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Episode #6.13

The four remaining couples spend one last night in the fantasy suites before deciding if they are ready to take their relationships to the next level; alumni couples return; the identity of the next bachelor is revealed.


2 Aug. 2016
Episode #3.1
The hopefuls gather at their first cocktail party on the beach; Vinny and Izzy share their first kiss; Jubilee takes Jared on a date; back at the house, one contestant's out of control behavior offends everyone.
8 Aug. 2016
Episode #3.2
A cast member leaves early, insulting Chris Harrison and his castmates as he goes; a new bachelorette takes out a man another woman was hoping to spend time with; two women leave after the rose ceremony.
9 Aug. 2016
Episode #3.3
An adventurous date ends with a kiss by a waterfall; a bachelor learns a woman he likes doesn't have mutual feelings; the twins play a prank on a new arrival.
15 Aug. 2016
Episode #3.4
A newly single bachelor tries for the heart of an unavailable woman; the cast members prepare for a cocktail party; two undecided bachelorettes contemplate their options; two fun-loving couples go on a double date.
16 Aug. 2016
Episode #3.5
The arrival of an infamous bachelorette shocks the remaining cast members; a couple spend the day at a Mexican hospital; a bachelor worries about the presence of his possessive ex and its possible effect on his fledgling relationship.
22 Aug. 2016
Episode #3.6
A bachelor deals with his ex's inability to move on; two new men cause a stir among the bachelorettes; two couples go out on a party boat; a pair ride horses out to a waterfall.
23 Aug. 2016
Episode #3.7
A bachelor decides to leave after realizing the lack of balance in his relationship; a popular couple show up, hoping to restore everyone's belief in finding love; a date in a temazcal sweat lodge leads to an open discussion.
29 Aug. 2016
Episode #3.8
A new bachelor arrives; one bachelor's temper gets the best of him; a shocking announcement is made at the rose ceremony; a jealous bachelorette has difficulty letting go of old feelings.
30 Aug. 2016
Episode #3.9
One bachelorette decides to leave early, resulting in an emotional confrontation; two new faces arrive with a double-date card; the single mother gets away from the house on a date with her man and gets to know who he really is.
5 Sep. 2016
Episode #3.10
One bachelor capitalizes on a new arrival's lack of options; a woman is upset after a cold conversation with a disinterested bachelor; five bachelors hand out roses while one makes a surprising decision; couples go on their final dates.
6 Sep. 2016
Episode #3.11
A panicked bachelor explains himself to a devastated bachelorette; one bachelorette is worried that her quiet man might not reciprocate her feelings of love; couples arrive at the final rose ceremony.

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