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Sex & Nudity

  • Episode 1: There are two scenes of thrusting and moaning.There is a scene where two females (Hailey and Reese) and a male (Gus) are going to have a threesome. The females are shown in their underwear and topless with clear view of breasts.
  • Episode 3: There is a scene in which thrusting and moaning is shown.
  • Episode 7: There are two sex scenes and only the side view of b**bs are visible.
  • Episode 8: There is a sex scene but there is no nudity.
  • Episode 9 : There is a scene where a woman performs oral sex on a man. His naked butt can be seen.
  • *************************Season 2*****************************************
  • Episode 1: We hear a couple having sex. Nothing is shown on screen.
  • Episode 2: A couple have sex in a car right at the end of the episode. No nudity and they have their tops on.
  • Episode 5: 2 sex scenes in this episode
  • 1. A couple start making out. No nudity in this scene. The girl takes a vibrator and puts it under her sheet. They then start having sex under the sheets. They are clothed and are under the sheets.
  • 2. This one is a bit more graphic. A couple is having sex. They are naked. We see the girl's bareback while they have sex.
  • Episode 8: A woman's breast accidentally pops out of her dress.
  • Episode 9: A couple have sex. Seen from a far angle so won't figure out much.
  • Episode 10: Couple have phone sex. Girl uses a vibrator. This is outside the frame.
  • Episode 11: A couple begin to have sex. The man puts his hand in the girl's skirt. Later, they are seen having oral sex. Girl is wearing a bra. No nudity in this scene.

Violence & Gore


  • Multiple uses of F*** within first few minutes of first ep. Strong language, and in one episode some very strong language (C**t)
  • Contains strong language.(Multiple use of F word)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Gillian Jacob's character frequently smokes cigarettes
  • Episode 2: Main characters are seen smoking marijuana.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Rated R for some strong sexual content, nudity, language throughout, and drug use.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Gus Cruikshank meets Mickey Dobbs when he offers to pay for her shopping when she's run out of money - she asks him to buy her some cigarettes "Parliaments"

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