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[A] poignant, funny and well-seasoned portrait of autumnal fervor.
Slant Magazine
Erika Frankel’s documentary is finally revealed to be a story of prolonged adjustment to retirement, and a poignant illustration of sublimated redemption.
Frankel has a fine eye for telling detail, and the result, while sentimental, is as irresistible as the dessert cart.
The relationship between the young American and the old Frenchman is as rich as one of Perrier's sauces: the pupil and the teacher, the son and the father, the keen protégé and the stubborn classicist.
The movie also show’s Perrier’s humor, and his talents as a mentor.
There's nothing moribund about the action in King Georges, the lively first film directed by doc producer Erika Frankel, which observes the perfectionist workhorse in his kitchen.
King Georges feels stretched into feature length, but its ending neatly portrays a man with a fierce personal code who seems to have accepted change.

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