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This episode sucked
daiichi-115 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The first two episodes were intriguing... but this episode was so bad I may not watch this series again. It was fraught with so many issues that it gave me nightmares... it was that bad. Here are a few:

(1) Even a stupid person like Jamie Campbell should realize by now that the cause of the behavior isn't genetically modified meat. When are the writers going to give her a wakeup call? (2) In a high-security prison, the concertina wire would cover the entire top of the enclosure--in this episode, if the prisoner wanted to get out, he could just climb the fence. STUPID! (3) Why are NONE OF THE PRISON GUARDS armed? It is standard practice that the guards on the floor are unarmed, but guards on the perimeter almost always are. It was like the writers suspended common sense in order to create a situation in which wolves can take over a prison. (4) Speaking of wolves--no one noticed that there was a wolf outside of the prison?! Seriously, every foot of the perimeter is watched on video--you would think that at least ONE guard would have noticed "hey check it out, there's a wolf outside." (5) On the abandoned island, there was a video playing. Has it been playing for two years? Why?

Oh I could go on... but the writers have got to get this better or this show is doomed.
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The Silence of the Cicadas
Prismark1025 April 2018
Again we have scenes set around the world as animals attack. In Japan where Jackson and Abe trying to find more about his dad's research from his second wife, Minako who tells them about a remote, radioactive island where most of the his remaining research is kept. As they get there a swarm of bats attack the plane and it crashes killing the pilot and Minako.

The third episode got the disparate team coming together via a government agency as they are now aware of each other and the various animal attacks that are under investigation

It is all slowly coming together but the wolves attacking the prison and taking over it was so laughably bad it rather gives the the series an element of camp. Not one prison guard seemed to fire a gun.
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Episode 3 ruined it.
kuuk330 August 2016
The first two episodes had promise, but were a little slow and repetitive. But then the wolves took over an entire prison in episode three and that was the last straw. Such poor writing so early on, made me to stop watching completely.

Its such a shame that they ruined an entire series with such stupid writing decisions, lack of doors, guns, walls, in the one place they should be in abundance. If the wolves had gone after a hospital or some other place, that would have been fine. But its as though a writer deliberately choose the one place that would sabotage its ratings.

I could complain that self-preservation took a back step with both bats that fly into planes, killing themselves. And humans living in a radioactive zone without hazmat suits. Why? He could have just flown in each time he needed to do a test. He could have easily lived in the safe zone!

Why did the Lions kill 14 tourists but leave one man alive and up a tree? To send a message? How were cats communicating telepathically? How were a pack of dogs going unnoticed killing tourist? And when the police found the bodies, why not show us the shoot out and police in danger?
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Guns don't kill people animals do
greenwhich31 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I like nature documentaries, I like animals. I figured just for the laugh of it, why not? I tried giving it the benefit of the doubt.

Why indeed, what have I been watching? A Lion says, hello Mr.cheetah let's order some take-away tonight, hmm, that nice human family over there, yummy. Okay. The animals are using mobile phones to communicate with each other over long distances. Meaning the French BI, have also implanted homing tracking chips into all of the other researchers, finding them immediately in the diverse global locations seen. From L.A to some isolated radiated islands in the south pacific, they have been teleporting the researchers back to the Interpol's HQ. Telling the researchers just what they have been doing and saying. In the show they were shown removing large animal's defiant pupils, because it will lobotomize those animals into submission. Wrong, guess again. If an animal goes blind, it often has to be put down. Animals don't communicate, helping each other out of life threatening injuries, like any doctors would. Animals cannot really adapt to blindness, unless they are already blind. Blind animals often die, they often suffer many more injuries caused from being blind. I am sure there are exceptions, possibly some kind of eyeball cloning like with Dolly the sheep. Providing blind animals with a walking stick and a pair of crutches, giving them a robot guide dog fitted with GPS. Blinded animals become more dangerous and unpredictable. Eyeballs aren't the psychobabble into the soul, they are in fact just an eyeball. If a crop duster plummets out of the sky from a mass animal attack, stopping the engines and crashing into the ocean, it breaks shattering on impact. It wasn't a hydroplane, or that Boeing which can make use out of another kind of runway. A parachute is probably required to survive. A wolf pack was doing a prison break, because they needed a human sympathizer to become a Lycanthrope, something the Pinky and the Brain, those animaniacs. Please wolves will you just go and recruit a lion instead, with the earlier mobile phones, breaking the zoo out for much better results. The wolves are seen opening up a maximum security, death row. A thesis into taxidermy, means experience matters. I guess that doctorate must have been really compensating for something?

This series had some funding, any animals shown are often more expensive than actors due to their handling. This series also has some castings. However somebody else must be on ketamine, like everything today, TV often only makes people dumber. The logic used here must have been, gee, well these smucks are watching an animal'apocalypse, they must be all kinds of stupid? Why bother with any of the details? Let's just go and make up some more crap.

So if your in that zoo, or on that safari, you know just what to do. Paranoia. It was all a conspiracy anyway for something else ivory. Because of the awareness and it is raining cows. Let's go and nuke, experimenting on all of the poor stupid animals, those fuzzy little happy tree friends. Quickly now, before they start to turn.
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