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  • The picture is supposed to be a "naked selfie" that Kim was given by a friend in confidence. When she shared it with her boyfriend, the picture was circulated without the initial person's consent. Edit

  • Despite this show being based on the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series, there are some substantial differences in characters/plot/storyline/etc. There may be minor spoilers in this section:

    -A major difference is that this is a PG-13 film and touches on some mature subject matter and more realistic violence than the original TV-Y7-rated television series.

    -In this film, Zordon and Rita are both former Power Rangers back in the Cenozoic era, with Rita having betrayed the team. While Zordon and Rita in the original show have an extensive past and were enemies, there was nothing in the original show that stated either of the two was actually a Power Ranger, although it is worth noting that in the original TV show, Rita, not Zordon, initially had possession of the Green Power Coin.

    -In the original TV series, Rita and her henchmen are sealed away and banished into space in a "Space Dumpster." In this film, she is apparently killed by a meteor, but revives in the modern day, possibly because she still had the Green Power Coin in her possession.

    -In the original TV series, Rita tricked Zordon into accepting a truce, and used this opportunity to trap him in a time warp, which is why he appears inside of a glass dome. In this film, Alpha 5 sealed Zordon into the spaceship's matrix as a means of keeping him alive.

    -While Alpha 5's design has changed, his personality is largely the same. He does, however, have additional means of self-defense, including extendable arms.

    -The Command Center where Zordon and Alpha reside was apparently built on Earth outside of Angel Grove. The Command Center in the new film is Zordon and Alpha's old spaceship, trapped and buried under ground after millions of years. However, both Command Centers are located outside of Angel Grove proper.

    -The new Zordon does not immediately embrace/accept the Ranger team, and is highly critical, unlike his television counterpart.

    -In the new film, the Rangers apparently do not have the ability to teleport, like they did on the original TV series.

    -In the original TV series, the Rangers had to morph to gain their powers/strength. In this film, they gain superhuman strength just by possessing the Power Coins. Additionally, the team has to "come together" as a collective team before they can morph in the new film, while they are able to do so immediately upon desiring to do so in the original show.

    -The Angel Grove of the original television series was more of a "California Valley" style town, whereas it has an economy based around fishing in the new film. The design of the town in the new film reflects this.

    -In the original TV series, Jason (Red Ranger) is a kind-hearted martial artist, and seamlessly becomes the leader of the team, rarely conflicting with his teammates/subordinates (though based on some reactions of the school principal, it's possible he was a delinquent at one point). The Jason of the film is much more reckless and gets in trouble for pranks he played in school, having to attend detention. This Jason is much more conflicted and reckless than his television counterpart, and is doubted as a leader initially.

    -The Kimberly (Pink Ranger) on the original show is a "Valley Girl" type, skilled in gymnastics and music. The one in the film is a more flawed character, and feels like something of a mash-up between a "popular girl" and "mean girl" stereotype. This version of the character is not above doing things that are less than ethical early in the film, which alienates her from her former friends.

    -On the original show, Zach (Black Ranger) was African-American, and had invented a fusion of martial arts and dance. In the film, he is of Asian descent, and is something of a delinquent, acting out and regularly not attending school, this partially being due to him having an ailing mother. Ironically, this version of Zach, at least in terms of physical appearance, more resembles Adam Park from the TV series, the second Black Ranger (and Zach's replacement).

    -The Billy (Blue Ranger) on the original show was a Caucasian and somewhat of a "nerd" stereotype, who, while a victim of bullying at times, invented things to help the Power Ranger team. Although the character was changed to African-American for the new film, the new version of Billy probably more closely resembles the original version of the character personality-wise than any of the other new Rangers from the film, although the new version's personality is somewhat different since he has autism.

    -The Trini (Yellow Ranger) in the original film was both intelligent academically and a skilled martial artist. The version in the new film is of Hispanic/Latina descent and more of a delinquent; it is implied that she may be lesbian/bisexual, although this is not really explored in the film. Her parents clearly see her as a "weird" one due to some of her habits/behavior.

    -Rita in the original show had henchmen, including Squat, Baboo, Finster, Goldar, and Scorpina. None of these henchmen appear in the new film, other than Goldar, who is reimagined as a mindless golden giant.

    -In the original TV show, the five Ranger forms/Zords have names: Mastodon: Black Ranger. Pterodactyl: Pink Ranger. Triceratops: Blue Ranger. Sabertooth Tiger: Yellow Ranger. Tyrannosaurus: Red Ranger. None of the Ranger forms/Zords are named in the new film, although Billy coins use the term "Megazord" himself to refer to the combination of the Zords that fights Goldar.

    -The original TV show's Megazord had all five Rangers in a joint cockpit, as well as a separate "Tank" mode before shifting to the "Robot" mode. The new version, apparently, only has the "Robot" mode, and each Ranger remains in his/her individual Zord on the united form, rather than in a collective cockpit.

    -The TV show had many regular characters that do not appear in the new movie, namely Ernie at the Juice Bar, bullies Bulk and Skull, schoolteacher Ms. Appleby, and school principal Mr. Kaplan. The only teacher regularly seen in the film is the one monitoring detention, and he does not seem to be based on any previously existing character. Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • In the TV Series Tommy Oliver was Brain Washed by Rita to become the Evil Green Ranger then when the Spill was Broken he used the Powers Of Green for Good for awhile until he lost those Powers. Then in Season 2 he became the White Ranger. Then in Zeo he became the Leader by becoming the Red Zeo Ranger. He then remained in the Leadership Roll as the Red Turbo Ranger until he passed on his Powers. He then Returned as the Black Dino Thunder Ranger, and a High School Professor as Professor Oliver for his students and his Ranger Teammates. And as for the Comics he Recently was the Main Villain as Lord Draken in the Shattered Grid Arc/Story which took place in an Alternate Universe. Edit

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