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Sex & Nudity

  • Several people seen in underwear, including children. A child seen in the bath. Two characters pay for sex. Other sexual relationships are shown and alluded to. No nudity.
  • A character visits a peep show where topless women are seen dancing, although slightly obscured by glass. He also visits a supermarket where several women are shopping fully naked but in soft focus.

Violence & Gore

  • Although this movie is not disturbing at all, some people die in almost slashermovie like ways.
  • A man is killed in a car crash. You don't see the man's death, but the crash is on-screen. Played for comedic effect however.
  • A man is killed by a fridge falling out of the sky. You only see the aftermath and the fridge is implied because the scene is seen through a news broadcast.
  • A woman is killed when a large closet falls on her. Pretty gruesome, but for comedic purposes.
  • A girl has her arm ripped off off-screen. Some blood is seen splattering on the girl's face.
  • A man jumps out of a window to see if he'll die. He does it three times, one of them killing another man. The man is seen laying flat on the ground in a pool of blood.
  • A man is beaten. Some blood on his face is seen and there's an aftermath of his bruised and bloodied face.
  • A man is hit with an umbrella. He falls on the ground screaming in pain as the person hitting him with the umbrella aggresively keeps hitting him.
  • A man is punched in the face after going before his turn in line.
  • A man attempts choking another man after he repeatedly taunts the man.
  • An aftermath of a car crash is seen. The victim is seen under a white sheet with a large bloodstain on it.
  • A boy is seen killing bugs, mouses and even birds. You only see him crushing the bugs and the mouses and birds are seen dead in their cages. The same boy is also seen killing a butterfly with a shotgun.
  • A man falls in water and appears to be drowning.
  • A man brings a gun to the park and attempts to shoot people without bullets. When he receives a bullet,he shoots a woman in her arm. The arm however, is fake and the woman is not injured.
  • Two children are treated in ways that would be considered as abusive. One is beaten and whipped with a belt, while the other is permanently harmed by being given unnecessary medication to the point where he is expected to die within two months.


  • Most of the bad language is by God, which in itself gives an idea of potential offence being caused. The English subtitles in the version I saw included several examples of shit, shitting and hell in early scenes. He remains foul-mouthed throughout.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • God has a fridge stacked (magically) with beer, and beer bottles are seen a few times. Characters also drink wine and smoke but not intrusively.
  • A child experiences vomiting and permanent organ damage after his mother injects him with diabetes medication he does not need.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This movie is fairly intense at moments.
  • A woman hears she only has two minutes to live and attempts to shut down anything that can possibly kill her in her house. However, she is still killed when a large closet falls on her. Done for comedic purposes, but still intense.
  • There is an intense scene towards the ending of the movie, in which people gather on a beach, some of them including a child, to die. This appears to be happening when an aircraft appears to be having issues and begins crashing. But the aircraft regains control and no one is killed.
  • Two children vomit, and one is permanently harmed by his mother injecting him with unnecessary medication. The other is beaten with a belt and physically abused by her father.

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