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Episode #7.1

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Current Episode (aired 17 Sep. 2019)

Episode #6.13

The four remaining couples spend one last night in the fantasy suites before deciding if they are ready to take their relationships to the next level; alumni couples return; the identity of the next bachelor is revealed.

Season 2

2 Aug. 2015
Episode #2.1
The men and women get acquainted at a cocktail party; a mystery woman's arrival shocks everyone; Chris announces a twist; one woman is taken to the hospital.
3 Aug. 2015
Episode #2.2
One woman is disappointed when all the guys she is interested in seem to be taken; a woman worries she is losing her grip on the guy she likes; a player is eliminated.
9 Aug. 2015
Episode #2.3
One woman reveals she has a boyfriend back home; John and Tenley share a romantic outing; the new bachelor's abrasive behavior puts everyone off.
10 Aug. 2015
Episode #2.4
Jared's decision to ask Clare to be his date leaves Mikey and Ashley I. feeling heartbroken; Jonathan and Mikey try to convince Juelia that Joe is playing her.
16 Aug. 2015
Episode #2.5
Joe and Samantha do a sexy photo shoot at a rooftop pool; the cast believes Joe manipulated Juelia; Carly and Krik discuss their relationship.
17 Aug. 2015
Episode #2.6
Juelia tries to warn Samantha about Joe; Tanner tells Jared that Joe and Samantha have more of a history than they've let on; Ashley S. is upset when the newly arrived Amber asks Dan out.
23 Aug. 2015
Episode #2.7
Joe and Samantha address the controversy surrounding their relationship; Juelia asks Chris Harrison for a favor; Tanner and Jade talk about their future.
24 Aug. 2015
Episode #2.8
The cast questions Samantha's authenticity; Joe turns to Ashley I. for advice; Justin arrives in paradise and sets his sights on Samantha.
30 Aug. 2015
Episode #2.9
Samantha cancels her date with Justin and returns to Joe; a new bachelor struggles to make a good impression; Amber and Ashley I. compete for Jared.
31 Aug. 2015
Episode #2.10
Chelsie asks Nick out, motivating him to end things with Ashley S.; Mackenzie and Justin go through an elaborate ceremony in the jungle; Ashley I. asks Chris Harrison for a favor.
6 Sep. 2015
Episode #2.11
Ashley I. takes Jared to a luxurious hotel; Mikey decides to end things with Juelia; Chris announces there will be no cocktail party; and eight contestants leave paradise.
7 Sep. 2015
Episode #2.12
A shocking breakup has the contestants questioning the stability of their own relationships; the couples hit the town for their final fantasy suite dates.

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