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  • Martha hosts an unexpected guest; Philip and Elizabeth must work a formidable Mujahideen commander.

  • Paige's resentment about her parent's lies that plague their family leads Elizabeth to a momentous decision. Just before they are due to plead their cause, Philip and Liz succeed in turning one of the Muhajadeen against his two compatriots.


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  • Elizabeth and Philip do some work wiring the phone in a hotel room where some Afghan mujahideen leaders are staying. The work goes easy compared with the surprise that's in store when they get home: Paige left a note saying there's a guest speaker at the church that night and she's staying the night at Pastor Tim's house. The worried parents head over and get Paige before she heads inside with the pastor and his wife. Despite her insistence, she goes home with her parents -- but she's not happy about it. When they get home, Philip and Elizabeth grill Paige on whether she said anything to Pastor Tim. She says she didn't, while suggesting she can't pretend everything is normal.

    Philip heads over to Martha's, but doesn't go in when Hans drives by and gives him a signal. Inside, we see that Stan is visiting Martha. He's asking about her seeming distracted of late. She gets around to asking him why he's there, and he tells her she can always come to him if there's anything on her mind. She hints that he should leave, so he does. When he does, she takes out a framed photo of her and "Clark" she had hidden in a drawer. Philip gets home and tells Elizabeth that Hans waved him off because a man in a car with government plates had gone into Martha's apartment.

    The next morning, Hans drops by and tells Martha that Clark (Philip) is alright. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is prepping her friend Lisa for snapping covert photos of an aircraft at Northrop. Hans drops Martha off at a random spot where Philip is waiting for her. She tells him that Stan was the man who was at her place. Philip tells Martha that they might have to leave. He promises her that he'll figure this out.

    Agent Adderholt wants to ask Stan more questions about Nina. Adderholt asks Stan flatly whether he planted the bug in Gaad's office because he had a thing going with Nina. Stan unleashes on him and says he should stay focused on finding the person actually responsible for the bug.

    Elizabeth has a tense exchange with Lisa's husband Maurice, who brings the camera with the photos Lisa took at Northrop and says he'll be handling the financial side of their dealings from now on. She gives him a bag full of cash and he hands over the purse with the camera.

    Arkady is giving up on trying to get anything useful from the bug planted in the mail robot at the FBI, saying nobody is saying anything interesting around the mail.

    Paige bursts into her parents room with a photo album and starts asking questions about a cousin and an aunt who are not actually relatives, and she starts yelling about how everything is a lie. Elizabeth tries to cover her mouth, worried that Henry will hear, but Paige gets more upset by this.

    Martha calls her parents and has an awkward conversation with them.

    Philip comes to Paige's room and comes clean about who is and isn't real, and they go through some old photos together and share memories. Later, Philip tells Elizabeth they should take Paige, who doesn't think she has any family, to the Soviet Union to meet her grandmother. He says if Elizabeth doesn't take her, he will.

    Tatiana comes to Oleg and tells him that Arkady's decision to shut down their operation is a mistake and that Arkady could be jeopardizing future operations by giving up on this one.

    Philip comes to the mujahideen fighter's hotel room and says he's there to pick him up. The guard calls what he thinks is a security line, but it's Elizabeth who answers and gives "clearance" for Philip to take the man from the room. They drive him to a more secure place and, posing as CIA operatives, to tell the man his two fellow mujahideen, who are from a different village than him, are traitors planning to turn on Afghanistan in order to protect their own families, and tells him that one has been secretly paying off a Soviet general to prevent airstrikes in his home territory. After suggesting to him that he ought to come to his scheduled meeting alone -- without the other two -- they have to listen to him while he boasts about having killed many Russians, including young soldiers, with his own knife. He also describes how martyrs are even more revered than prophets. Later that night, he kills the other two men in the hotel. CIA officers break down the door and see him standing with a knife, the other two with their throats slit.

    Gabriel and Claudia meet at a diner and he says he's not sure it's the right thing for Paige to get into the spy business.

    Tatiana and Oleg come to Arkady to try to convince him not to call off the operation. They tell him it is better for his career to let it fail on its own rather than immediately admit failure. They tell him about a mundane conversation between a married man and a woman, whom Tatiana says are flirting with each other and thus possibly about to have an affair, and that they can work with this.

    Elizabeth comes to Paige's room and tells her she's going to see her mother in Russia before she dies, and that she and Philip think Paige should go with her -- but it's her choice.

    Philip goes to Martha's apartment and sees that she has bags packed. She says she's going to her parents' because she needs a break. She thinks everyone at work knows she's lying and that despite his effort to figure things out, it's not enough. He tries to convince her to stay, then slowly starts to remove his blond wig. He does, and she's speechless.

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