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Multi-genre SiFi
philiphamilton6824 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Lea presented a good mix of SiFi, thriller, personal loss and human relationships. I liked how the story had a central story line about AI (artificial intelligence) and managed to bring in different personal conflicts. The main characters were well cast and the story, although possibly a bit sentimental at times, picked up pace to an exciting (and not obvious) climax. For a non-Hollywood indie production, the quality of the images and scenes were very impressive, and the original sound track very well suited. There were some very beautiful outside scenes, impressively shot and edited which worked well against the technology theme. Favorite line... "But Cal, we've just cloned a 10 year girl" is super dramatic and well delivered by Quentin King, and shot in an operating theater with very convincing effects and edgy low light. Worth watching if you like a serious, but optimistic modern film.
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danyhottelard14 August 2015
When I talk about this film, immediate happiness invaded m ! I have not often had this feeling and I hope you 'll be able to see what has many feature ! A very good time with this film that deserves to be seen! a real Success ! Good actors that make us live a beautiful story written , played and led by a great man , Jacques -Hervé Fichet . I had the chance to see the film festival and put everyone to Agreement: a true moment of shared happiness ! One feels watching the movie the actors have had fun to play the story written by director , who was able to communicate with them and convey emotions through its history, its realization. J hope that like me , from the first look at the poster , very successful to also give you want to see this gem as we rarely see
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