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Yesterday Is The Future!
g-bodyl22 April 2015
This is the eighth episode of the first season of 12 Monkeys. This is the first episode that is less focused on Cole, but focused on supporting characters such as Jones and Ramses. The character development plays sky-high, as we learn more about Ramses and his personal life. Xander Berkeley, a well-known character actor appears in the episode as the Colonel Jonathan Foster, who has the other operating core for the time machine.

In this episode, "Yesterday," with Cole stuck in the past and a failing time machine, Jones and co travel to Spearhead, a military colony in possession of a core, that Jones desperately needs. Foster refuses to give her the core, so Jones is prepared to fight for it. Ramses runs into an ex-girlfriend, where he learns he is a father. Meanwhile, in 2015, Railly goes to the site of the explosion in Chechnya to see if Cole survived the blast.

Overall, this was a solid episode that expressed themes of love for the first time this series. There is good character development here, and I thought the ending was surprising, if not a little obvious.

My Grade: A-
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Easy way out!
salmanamjad891 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I just think writers chose the easy way out here, I mean it's like telling Einstein gunning down all his problems. I mean you're telling us that a person who invented time travel chose to kill some good people when clearly there was an alternative remember a machine can travel to future as well so why couldn't they come up with a solution where they when to future to get the cure and if the hadn't existed they could've continued with the same story..
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