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  • Zayday makes a stunning announcement; Chanel concocts a devious plan; Pete and Grace visit a mysterious woman connected to Kappa's past; Dean Munsch struggles to keep Wallace University open.


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  • The episode opens with Chanel talking about Chanel-o-ween, where she gives her Instagram followers presents. Some footage shows the girls receiving their present with their reactions being filmed. Some of the presents include a box filled with blood, a box of moths and rosy apples. Afterwards, the Scream Queens logo pops up.

    Detective Chisolm is interviewing Cathy Munsch, asking if she saw the Red Devil entering the house or not. Wes and Gigi argue that she's the killer. Denise rushes into the house and tells everyone about the attempted murder of Caulfield and says when they get fingerprints from the chainsaw that they'll find them to be Zayday's.

    Grace and Pete drive to a trailer which is owned by Mandy who tells them about what happened 20 years ago. In a flashback to 1995, Mandy and her sorority sisters are forced to wear hoods while Cathy drives to a location to bury Sophia. While digging, Cathy says they should leave Kappa immediately and never contact each other again. They then throw her body in the hole. Back in the present, Mandy says one of the sisters killed herself, another was institutilized and another made it into FOX News. She then reveals that the bathtub baby is a girl.

    At The Grind, Earl tells Zayday that he heard that she was running for president and gives her advice. Later on in Kappa, the Chanels and the pledges are carving pumpkins, when they reveal to Chanel their pumpkins, Zayday announces she's running for Kappa president against Chanel, which angers her and makes her vow vendetta. In her closet, Chanel, Chanel 5 and Chanel 3 decide to have their own Pumpkin Patch.

    Back at Mandy's trailer, Mandy is seen watching a horror movie when someone knocks on the door, she turns the volume down, grabs a baseball bat and opens the door to find no one there. Soon she hears knocking all around the caravan from outside. She turns on the light and while looking in the mirror she sees the Red Devil behind her and they pull out a knife and she is heard screaming.

    At a graveyard, Chad is seen unzipping his pants by a grave when Hester appears behind him, stopping him. They both talk about their passion for death and soon Hester starts to seduce him. He asks for them to do it on a grave and she says it's not scary enough and says he might be lucky if he gets a text saying which scary location they should meet at.

    In Wes's class, the class is watching another horror movie and afterwards Grace appears and confronts him about the bathtub baby and asking if her mom was Sophia. She says if she finds out he's the killer, she'll never speak to him again before leaving. When leaving the building, she receives a text from Pete to meet him at 53 Shady Lane. When she arrives, Pete scares her and soon Earl and Zayday scare him. When Grace asks what they're doing there, Zayday says she's having the haunted house charity there. Denise appears, startling them and says the house is haunted and tells them the story of 'The Hag of Shady Lane', the former resident of the abandoned shack, who took care of the bathtub baby in 1995.

    Assuming Zayday is responsible for the murders, Denise refuses to allow Zayday to throw the party, but later backs off when Zayday reveals that she knows Denise was a former Kappa reject, and thus a possible suspect. In the university cafeteria, Chanel and her minions are handing out flyers for their Pumpkin Patch and when they run into a guy named Tommy who they feel insulted by and soon beat up after Hester kicks him in the groin and is called a bitch by him.

    That evening, Hester and Chad meet at the Shady Home to have sex, until Hester finds Ms. Bean's body, which they think at first is a wax replica. That is until Hester puts her finger into her leg and they soon realise that it's her real body and start screaming and running and end up running into the bodies of Shondell, Aaron Cohen (Coney), Chanel 2 and Mandy. At the university cafeteria, Chad alerts everyone about the bodies in the haunted house, but that only encourages them to go. At the haunted house, Zayday is kidnapped by the Red Devil. In the end, Gigi is revealed to be the 'The Hag of Shady Lane.'

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