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Family Viewing
pdbenson-0059417 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This isn't a show that's going to overly educate you on automotive history. You WILL come away with a little more knowledge on the car of the day. The first show featured a DeLorean, the second show featured a Volkswagon Thing. Anyone who has owned a DeLorean or Thing will enjoy going down memory lane. Lost in Transmission is a show families can watch together. A buddy show. A show about friendship. Hanging out with the guys. Lighthearted. Don't we need more shows like this and less shows like The Kardashian's? It does come on late for family viewing but you can always set the DVR. Grab some popcorn and enjoy. As for one of the other reviews I never thought the hosts were Rednecks. I live in the south and I know firsthand what a redneck sounds and looks like.
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Good Entertainment
osejr17 June 2015
I enjoy this show a lot. The dialogue is entertaining, the cars are interesting (not just more Camaros & Mustangs), and the show focuses on doing something good for someone who deserves it. The only episode I didn't enjoy was the first because the owner was really bizarre and obviously stoned on serious chemicals and maybe didn't deserve it... (?). I like the fact that they solve problems without the excessive drama, and keep the whole vibe fun and positive. I do wish we'd see a little more of Rut and George doing the actual work, like the tear down on the Eagle and the VW Jetta Truck. All in all, funny and entertaining.
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Unintelligent Drivel Worth Avoiding
nightc113 May 2015
I love car shows. My favorites are the ones where they save old cars and show some of what it takes to complete such huge projects. This appeared to be such a show and I like Rutledge from Top Gear USA so it seemed like a winning combination. Unfortunately this show turned out terribly.

This is a show about fixing and saving cars without actually showing any of the fixing. Instead it's filled with a lot of filler content like driving golf carts around a building. The one somewhat technical thing they showed involved stripping paint from some Delorean fenders only to reveal the painted car had been damaged and the panels were useless. The trick here is they had to know the panels were bad to begin with by just flipping them over to see the dents. It was a Delorean and the main reason anyone ever paints one of those cars is because of body damage. Maybe had I not seen other better shows I wouldn't have a clue. The bottom line is this show will teach you nothing about cars nor will they even give you a hint of how much it costs or how much time it takes to do a good job restoring one. If you thirst for knowledge this show is a dry well. Go watch Wheeler Dealers, For The Love of Cars, or even Overhaulin' for that stuff.

Sadly this show perpetuates the same typical stereotypes of the South that I have come to be disgusted by as a real southerner. Nothing shown on this show really even comes close to the reality of living in the south. We don't live on back roads or all eat at mom & pop diners or have our car work done at some crazy shack in the woods. I hope the show changes through the episodes but I don't know if I can stomach wasting any more of my time to find out as everything here seems clearly staged and scripted. I just hope the guy at the end didn't have to pay for all the work done on his car so someone got something from this.
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Good Show
jfchristy9 June 2015
This a good show that I enjoy watching. I love the obscure vehicles that get chosen! Many great cars are forgotten about because they weren't popular. A huge part of history would be lost if only the most popular cars were saved and restored.

I enjoy the banter between Rutledge and George. I also enjoy that they incorporate the entire community into the show! You get to see the mechanic friend that runs Kenwood's garage, the guy that runs the body shop and Oliver that runs the local junkyard. I do wish that we got to see some other junkyards and part scavenging that goes on.

I wish it came on earlier and spent more time actually seeing the process of restoring the cars. They try to cram too much into a short amount of time.
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So disappointed - FJ40 Rebuilt
ojrhockey29 May 2015
I am a big fan of car shows. There are some I don't like but most are informative and somewhat entertaining. I recently purchased an FJ40 so I was excited to see that there was going to be a show about restoring one. I was hoping to learn something from the show about the restoration process because I consider myself a novice at this. I can honestly say I learned absolutely nothing. To make things worst I had to watch the hosts put together a Jetta pickup truck kit. I did learn if you put an airbag in a fire it would explode. Good educational TV.

The show was inane and the hosts were incredibly annoying with their constant bantering and bad jokes. Although I did like Rutledge Wood in Top Gear.

Needless to say this show is a one and done for me.
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Reality TV takes a turn for the worst ........
66Batfan12 June 2015
Holy crap – what world are these people living in – first after looking at some of these so called "restorations" I am embarrassed for these two yahoos – take for example the end of the AMC Eagle episode – they must have painted the car with the flat paint to hide the fact that the bodywork really wasn't done. You can see the dents in the doors and what the ^&*^ is the holes and dent in the rear quarter panel ? Not to mention the " we can do it for less" even tho they do NO work themselves other than removing some trim. No – this show is worse than Fast and Loud ( who really do their own builds ) worse than Misfit Garage ( which I didn't think was possible ) and truly a total cluster from start to finish. Hopefully it will be canceled and a real restoration show put in its place. To say that hipster Rutledge Wood is an " automotive expert " is a joke as far as restorations go. How exactly are they saving money over a "shop" as they mention in each episode other than cutting corners and getting the History Channel to drop some dollars on substandard work – no this show is a joke – please, please let it die a quick death.
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On a par with other car TV shows - awful.
belfastgooner15 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I hate car TV shows. Coming from the UK and having Jeremy Clarkson shoved down my throat by the media on an almost daily basis, its not hard to see why. But this show seems to suffer from the same problem as every other car show I've tried to watch - the show isn't about cars. Its about the presenters.

I know a lot of people who are into cars. They love owning them, driving them, watching them, reading about them. They can tell you really interesting stories about cars and their owners. The thing about this show is, it just isn't interesting. Watching people messing about on golf carts has no relevance. And what footage of the car in question is actually shown is contrived and scripted.

There's more excitement in a broken scalextric set. So go play with one and give this show a wide berth.
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Good idea, poor execution.
jon-1621112 May 2015
It's kind of a small time Top Gear. It has a lot of talk, very little car involvement. In the premier, the completed car sort of emerges. No wrenching, no actual car depth. There is a lot of banter between the hosts, mostly inane quips, weak jokes. So not really car talk, and a lot of it. Maybe it was done just to introduce the characters, but wouldn't that happen anyway? Using a premise of a "rare car rescue" this show did not deliver. It was more like " hey there's a car you don't see every day" and then " hey look, the car is done!" I know they Had to start somewhere, but I think this bombed. I think fans are savvy enough to spot the utterly phony stuff.
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Just what History channel needs!
jakestew7 May 2015
Put together a dork pretending to be an expert with a doofy hillbilly and you have History channel's "Lost in Transmission".

If you like seeing rich kids do stupid things to squander money while pretending like they are some sort of authority on the subject then you'll love this show.

It really seems they went out of their way to find the strangest and most distasteful individuals to feature on the show.

I wish I could get the wasted hour of my life back.

The first two "restorations" are a complete failure. The DeLorean had salt water damage and was completely rusted out, so they had to scrap it.

The other "car" wasn't even a car, nor did they restore it. It was some kind of obscure microbus that they converted to a golf cart.

The basic theme of this show is that the dork comes up with a really dumb idea to convert some really crappy car that nobody collects into some sort of wacky sort of yard art.
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yak yak yak
haroldhecuba16 February 2020
This has to be the DUMBEST,most staged,set up pathetic attempt at a so called car show ever made.Hey let's start chopping the hell out of cars without any research,measurement or anything,lets find out it's rare after we've taken to it with a grinder or let's just start cutting panels without measuring or double checking anything uuuuuuuuurrrrrrggggghhh.And it's just 47 minutes of mindless inane drivel.
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No profits here but still good
mrn10429 June 2021
This short lived car show was entertaining. Nobody should think they can watch these reality car shows as a restoration guide for their own cars lol. The guys are funny as they operate at a loss in every episode and screw up on camera. One episode Rutledge cuts the bed of a truck too short. Hilarious. Misfit garage without all the language. I wish there was more to watch.
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