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I really appreciate this show
kirkmanhayley22 February 2016
I like this show because it's not quite a sitcom and it's not quite a drama. It feels very real, like something you've probably experienced in your life before. There are so many little moments that strike a chord with me... The awkward silence after cracking a terrible joke. The exalting victory of the person you like finally texting you back. The struggle of navigating parties where you don't know anyone.

Some people might not like this show because of that rawness, but I for one find it endearing. I love seeing Mickey and Gus' story play out in such an unconventional way. You really do feel sympathy for the characters' successes and failures. Give it a try, because you might find a little bit of yourself in this show.
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Most relatable show I've seen
MrMcMurphy11 March 2016
I'm a 33 year-old male, but it's not just my age. It's the REALNESS that comes from the characters, the writing, the direction, the casting, the stories.

Every show/movie in this genre tries to capture the awkwardness, the weird stuff (especially misunderstandings), the ups and downs that happen on a regular basis when you're just trying to live your life and navigate the craziness. This show does it more accurately and effectively than any show I've seen.

It's so well done that you can be a part of, and FEEL, everything. And this show makes me FEEL great! (Like how the intro to the Simpsons made me feel - an escape, levity, optimistic, happy).

Everything is tight. Every second has something to offer.

I miss it already.
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I love this show and I don't know why
dottedzebras14 May 2016
I don't write reviews but I had to on this one. I love this show, but I can not pinpoint what it is about it that I love so much. Maybe because it's real? Or because you genuinely feel for the characters. You watch this show and you will think to yourself "oh, I remember when that was me" or "I've been through that before". It literally has made me think about so many past relationships and all the stages in my life. If someone were to try to explain to me what this show was about before I watched it, I don't think I would have been interested in it. I'm so happy I went in with no expectations because it seriously is a great show.

For those who are leaving bad reviews, maybe they've never been in situations like these? I don't know but I can definitely see it being a show that is a hit or miss. Fortunately it was a hit for me! Can't wait for next season.
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A review to address other reviews
toriiiiee9 January 2018
The main gripe that bad reviews seem to have with this show is the fact that Gus is such a nerd but still manages to score with all these chicks in Season 1. My rebuttal to that is if that is what annoys you about this show, you are totally missing the point. The 2 girls were sisters (ew) and the super hot actress chick...did you SEE that sex scene?

I believe this what makes this show so great. It is without a touch of irony or satire when we see the characters display complex, layered emotions, and witness all of their successes and failures. I appreciate a show that doesn't hand me a stereotypical, one dimensional character who is pigeon-holed in to category A, B, or C.

Yes, one could claim that Gus is just an awkward nerd and Mickey is just a manipulative, narcissistic bad girl. But we also see Gus living a pretty happy life, with a large group of friends attending a weekly music-themed gathering, and overall being a mostly considerate person. He is a pushover and if that pisses you off, you need to get a life. Gus deserves to be as empowered as Mickey is, just as Mickey deserves to be as humble and considerate as Gus is.

That being said - they both make mistakes. Mickey needs to learn how to face her demons more efficiently, and Gus needs to be more honest and direct. I appreciate seeing a show where no one is perfect but no one is 100% shitty either. Wonderful acting and excellent pacing make this relatable and overall a total pleasure to watch.
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The characters are cliches flipped upside down.
tapter13 December 2018
I enjoyed the series. Didn't love it. Didn't hate it.

One thing I have to react to in some of the review I've read here is the description of the main characters. Gus has been called the nice guy and Mickey has been called the strong willed liberators woman. I don't see that being the case at all. In fact both are the opposite of those things. Gus is not the sweet nice guy. He's a jerk. And he treats Mickey like crap. Mickey is not this liberated free spirit. She's out of control and self destructive.
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MIckey Dobbs has a mental illness
baneetkaur0616 April 2018
I seriously believe the character of Mickey Dobbs has borderline personality disorder. She shows all the symptoms perfectly. And i can tell this how? Because I've got the same illness. Her addiction to love and sex, her habit of smoking, her narcissism, her wanting to start a fight, blaming others, her careless nature, and the most significant symptom - unstable relationships, all point to borderline personality disorder. I applaud the writers who have really showed what its like to be a borderline and what its like to date one. If anybody have any views or opinions on this?
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I loved it!!...but I think I understand why others didn't.
Giantjott17 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
If you don't have a passing knowledge/interest in romantic comedies, then I suggest you keep moving. While this show definitely injects doses of reality throughout, the basic premise is nothing more than your standard Rom-Com formula. But while the writing may feel cliché at times, there is also a strong sense of self-awareness, like when the male lead, Gus, throws out his Blu-ray collection of the most obvious, guilty-pleasure Rom-Coms from the past thirty years, criticizing them for their terrible relationship advice. Or like when Bertie, the female lead's Australian roommate, interrupts a studio tour to expound upon the genius of one of her favorite Rom-Coms, The Holiday. In both cases, it's obvious that the characters have an unhealthy relationship with the genre. This is an especially interesting commentary on Gus's character, who, later in the season, tries to encourage the writers of Witchita (the show for which he works) to step up their game, instead of relying on formulas. As Gus becomes completely unhinged during a writer's meeting, it becomes apparent that for all his enthusiasm and idealism, he's actually rather unperceptive. He may have stumbled upon a good idea, but he doesn't seem to understand why it's a good idea. One of the stars of Witchita, a child actor played by Apatow's youngest, nails it when she exclaims, "Why did you make him a writer? Every time he makes a suggestion, it's way off. He just doesn't understand the campy nature of the show." For this reason, I suspect Gus would have similar issues understanding the vibe of 'Love.' Not because he's an idiot, but because this show plays with a lot of subtle irony. Irony which, incidentally, the female lead, Mickey, revels in. Everything she says has a double meaning. When Gus takes her to the magic castle, she derives the most fun from watching the other spectators, an ironic, veiled criticism on magic-fans in general, which Gus takes personally, as he is, after all, one of the spectators for whom magic is a straightforward source of entertainment. Later, when Gus invites her to a party where the goal is to write theme songs for movies without theme songs, she keeps trying to find the second layer, assuming the point is to write sarcastically bad songs in order to make fun of bad movies. Of course, the biggest irony is when Mickey ends up turning into the clingy sort of girl you expected Gus to be, and Gus ends up being more of an asshole. While not entirely new ground, the whole thing about Gus being fake-nice felt refreshing, as it subverts the typical "I Love You Beth Cooper"* formula.

So while this show definitely relies heavily on a vast history of Rom-Com tropes, it engages with them in slightly ironic and often original ways. The title is another good example, as the show both lives up to its name, in that it deals constantly with the pursuit of love, while also reading as sarcastic, with there being very little actual love displayed by the characters (Bertie being the main exception). And yes, the characters are spoiled, materialistic, narcissistic screw-ups, but they also reminded me of people in my life, including myself. It's like the cast of a Rom-Com was dropped into real life, where all their vapid aspirations are suddenly revealed as such, and as a result the characters can actually evolve (for better or for worse), all the while still being subconsciously affected by the Hollywood Rom-Com machine. This technique works especially well for me, as the fusion of platitudes and realism makes the realism seem even more realistic by contrast. In fact, this is probably what I found most enjoyable about this show: the dose of realistic dialogue and acting in an otherwise familiar scene, such as the impromptu jam session at the otherwise typical Hollywood pool party, or the way the unrealistic mismatching of cool, hot chicks with dorky dudes is explained with authenticity by a group of women describing their phases of sleeping with only unattractive men. Unfortunately, for many people this just reads as adding shock value to a played-out scenario. Personally, I find this show more intelligent than that.

*Also starring Paul Rust
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This is so good!
kingans20 February 2016
I was not expecting to like this show, and I was laughing and captivated and I can't wait to keep watching this human "superfund site" of a couple sort it out. It is well written and Paul Rust is perfect as an awkward, cute, slightly devious 30 something.

Like this new show a lot! We watched it in a group that ranged from a whole contingent that age of Mickie and Gus (they totally related to it) to people in their 70's who also loved it.

This isn't strictly a comedy, as it examines insecurity, awkwardness, drugs etc. It is not for everyone but a lot of viewers will be hooked. The situations and characters are very real.
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Awful people.
mightymorrigan29 March 2018
I tried getting into it because the background characters are interesting and funny but the two main characters are just horrible people.
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Season 2 hits it out of the park
Br4ve-trave1or13 March 2017
I personally loved the first season with memorable episodes, including 'the date', with Birtie and Gus just to name one. So I was looking forward to the second season and it did not disappoint at all! The shows good at what it aims to do. It's not a series for its deep intricate plotting. It's an exercise in character, one that happens to feature truly exciting personalities. Perhaps this is the perfect example where a shows structure is perfect with the balance of bin-gable viewing with it's blended ease. Love has a certain charm to it and each episode feels like a mini-indie movie and by episode 5 your reminded why this series is such a real pleasure to watch! Loved it bring on season 3
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I just don't like the people in it
LucyBonette11 March 2017
One of the main characters, Mickey, is just horrible. It's amazing she appears to have friends on this show, because she's super selfish. If people are not talking about what she wants, or when she cannot relate to the conversation, or she's not getting any attention, she just keeps annoying people or even sabotaging the night. It's just uncomfortable to watch. And sure she's a recovering drug addict, but most people don't even know that.

I do kind of like Gus, but then it annoys me that he would go for such a horrible person.

I am still watching this though. I'm pathetic.
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Good jokes - terrible people
skettel9 August 2017
What starts out quirky, interesting and amusing, quickly becomes cringy, then frustrating, then flat out irritating. The Mickey character is just a horrific human being, and why anybody would want to spend time in her company, especially the viewer, is beyond me. Gus is just wet half the time, and flat out irrational at others, and nowhere near as amusing as the writers think he is.

Having said that, there are some laugh out loud moments hence the 5 star review, but having completed season one after a binge where I began to question my choices towards the end, I probably won't tune on for season 2.
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Not believable enough to be enjoyed
Thegoodman121 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Ill admit I laughed out loud a number of times in this. All of the supporting characters are great, well written, funny, well cast even.

Spoilers: That being said, the entire story revolves around "nice guy" Gus. Gus is a 120lb awkward dork who is down on his luck. That part is believable. Then somehow he manages to awkwardly fall into a 3 some with two hot college girls who are sisters. He meets a bad ass chick at a gas station, goes on a date with her cute friend, then hooks up with the bad ass, then hooks up with a smoking hot chick from work.

The "nice guy" thing is all wrong too. He isn't nice. Mickey is right when she said he is actually an asshole. He is a total selfish asshole, he isn't nice, he is a total pussy about everything.

So the story is an unattractive, selfish, passive aggressive, out of shape nerd who manages to meet and sleep with a bunch of hot chicks in LA. Right.... Gus would get murdered in LA in 2 months, and be celibate the entire time.
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They're both terrible people but that's never confronted
legotech9831 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Mickey and Gus are terrible people, cheating etc. While those things would seem like a good set up for conflict, the other person never finds out or they are just forgotten by everyone. Instead of the truth about Mickeys affair coming out, it's swept under the rug and the show abruptly ends with season 3. Gus never finds out, there is no resolution to this conflict.
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Season 2 Just as Good as Season 1
traskradio12 March 2017
I watched season 1 twice because I loved it so much, but I had a little bit of fear that perhaps season 2 wouldn't live up to the glory of season 1. I'm happy to report that I've watched two episodes of season 2 so far and I'm thrilled that it's just as good as ever! It's as good as listening to one vintage Steely Dan album after another - smooth, excellent continuation.
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It's Great!
joefatica5 March 2017
I have watched Season One multiple times and it's great each time. I love the characters, all of them! I love the dialogue! I love the music! I love the situations these characters have to deal with! I love the subtlety the nuance! This show has it all! I can confidently say it is one of the greatest shows of all time with one of the greatest ensemble casts ever assembled for TV! If they stop now it remains great but don't you want to know more? I do! I love this show and all the characters! I cannot wait to see where they all end up.
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I want more!
manomoab-635-21999013 March 2016
Absolutely loved this series. One big drawback. It's over I have to wait months for season 2!

I've always loved Apatow's work, ever since Freaks and Geeks. But this is his best, most creative -- and very risky -- work yet.

It starts off very slow. I wasn't even sure I liked it, or even whether I thought the characters were believable for the first couple of episodes. But it grows on you, and then, something really big happens. You start to fall in love with these two, seemingly incompatible, even ridiculous people. And then, you can't get enough of them, and then their ups and downs start to make you choke up and you never want this to end.

What seemed strangely "raw" directing, writing and acting, turns out to be amazingly honest and rich and unadorned and beautiful.

And Gillian Jacobs --- this girl is going to be huge! I can't stop watching her.

I can't wait for season two.
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Wait what? Why? How?
MeBeiM2 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is strange on so many levels. And by strange I don't mean good nor bad, just strange, literally. Gus is the kind of nerdy/odd/weird guy who does his nerdy/odd/weird things, but from the first episode you see him transported in a series of events which don't really seem to get along with the character. Then, while I'm in the middle of the season trying to figure out what is going on and why is all happening in such a strange mood, other stranger things get in the way and leave me with more questions. I also don't understand why every girl is attracted by Gus; from the two teen sisters interested in a ménage à trois with him to the young and hot blonde actress. I mean, yeah, it's sort of funny to watch, but too awkward to be anywhere near reality. Mickey keeps f**ing things up, still Gus is attracted by her; Gus keeps doing... whatever the hell he's supposed to??? Yep this is another thing I'm not getting: he doesn't really manage to teach anything to these young spoiled "actors". Well, he isn't even capable of shutting his mouth while getting a blow-job, so why keep wondering? In my honest opinion, the (1st) season finale was the only episode where things made a bit more sense and took a turn (although that was extremely predictable): Gus stands up in front of his bitchy boss making some good realizations, and Mickey apologizes to him so they come back "together" (as if they had ever been). This TV series looks like the usual show where the authors want you to dive into the strange and (somehow) funny/awkward lives of their characters, and I get the point, that's not a bad idea, but the way it all happens, the way the characters are playing it, and the way the whole thing is developing... that's just f**ing with my brain. Five out of ten just because there are some funny/relatable facts here and there.

That's about it for me, I don't think I'm going to watch season 2.
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Horrible garbage
mherzberg4 August 2017
Is it a comedy? If so, it's incredibly boring. Is it a drama? If so, it's incredibly uncompelling. Obviously the characters are total jerks, but that's not the problem. It's the predictable, uninteresting plot and writing that wouldn't even have been considered good enough for a 90's sitcom that kill this show. Don't waste your time.
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Cringeworthy - Not for Women Despite the Misleading Title
plasticanimalz11 September 2018
This is nothing more than a Revenge of the Nerds ridiculous fantasy put to paper of the show creator / lead actor's fantasy life. Much like Red Oaks, another Revenge of the Nerds trope, in no realm of existence does this happen. As it is, women are conditioned to believe since the dawn of time through TV and film that women have zero standards for a mate, while men have extremely high standards. Therefore, in real life, women have to go through an onslaught of sub par suitors who think because the movies tell them, you're just dying for some unattractive guy with average prospects and an average personality to come along. And since their ego can't handle reality when their stalking doesn't pan out they typically proceed to become abusive or mean to save face.

I mean, enough is enough. This show, along with Red Oaks are the worst of those examples. And Paul Rust lives in his delusion that this is a story of "Love," like every other hapless guy who thinks that if there is some way they can lower a women's self-esteem to feel they deserve less, that they will both live happily ever after.

The first 7 minutes of the show is having to watch Gillian Jacobs exploited in several scenes by some fat, hairy, bald, old, drug addict caricature of a loser who lives with his mom in order for us to ever believe that she would somehow end up with Paul Rust. In no reality does this woman date this first loser and then gradually fall in love with a guy who gives Sloth from the Goonies a run for his money in the looks department, who is also whiny, annoying, and kind of a jerk. We're meant to believe he's a nice guy but they failed to convey he is anything but hapless.

All I could think from the opening scene is Gillian Jacobs should be paid for battery and damages given the graphicness of the way she was exploited in what Paul Rust I'm guessing thought was funny, but absolutely no woman would. And are we supposed to believe the Gillian Jacobs character wants to go from sex that looks like a crime scene to Paul Rust's sad, inept sex that we also have to sit through with the girlfriend he starts out with? Like, I'm disgusted. I even sat with another women to revue the opening scene again to see if it had the same effect and we were both cringing the whole time, and couldn't believe in any universe Gillian Jacobs would touch either of the guys, drug user or not.

I can't see how this show would do anything but tick a woman off. If A woman is comfortable with her looks she would be irritated Gillian Jacobs is being exploited like this, trying to further the agenda that women have no standards. And any woman not comfortable with her looks would be angry that even these loser guys have very high standards. There is no win for women in this show, which, is the worst kind of misogyny because they actually think this is a love story and benefits the woman when it only benefits the man. This is nothing more than biological warfare of the omega males trying to paint the picture of the alphas as apes, and therefore the omegas should be the dominators who copulate with the alpha females. And since they don't have any attributes to attract the alpha females in real life they use media to attempt to perpetuate brain washing, telling women they're shallow and stupid if they don't comply when, in the end, the women are only being used.

If you reversed this formula you would have Chris Hemworth as the Gillian Jacobs character who is being exploited and mistreated by Lena Dunham. After he's had enough, dumps her, only to gradually fall in love with Gaby Hoffmann. How realistic does this seem? Who wants to see this? As it is, guys freak out that they have to see Amy Schummer or Lena Dunham have relationships with men it's believable they could be with, and Amy is at least cute. Even Amy would not date either of the guys in this show we're meant to believe Gillian Jacobs would. The relationship between Rogen and Heigl in Knocked up was completely unbelievable and mildly irritating, but the movie itself is somewhat cute, but this show is just beyond insulting and beyond any realm of belief.

Even if Judd Apatow feels he was this guy and so continues to tell these stories, at this point he just needs to accept he's not. He's an average looking guy, not a loser, and he's rich, successful, and so landed a cool, attractive wife, and made a cool, attractive daughter. If he doesn't want his daughter to have to fend off an onslaught of losers who feel entitled to her he should stop trying to tell stories where women deserve less.
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"Love" is a BAD choice for a title...
Dr_Sagan21 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is about Neflix's new (2016) TV series "Love" starring Gillian Jacobs.

First of all this series is seriously mis-titled. Why someone would choose such a wide, multilayered, and with so many different meanings, universal, yet vague without the proper context, word as the title of a TV show, is beyond me. Maybe he thought a generic title like "Friends" could bring him success eventually, but "Love" is broader by far. It even makes it very confusing searching for it in the WWW.

Anyway. This series isn't ambitious enough to justify such a heavy title. It is just a same-o same-o attempt to give you some "insights" about dating in modern USA (basically). I've lost count on how many comedies are/were/will be out there about dating.

So, is there any significant difference from all the previous attempts? Well, no. Not really. The pilot episode tries to be a little bit more "direct" (I could use another word such as spicy or even vulgar here) with Gillian Jacobs's character saying to the mother of her on-and-off boyfriend phrases like "His cum is still inside me."

The thing is that, choices like that, makes you think about the essence of the show and if its purpose is more to provoke than to present any serious aspects and problems of todays relationships.

I wouldn't try to recommend you not to see it. It's not a sin or the end of the world if you do, but hold a small basket and see it as the thing really is. A light and forgettable TV series.

------ UPDATE: After watching All 10 episodes I have to lower the grade. Again the show has absolutely NOTHING to do with Love of any kind. Also it didn't felt like a comedy at all. The last 2-3 episodes were actually quite depressing. ((("Love" is basically the story of a troubled young substance and sex addict and a guy who is the definition of Loser.))) One of the things I hated the most is that the supposedly "Nice Guy" Gus is a Jerk and a Mean person with terrible personality. A truly unsympathetic character with no charisma whatsoever. Plus no one can believe that an ugly lame idiot like Paul Rust could possibly score with 2 beautiful girls like Gillian Jacobs and Briga Heelan in the same week.
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I tried, but it's PAINFUL!!!
bradwinter66628 May 2017
I really tried to watch this, I made it to season 2 due but the characters are painful. Mickey is just too much Britta and the character Gus is a total wet flannel. The show has its moments when it's not being painful or pointlessly vulgar but it doesn't make up for how pathetic Gus is.
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Love is nothing special, a Rom-bottom-of-the-barrel-Com
Zipididoo23 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
When this title got first recommended to me I remember saying I hadn't seen a bad Netflix Original yet, this show might have taken that as a challenge.

The first season of Love (2016) details the short span of time in which two thirty-somethings meet in Los Angeles. It tries to ride a line between depicting the troubles of a modern relationship and cringe comedy. The show has no qualms of working around the Hollywood-depicting-Hollywood trope, but the writers seem to have made insufficient use of writing about something so close to home.

The two main characters are a socially inept man(played by co-creator Paul Rust) and a liberated strong willed woman with little direction(played by Gillian Jacobs of Community fame). Any subtlety left in these characters after the first episode is weaned from them in the following nine. The likely scenario is that these two characters are meant to be used to portray a paradigm shift that the writers are about a decade too late in addressing. Playing off something dead, leads to flat lines and what feels like unintended cringe comedy.

One could forgive the flimsy characters if the comedy made up for it. But jokes seem to be absent in many of the scenes or as simplistic as these two people are old, this guy is fat, the character is acting weird because drugs, this person occasionally curses and most often used: this person is overly naive. Low effort bottom of the barrel jokes The show tries to sell itself as something edgy for a modern cord-cutting audience. But truth be told the edgiest thing is the introductory animation. The characters use their phones a lot and the costume department has google searched images under the keyword hipster. But any zeitgeist is completely missing. Especially when compared to other current-set romcoms like the movie 'Love in a Puff' or the TV-show 'Party Down' which showcase a much smarter and more truthful image of what life is like as a single YUP.

There is a standout scene(episode 8) with Jordan Rock that at least somewhat pulls back the curtain and makes fun of what is under the hood. Having the show at least lampshade one of its interactions is a sign the writers at least had an inkling of how the show should have worked. Having a show set in part in a studio demands some level of self awareness.

But maybe Apatow just lost his touch.
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Irredeemable characters with no chemistry.
lynsieharris27 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I hate this show. I kept wanting to like it because the talent lineup is stacked. But the main characters have absolutely no chemistry with each other, they don't seem to actually like each other on even a basic level, and so much of their behavior is so toxic. This show isn't funny, endearing, or clever. I'm not really sure what the appeal is.

Even in shows like Sunny, the genuinely bad people it features are entertaining enough that there's humor in their absurd behaviors. Here, the toxic and narcissistic leads simply depress viewers and demonstrate everything you shouldn't do in a relationship while somehow also trying to glorify the dysfunction. The fact that they end up together is laughable given how poorly they get along all the time. It's not charming. It's not "real". It's just bad.

Bottom line: this show is crap. If you want to watch a show about dysfunctional people falling in love you should watch You're the Worst. It does everything this show was trying to do but actually succeeds. Plus you get to have a actual moments of laughter/emotion/entertainment. Hard pass on Love.
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not worth watching
tomdsf13 March 2016
1. Features a main character of a self absorbed 1st world problem obsessed HIPSTER which is a bad writing decision since if you live in LA you loath these people in real life. Why would you want to care from them on TV ? She's gross with her ironic no bra tank tops to her vintage Mercedes and i don't care attitude. She is simply gross and punchable.

2. Other main character who we are meant to care for is a full nerd who gets lots of action it seems from hot girls played by a guy with no comic timing at all. He is based on the top English comedian Simon Pegg. Simon has amazing comedic talent and PERFECT awkward comedic timing as does Ricky Gervais. There are a lot of American actors with similar awkward comedic abilities but this kid in LOVE has none of their talent. The funniest scene is when a runner is jogging past him and he says good morning and the runner says "what?' but doesn't stop. SO LA. I liked that short scene, but the awkwardness of the trying to be awkward acting was mistimed and horrible thus messing up the scene. he is simply a really crap actor tbh. You can see him try and ad lib like when they were getting drive thru hash browns and he tries to rant about spaceballs. its so cringe worthy I can't explain how hard it was to endure the rest of the episode. I dropped off after ep2 just because it was insulting my whole journey through film for the last 40 years and I couldn't let it taint my opinion of American TV.

3. the Australian girl plays the same damn character in another film i saw her in but cant remember the name of. oh lets recast her an no one will know. lazy casting and horrible character originality.

4. damn i want to punch that pretentious hipster girl in the face so hard.

5. boring. it is simply boring. there is no substance no build to anything, no profound statements or moments. stop ...please just stop making this horrible waste of film reel. i am presuming the writer has credits in order to get this tripe through.

6. If you want to see a film of two people meeting by chance and having profound metaphysical and personal discussions that are genuinely interesting and intriguing, just see the before midnight, before sunrise, before sunset series. Its far superior.

F this noise.
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