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The pic is a superbly crafted collage whose soundtrack is as complexly textured as the curation and editing of visual elements.
An enthrallingly intimate look at the brilliant, troubled and always charismatic screen legend.
Listen To Me Marlon is an elegy, with scenes of extraordinary beauty throughout – not least the young Brando himself — but Riley has not made a hagiography, nor is this documentary just for Brando fans.
Village Voice
There's nothing quite like it in the world of Hollywood documentaries, though Riley's presentation of this rich material is at times a little discomfiting.
The Playlist
This is Brando on Brando, and it's scintillating stuff.
Slant Magazine
Among the film's many revelations is the level of self-aware humility Brando exudes while talking about his life and creative process.
Whether you’re a veteran Brando-phile or a newcomer, Listen to Me Marlon is a totally fascinating glimpse into the making (and unmaking, and remaking) of a legend.
While its subject means that "Listen to Me” is easy to like, Mr. Riley’s shaping of Brando’s words can make the movie, every so often, difficult to fully embrace.
Listen To Me Marlon suffers from an atrocious score that frequently sounds like it belongs in a useless Oscar montage, and it doesn’t reveal much about Brando that cinephiles don’t already know. But the man himself is endlessly fascinating, so it’s hard to fault a movie that ditches anything extraneous (especially talking-head testimonials) in order to let him tell his own story in his own words.
The result is fascinating. That goes both for acting students, since we get insights into Brando’s craft, and those looking for gossip.

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