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22 Feb. 2015
John Gentle
Chris Gethard hands over the show to Brett Davis, who is instantly murdered. John Gentle fills in for the recently departed host and sadness ensues. Special guest Jake Fogelnest and music from Washer.
25 Feb. 2015
Bobby Blayze
Bobby Blayze meets an obsessive fan and a contract signing with Oak Tree Lee goes awry when Harley Tucker drops by. Special guest Tom McCaffrey and music from Glazer.
1 Mar. 2015
Freshie Freshie
Hippie bro Freshie Freshie doesn't realize he's in a cult. Les Savy Fav's Tim Harrington stops by and is swayed by the hypnotic Father Cyrill to join The Perception Society. David tries to stop the baptism. Music from Brick Mower.
4 Mar. 2015
Vic & the Moose
Vic and The Moose host a televised version of their edgy radio show, but personal issues keep popping up off the air. Special guest Bobby Tisdale and music from Blood Moon.
11 Mar. 2015
Sweet Daddy Longlegs
Sweet Daddy Longlegs slums it on the show with actor Kevin Corrigan, Harley Tucker, his Jezebelles and several unwanted guests. Bobby Blayze attempts to get revenge. Music from Crystal Robots.
25 Mar. 2015
Craig Evanhalen has retired from music and promotes his new job as a "punk business guru" but an impromptu BANANAZZZ reunion causes a meltdown. Cyberpunk hacker Andrew_Stinger breaks the system. Music from Wax Darts.
1 Apr. 2015
The Chris Gethard Show
A regular episode of The Chris Gethard Show goes awry when the terrorist minions of sexgod The Grand Inquisitor arrive seeking a stone.
8 Apr. 2015
Count Dracula
Count Dracula and his friends host a Halloween Special. Bride of Frankenstein and Jeff have relationship issues. Blade sings. Pazuzu dances. Guests Lauren Ashley Carter and music from Ava Luna.
14 Apr. 2015
The Perception Society
The Perception Society displays their talents and praises Father Cyrill. Kristen's Dad is there. The Great Darkness crashes the celebration. Freshie Freshie interviews Arthur Meyer. Music from Lost Boy.
22 Apr. 2015
Out of Control Teens
Retired from the ring after his last run-in with Harley Tucker, Bobby Blayze hosts a talk show to help some out of control teens. Harley arrives and forms a gang with the teens, until New Jack shows up. Music from Nuclear Santa Claust.
29 Apr. 2015
The Grand Inquisitor
The centuries old leader of The Great Darkness, The Grand Inquisitor, throws an orgy with Father Cyrill as the sacrifice, but he cannot get over Alyssa. Special guest Danny Tamberelli and music from Phemale.
6 Mar. 2015
Faculty Talent Show
Artie Lange is a celebrity judge for an ill-advised faculty talent show put on by John Gentle, in an attempt to get his friend James Ugo a job in the English department. Music from Very Fresh.
20 May 2015
Craig Evanhalen fires punk band BANANAZZZ to reunite his old boy band CUL8R. We learn what happened to the boys since their breakup. Craig interviews Adam Richman and a performance from Kicking Spit.
27 May 2015
Kelsey Lately
The hubris of actor "Kelsey Grammer" leads to him creating his own late night talk show. Academy Award nominee Michael Shannon upstages him, and talk of a mysterious "strangler" drives him over the edge. Music from Corporal and Jerry Paper.
3 Jun. 2015
Willem and Miriam Miller, two Amish teens on Rumspringa, visit the city for the first time and meet Gilbert Gottfried. Chaos unfolds when their estranged brother Levi and the Skuntz boys show up. Music from Pox.
10 Jun. 2015
Juggalo Family
A family game show turns into Juggalo TV when Busta Nut, Creampie, the terminally ill Shitstayne X and the juggalo family take over the airwaves. Special guest Jena Friedman and music from Shilpa Ray.
17 Jun. 2015
Joe Palmer and Count Dracula are unlikely roommates. When Drac gets too nervous to talk to the cute bartender, Joe and actor Richard Kind help him...but get distracted by the big game. Music from Fern Mayo.
24 Jun. 2015
Vic & the Moose & Tyler
Vic and The Moose get a new producer who changes the show to make it less problematic. New co-host Tyler has some notes for Shitty Linda. Guest Rose McGowan talks about sexism in Hollywood. Music from Jounce.
1 Jul. 2015
La Vie en Rose
John Gentle learns about love with co-host Rose Johnson. John and Rose talk to Karley Sciortino and pick-up artist Deluxxxe. John proposes in the grandest way possible. Music from Shellshag.
8 Jul. 2015
Freakman's Court
Doc Freakman hosts Freakman's Court, featuring a case between a jilted lover seeking money he's owed, and the trial of Harley Tucker. With star witness Natalia Tena and court recess music from Air Waves.
22 Jul. 2015
Akiva Smirnoff
Akiva Smirnoff, son of Yakov, showcases comedians (Marcus Jay, Brittany Anderson, Mr. Punchline and Puddles the Cat Comedian) for "consulate to the stars" Jack Hapley. Plus, an interview with Brooke Van Poppelen, and music from White Rope.
22 Jul. 2015
Blind Date Gauntlet
The Grand Inquisitor's masked orgy takes place in the background of a dating game show where he meets real life blindfolded contestants and competes to win the heart of a bachelorette. Music from Radiator Hospital.
5 Aug. 2015
Craig's New Band
Under the guidance of his recently divorced father, Craig Evanhalen fires BANANAZZZ (again) and they hold auditions for a new group. Craig talks to Michael Shannon and Corporal about being in a band. Music from Dreamcrusher.
12 Aug. 2015
The Film Guys
The Film Guys welcome Bridey Elliott, Griffin Newman and Clare McNulty from to talk about their film Fort Tilden. Director Gustav Országh comes out of seclusion to screen a piece from his film alongside his butler. Music from EZTV.
19 Aug. 2015
Freak Man
When a whiz kids gains super powers from drinking Slam Panic Energy Drink, Doc Freakman is the only one with the power to stop him. With guest Frank Conniff and music from Sunflower Bean.
30 Jul. 2015
Fuck Money
Sweet Daddy Longlegs and Harley Tucker hold the show hostage and challenge Bobby Blayze. The Jezebelles hunt for Bobby. Special guest Virgil proves that everybody's got a price. With music from Bueno.
26 Aug. 2015
Comics Unchained with Ricardo
Akiva Smirnoff is joined by comedians Brittany Anderson, Tom Plott, Marcus Jay and Mr. Punchline on Comics Unchained. Ricardo shows up and takes over the show with his friends. Special guest Christian Finnegan and music from Hound.
9 Sep. 2015
The Doctor's Corner
Dr. Escabara takes questions about health and fitness on her show, The Doctor's Corner, which slowly becomes an infomercial for Achexa's NutriCide health system. Music from Small Black.
16 Sep. 2015
Who's Afraid of Joyce Conner?
John has settled for Joyce Conner, a callous greeting card writer that happens to attract misery herself. In the length of one long, bitter, emotionally taxing dinner, their new marriage falls apart. With music from PWR BTTM.
23 Sep. 2015
Frankenstein Tonight
Comedian Nate Fernald is booked on two rival shows: Dracula's lighthearted Drac-Ass, and Frankenstein's conservative talk show. When a prank war erupts between the two, Nate is caught in the middle. With music from Charly Bliss.
30 Sep. 2015
Go JoJo, Go!
Kelsey Grammer hosts a telethon for "brain rot" sufferer JoJo. As celebrity guests like Rip Torn, Mike Love and magician Daniel George leave JoJo underwhelmed, the telethon's true goal comes to light. With music from Iron Reagan.
8 Oct. 2015
R.I.P. JoJo
Kelsey Grammer and the celebrities from the prior week's telethon return, and bask in the spotlight for a JoJo memorial show. A mysterious character named Crimbo appears, they soon realize that they cannot leave. With music from Laced.
14 Oct. 2015
Screaming Females: Band Rescue
Screaming Females come to the show with the intention of celebrating 10 years as a band, but the DIY-conscious band is ambushed with an impromptu "band rescue" by industry reps intending to make them the next pop sensation.
28 Oct. 2015
The Dark Web
Quaid and Stacy showcase some bargains on human organs, revenge porn and ISIS-claimed artifacts on Q4V, home shopping for the dark web. They are joined by the "dark lord of the dark web" The Grand Inquisitor. Music from Bug Arms.
4 Nov. 2015
Judgment Games
Willem's vicious cousin Elmo Miller arrives to show a fun side of the Amish with The Judgment Games, the least fun game imaginable and butts heads with guest Chris Gethard. Levi and Miriam descend into sin again. Music from Macula Dog.
25 Nov. 2015
Truth or Myth with Smith 2
Smith returns to MNN with his panel of experts on education, spirituality, politics and medicine and investigates the secret cults The Great Darkness and The Perception Society. Musical guest Smitty and The Thrillride.
2 Nov. 2015
Total Nonstop Dancing
Total Nonstop Dancing showcases cool fashion and a dance megamix that will keep you dancing forever. Host Clyde Hunter and Body Dreamz lead the party, which shifts when a gas leak is discovered. With music from Future Punx.
9 Dec. 2015
Thwub Chubba Lumpus
Mr. Mee, former indie rocker turned children's television host, invites Craig Evanhalen and Sara Schaefer on to his show, Thwub Chubba Lumpus. However, Craig's negativity takes a toll. With music from Long Beard.
16 Dec. 2015
The Christmas Special
A broken-hearted John Gentle spends Christmas in prison with his new cell mate, "Skull Fucker" Harley Tucker. Humiliated by the inmates and his former flames, he loses all hope.
20 Jan. 2015
Miércoles Enorme
Alonzo Cañas, Sonia Millionaria and María "ChuChi" Roberts host an emotional Spanish-language talk show, and invite some beautiful red-haired people on to be admired and pampered. With music from Teen.
2 Feb. 2015
Bingo Blayze
Bobby Blayze hosts a wrestling round table with Pat Buck, "Too Cocky" Kevin Matthews, Joel Gertner and his uncle, wrestling legend Bingo Blayze. Plus, Jack Silbert and Mr. Jokes provide global wrestling news. With music from Electric Trip.
30 Mar. 2015
Traffic School
Five adult traffic school students meet in detention, where they pour their hearts out to each other, and discover how they have a lot more in common than they thought. With music from Guerilla Toss.
13 Apr. 2015
Space: The Female Frontier
Gunner Marsh's all-female space exploration mission is compromised when she learns it's a charter trip for rich white men. But things go from bad to worse an entity takes control of the crew's minds. With music from Very Fresh.
5 Oct. 2015
Robot or Not
In a world where the uncanny valley has all but disappeared, society's newest form of entertainment is Robot or Not, a reality show in which the Voight-Kampff Test is treated as a spectator sport. With Doogie Horner and music from Sex Jams.

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