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Irish departs (forever?)...but not before it hurts my ears more!
mcguin7111 June 2015
This show insists on trying to break itself....it used to be so great but now it has become a odd mix of terrific & terrible.

With the introduction of the 'Irish' Nash I suddenly found myself losing interest in any scene he appeared, and unfortunately he is a central figure in this episode...

...but even worse is the surprise arrival of his mother, probably the only actor out there who could do an even worse job of their 'Irish' accent - I'm not kidding when i say its truly terrible!!!!!!

Elsewhere in Broke World the show seems to have lost its sparkle too, although whether it really has or if its because the good moments are being overshadowed by the bad (and some very bad!) may be up for debate.

Meanwhile away from the ear-ache scenes Max and Caroline are offered a promotion and a chance to run their own 'The High' and I must say its location does not come as a surprise to the viewer as rarely have things been signposted to the viewers so clearly (I won't spoil the surprise)

And the rest of the characters that make up the ensemble and add so many witty lines? Were they even present, or was it simply they didn't make an impact this week? ....

I miss the early days of this show and every kind light chuckle, an ironic groan, of even laugh out loud moment. Unfortunately I dropped the series rating by a point because its become harder to match an overall 9 when the last few episodes have struggled to but 6 (or rather knocks down to 6 because of the new characters).

6/10...needs a revival (and a culling - which it seems we may have gotten. Have the writers listened to the negative review of late?)
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