Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) Poster

Riz Ahmed: Bodhi Rook



  • Bodhi Rook : This is Rogue One.

  • Bodhi Rook : There's a planet-wide defensive shield with a single main entry gate. This shuttle should be equipped with an access code that allows us through.

    K-2SO : Assuming the Empire hasn't logged it as overdue.

    Jyn Erso : And if they have?

    Bodhi Rook : Then they shut the gate. And we're all annihilated in the cold, dark vacuum of space.

    K-2SO : Not me... I can survive in space.

  • Rebel Flight Controller : [over the radio]  What's your call sign, pilot?

    Bodhi Rook : Um...

    Jyn Erso : We have to go.

    Bodhi Rook : It's, um...

    Jyn Erso : Say something. Come on.

    Bodhi Rook : Rogue. Rogue One.

    Rebel Flight Controller : Rogue One? There is no Rogue One.

    K-2SO : Well, there is now.

  • Baze Malbus : You don't look happy.

    Jyn Erso : They prefer to surrender.

    Baze Malbus : And you?

    Chirrut Îmwe : She wants to fight.

    Bodhi Rook : So do I. We all do.

    Chirrut Îmwe : The Force is strong.

    Jyn Erso : I'm not sure four of us is quite enough.

    Baze Malbus : How many do we need?

    Jyn Erso : What are you talking about?

    [he gestures to something behind her; turning around, she sees Cassian and a ragtag group of Rebels] 

    Cassian Andor : They were never gonna believe you.

    Jyn Erso : I appreciate the support.

    Cassian Andor : But I do. I believe you. We'd like to volunteer. Some of us - well, most of us - we've all done terrible things on behalf of the Rebellion. Spies, saboteurs, assassins. Everything I did, I did for the Rebellion. And every time I walked away from something I wanted to forget, I told myself it was for a cause that I believed in. A cause that was worth it. Without that, we're lost. Everything we've done would have been for nothing. I couldn't face myself if I gave up now. None of us could.

  • Bodhi Rook : This is Rogue One calling any Alliance ships that can hear me. Is there anybody out there? This is Rogue One. Come in, over!

    Admiral Raddus : This is Admiral Raddus, Rogue One. We hear you.

    Bodhi Rook : We have the plans. They found the Death Star plans. They have to transmit them from the communications tower. You have to take down the shield gate. It's the only way they're gonna get them through.

    Admiral Raddus : [to his co-pilot]  Call up a Hammerhead corvette. I have an idea.

    Bodhi Rook : This is for you, Galen.

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