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Real and phenomenal
Roger_Balder1 March 2016
I first saw this TV series on a plane thinking that the plot sounds interesting. Little did I know that the TV series will bring me fully into the story.

Typically for Australian movies, it has realistic aspect of acting and story-telling, especially if compared with US movies. It has a dark feel, however it brings different shades of humans, pointing out that we all have our vulnerabilities.

The acting is very smooth and at times it feels that you are watching a documentary rather than a fiction (is it? not sure).

A great discovery to watch!
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Very enjoyable / Highly Recommended
sandreacci25 May 2016
I happened upon "The Principal" series on Netflix and have to say that it was a very enjoyable watch. I wasn't sure what to expect but within 10 mins of watching the first episode I was hooked and watched all 4 episodes in one sitting. Impressed with the acting talent and the script. Realistic settings and characters. I do like the way it addresses the topic of racial issues in an Australian school but it doesn't take itself too seriously either. It was a good blend of story, acting talent, sets / scenery and script plus it also delivered a good message!

Highly Recommended!!!

I am hoping there will be a second series...
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Worthy viewing
z32213138 October 2015
While based on the first episode. I believe Australian drama has come along way and hope that it continues. The actors provide some good tension and realism to the story line. I think they could push for more in terms of violence and family sorrow but overall thought the balance was worthy viewing on SBS demand. The range of characters and time in the first episode didn't really permit much depth however understand that it is grab viewers' attention and curiosity. The ending encounter for a random student was a welcomed twisted but also surprising in how younger persons are not shocked by death instead actually embrace it for social media. Was a recommendation for me and would for someone else.
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Another example of really good Australian TV
kenfromcanada14 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Quasi Spoiler Alert:

Australian TV (and movies) have developed over the past decade or so into rivals for North American product. I find the actors to 'look' on the most part like REAL people. Warts and all. This show exemplifies that - the kids look like the mix you will find every where, the teachers - look like a few I had so many years ago in school. I like where they are taking the principle (I am up to episode 3 - today seeing 4)another slice of real life. I think this show could as easily be set in Canada (I work in the legal system-this happens for real here) or the United States with out changing a thing. If you are looking for 'action' TV this is not the show for you, I find this a refreshing change from the formulaic stuff being cranked out of Hollywood.
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A great watch that will resonate in most communities in the world
huguespt18 October 2015
A great TV Series based on a true story as far as I am aware and played with so much experience of great actors who in my opinion know their art. The story is based in The Principal, the main character who comes back to his school of childhood, a school that had its demons in the past and demons a new in the present day with so many horror around the world that have been brought to every country due to globalization and the internet. The prejudices that follow that and the pigeon holing of certain people, those who fight for the right of someone who may be just fighting back due to not knowing how to succeed in this current world. It is a topic/topics that confront many people in many countries and is portrayed admirably by a very strong cast with the major player Alex Dimitriades as The Principal, amazing casting by the play write/directors/producers. A good watch. So you don't have to read 10 paragraphs of information which some people do and I hate, below is a commendation of the actors involved and some previous work. Alex Dimitriades is just a stellar performer, he first came to my attention in a movie titled "Head On" (A very different role and movie, read synopsis before watching) which considering the year it was made and the all-round feeling of the public regarding it's topic was an heroic choice by Alex and he literally pulled it off, but watching him in that and now this is just amazing. I have watched many titles with Alex in them and to be honest, why he has not become a major US head liner is beyond me, maybe he doesn't want it but he can carry any character. I read a review on here about a Robert Redford movie called "The Company we Keep" with a who's who of star power and a reviser said "Robert slips in to any role and was a star" well when I watched it, Robert was Robert, excluding Robert's earlier work he is and portrays to be Robert in every movie I see him in where Alex Dimitriades could play anything. Add to that some very good Aussie talent in what I will describe as a new comer as his only work was prior to 2008 and only 3 however Rahel Romahn as Tarek is amazing, even scary if he was type cast, what an amazing emotive experience he like Alex are true professionals in their art. I have to mention so many in this film as I don't believe any contributor let down the TV series, a great Australian Series and that is from someone that sees "Australian Made" and tend to run but there are so many amazing TV Series, TV Movies coming out of OZ I am a convert. Other actors/actress that I need to mention are Deborah Kennedy, Mirrah Foulkes, Di Adams but so many more, too many to write. Although I am wondering if Andrea Demetriades is a typo on purpose to distance a famous Alex Dimitriades? Swapping and I for an E? But I must say I don't think there was a bad performance in this series and wish I could write more singling out every actor in this great watch.
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Really enjoyed this
gallagherkellie15 August 2020
Very real and raw. I grew up around this area which made it all the more interesting. Such great acting by all of the teens, as well as the adults.
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Great show but ep 4?? (spoilers) Warning: Spoilers
I loved the show and it's mix of good character school drama, teaching methods, murder mystery, ethnic issues. But then happened episode 4: because the principal is gay, was accused and omitted of sexually molesting a female student at another school and builds up a supporting relationship with some of his current school's male students, he becomes the prime suspect in spite of otherwise having no motive? Also,the detective and police officer investigating the murder start questioning the principals fitness for duty at a school because he is gay? Somehow suspecting a gay teacher wanting to help lost-in-life students when no one suspects the same from any other teacher, malenor female? And its not just a character flaw of the investigator, the principal takes it as a given that he has become a serious suspect and that while his history and sexual orientation are entirely unrelated to the crime (as far as anyone knows at that point), he feels under pressure to prove he his innocent... guilty until proven innocent?! Big ouch.
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manugw18 July 2019
Poor, I expected much more, could not soar above the quality of a TV crime standard series. I was misled by the Imbd rating to engage with this program.
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tahitilooksnice5 October 2020
In TV Land, all troubles are fixed with a thoughtful statement from the protagonist. It's that easy. So it is with The Principal. You have violent unruly students filled with hate? Just say a kind word and ta da, they'll change into caring individuals. Simplistic and one dimensional.
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Australians finish school at what age ???
Anitasbstone11 December 2018
Compelling drama, hard not "bingewatch". Slightly mystified by the supposed ages of the students. For most of these "boys" ,I suspect being thirty was just a memory. But enjoyable, none the less.
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Great movie
kathleenforget-3810329 December 2017
This is my first Australian movie and I found the story very exciting. It has alot to offer, twists and turns and changes to the primary actors. Had me sitting on the edge of my chair. Highly recommend it
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Parental warning
Fastpick31728 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The series mimics the theme of movies such as Lean on Me or Stand & Deliver. A Principal comes into an Australian school for boys and offers help to struggling youth. The idea has been done before but this show is based on a fictional character, rather than non-fictional person (or true story). The show has lots of profanity and a scene of homosexuality. If it were a movie, it would probably be rated R for content. The F-word is used multiple times and there is a kissing scene between the lead actor and a man, in episode 3. We had to stop watching, based on that. The idea for the show had much promise but I had to rate it a 1, based on the aforementioned offensive content.
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