of.

  • Catherine Chandler : What are you talking about?

    Tess Vargas : Your old BFF is writing a news story about your super-charged DNA.

    J.T. Forbes : She stalked us to Lizzy D's Closet.

    Vincent Keller : Who's Lizzy D?

    J.T. Forbes : It's an adult store. We were shopping.

    Tess Vargas : We were buying Heather's party favors.

    Vincent Keller : Can we please get back to the part about someone is writing a story about my super-charged DNA?

  • Tess Vargas : It just seems that Gabe told Beth about everything.

    Vincent Keller : Unbelievable.

    Catherine Chandler : Actually, it's not. He's lost all political power, so he's chosen the nuclear one: exposure.

    Vincent Keller : Okay, so once again he ruins our only option. If this Beth girl writes this story, the Attorney General is gonna have a hard time letting me out. So I'm stuck in a cell while this news is out there.

    Catherine Chandler : No, we have another option.

    Vincent Keller : What? Kill Gabe?

    Catherine Chandler : No, talk to him. Convince him to call Beth off.

    Tess Vargas : Okay, that might work on a rational human being, but he's come unhinged.

    J.T. Forbes : "Unhinged" is an understatement. Try "murderer", "kidnapper".

    Catherine Chandler : Yeah, but in his mind, he's been doing all this to protect me from you, right? So I can go over there, tell him he doesn't have to anymore, that he can call Beth off because you're going to prison.

  • Catherine Chandler : Sorry about the cuffs. It's over now. Vincent's been exonerated. And if you try to expose him, you talk to Beth, you talk to anybody, I will come after you. I will expose everything that you have done.

    J.T. Forbes : And Heather will, too. Tess called. She wants to come forward.

    Catherine Chandler : You lost, Gabe. And it makes me really sad, because there was a time when I really had feelings for you. When you were a man who wanted to save people. And that is why I agreed to go on that fake date. I went into it with an open heart, not a romantic one, but one that was hoping to find that man again. But he's gone.

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