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Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • Mario can die in many ways including touching the goombas, koopas, spinys, thomps, Bowser. Also mario can die from touching the spikes, fire, wrenches, getting crushed by the scrolling screen walls and falling into lava and falling into the pit.
  • Mario can kill enemies by jumping on them or shooting at them with fireballs or kill them with his star power.


  • Rated E10, T, M Profanity and cyber bullying is possible to put in Super Mario Maker due to comments Mii users can post in the game. For example Mii users can spell out swear words much like youtube comments. Words Mii users can mild words such as "Damn", "Hell, "Ass", "Goddamn" and much stronger swear words involving the S*** and F*** word and other profanities.
  • However these comments can be deleted from the game if you report the offensive comments to Nintendo.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There are Mii users Mario levels that make title references to smoking, alcohol, drugs.
  • Some Mario levels can have items cause the screen to get distorted and dizzy as an effect to drugs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There can be hard intense levels depending on how hard the Mii users want to make it for example the Mii user Pit of Panga has very intense levels like "P-Break" and "P is for Pain" that can frustrate many Nintendo fans and video game experts. Since the extra 1-up lives are useless. You often end up starting all over and it can take many hours to beat theses hard levels.
  • There are some levels created by Mii users that have scary laughs or many monsters that can be scary including the Thomps, Boos, Bowser and Bowser Junior.
  • In the castle levels in Super Mario Bros 1, 3, World and Wii often has scary music.

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